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Adjacent to Greenwood, Carine and Sorrento, approx 15 kms north of the city, this suburb was established in the mid-1970's. The name Duncraig is Scottish, as are many street names in the suburb. Duncraig was the developer's promotional label and this title prevailed probably though common usage and was officially adopted in 1969. Duncraig covers a fairly large area. The section to the south of Warwick Road is aptly known as South Duncraig


Duncraig - Glengarry Shops

Glengarry shops from Glengarry Drive in Duncraig. The IGA here used to be Dewsons. Down at the Carine Shops on Beach/Davallia, still in Duncraig, the IGA there used to be known as Rules. December 2009. Photos Ref: DUNC001


Duncraig - Glengarry Tavern

This is the Glengarry Tavern next to the Shell garage on Warwick Road. October 2011. Photos Ref: DUNC002


Duncraig - Glengarry Tavern

A view from close to the same place as above but as you can see, the tavern is closed and the premises have been gutted. Around about from April 2013 a Coles-owned liquor store will open here. January 2013. Photos Ref: DUNC003


Duncraig - Glengarry Tavern First Choice

Here we are six months on and any trace of the old Glengarry Tavern has gone, apart from the general building outline. Now it's First Choice Liquor Store, part of the Coles group. It's only been open for 2 weeks and it's all sparkling inside. June 2013. Photos Ref: DUNC004


Duncraig - Marri Road Shops

This shopping centre is off Marri Road towards the west end of Duncraig. October 2011. Photos Ref: DUNC005


Duncraig - Duncraig Village

And another shopping area, this time it's Duncraig Village in the south of the suburb, just off Marmion Avenue. October 2011. Photos Ref: DUNC006


Duncraig - Lilburne Road Shops

And the forth shopping centre in the suburb can be found at the north end of Lilburne Road. October 2011. Photos Ref: DUNC007


Duncraig - Glengarry Park

Trees, blackboys and grass in Glengarry Park. Centre is a cricket strip. The place is full of crows and magpies and the occasional kookaburra. The park is a popular dog walking venue. December 2009. Photos Ref: DUNC008


Duncraig - Glengarry Park

A very healthy looking blackboy in Glengarry Park. December 2009. Photos Ref: DUNC009


Duncraig - Glengarry Primary School

A leafy view of Glengarry Primary School library. The school is on Doveridge Drive. October. 2011. Photos Ref: DUNC010


Duncraig - St Stephens School

At the north end of Doveridge Drive is St Stephens School. This is the main entrance to the administration area and auditoriums etc. October 2011. Photos Ref: DUNC011


Duncraig - Bowling Club

Over near Marmion Avenue and just off Warwick Road is the Percy Doyle Reserve which is home to soccer, tennis, and this, the bowling club. October 2011. Photos Ref: DUNC012


Duncraig - Sorrento Soccer Club

In the Percy Doyle Reserve is the Sorrento Soccer Club. These two benches house the home and visitors reserve players, and I assume coaches, during soccer matches. October 2011. Photos Ref: DUNC013


Duncraig - Davallia Primary School

The very well regarded Davallia Primary School off Davallia Road in South Duncraig. This is the new Administration block built in 2011. October 2011. Photos Ref: DUNC014


Duncraig - Davallia Primary School

Another new block at Davallia is this fine looking facility which is home to kindergarten and pre-primary pupils. October 2011. Photos Ref: DUNC015


Duncraig - Davallia Primary School

This is the school football oval - an all purpose oval in fact - where children take their sports. October 2011. Photos Ref: DUNC016


Duncraig - Marri Road Complex

These multi-storey mixed business and residentials are starting to emerge in suburbs around here. They actually look quite stylish. You can see the Marri Road shop signs off to the left. This is perhaps the first of this type of building to go up in this part of Duncraig. On this site used to be an Ampol garage. November 2017. Photos Ref: DUNC017


Duncraig - Carine Shops Building

Carine Shops are actually located in Duncraig, on the north side of Beach Road and corner of Davallia Avenue. This fine building is only a 2-3 years old. It was constructed on the site of the old BP service station. January 2018. Photos Ref: DUNC018


Duncraig - No Stopping

Running down the west side of the Duncraig Marri Road Shopping Centre is this carpark access road. I am amused by the ambiguity of the road signs. Careful on that crosswalk! January 2018. Photos Ref: DUNC019

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