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Established for housing around 1970, Warwick is now adjacent to the Mitchell Freeway about 15 kms north of the city. The north-south railway passes through this area with a major rail-bus interchange at the station. In the early days, land here was granted to the Midland Railway Company in exchange for constructing the rail line from Midland to Walkaway (near Geraldton). The suburb was named in 1969 after the earlier constructed Warwick Road


Warwick - Cinemas

Warwick Cinemas complete with restaurants and so on at the west end of the Centro Complex is a popular place for visitors most weekends. There used to be a tavern here. October 2011. Photos Ref: WARW001


Warwick - Centro Shopping Centre

This is the southern side of Warwick Centro and main entrance. A very functional and friendly shopping centre but alas just an architectural clone of so many others in suburbs all over Perth. October 2011. Photos Ref: WARW002


Warwick - Centro Shopping Centre

Food shops and advertising signs of the main tenants of Warwick Centro. October 2011. Photos Ref: WARW003


Warwick - Railway Station

Warwick train station after dark. April 2009. Photos Ref: WARW004


Warwick - Railway Station

Almost exactly the same view as the above, except on a stormy summer afternoon, nearly two years later on. The station design is almost an exact replica of Whitfords, or vice versa. January 2011. Photos Ref: WARW005


Warwick - Railway Station

Part of Warwick Station viewed from the footbridge over the freeway. January 2011. Photos Ref: WARW006


Warwick - Stadium

Warwick Stadium on the corner of Warwick and Wanneroo roads. This has only been here for about 2 years. It is operated by the Churches of Christ Sport and Recreation Association and is home to the Stirling Senators basketball team. June 2017. Photos Ref: WARW007

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