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Caversham is a locality at the southern end of the Swan Valley. It is situated just to the north of the Barker Bridge which crosses the Swan River into Guildford. To the north is West Swan. The area is mostly given to vineyards and wine production. The face of Caversham has not changed for decades. Thus far no residential subdivision has occurred. Occupation goes back to 1830. In 1837 surgeon Richard Hinds had a property here called Caversham Rise


Caversham - Mulberry Farm Landing

Mulberry on Swan (formerly Mulberry Farm) boat landing on the Swan River. Special event and wine cruise boats stop here. Mulberry on Swan is a function centre and dining venue next to the Swan River. July 2010. Photos Ref: CAVE001


Caversham - Swan River

The Swan River looking upstream from the Mulberry Farm Landing looks very serene today. July 2010. Photos Ref: CAVE002


Caversham - Riverbank Winery

On Hamersley Road, very close to Mulberry Farm, is the Riverbank Winery. July 2010. Photos Ref: CAVE003


Caversham - Garage and General Purpose Store

Garage and general purpose store on West Swan Road in Caversham, near the junction with Benara Road. July 2010. Photos Ref: CAVE004


Caversham - Garage and General Purpose Store

From above, fast forward seven years and here is the place all boarded up. No more fuel, no more coffee etc. Pity so many small businesses close up. October 2017. Photos Ref: CAVE005


Caversham - Sandalfords

The entrance to Sandalfords Winery on West Swan Road. July 2010. Photos Ref: CAVE006


Caversham - Vines

Winter grape vines lie dormant awaiting the spring. July 2010. Photos Ref: CAVE007


Caversham - Old House

A shell of a house of Hamersley Road makes an interesting study. October 2010. Photos Ref: CAVE008


Caversham - Bridge Over the Swan

Barker Bridge which crosses the Swan River viewed from the Caversham side. On the other bank is Guildford. The bridge is a part of West Swan Road. July 2011. Photos Ref: CAVE009


Caversham - Lilac Hill Midland-Guildford Cricket Club

The clubrooms of the Midland-Guildford Cricket Club at Lilac Hill Park. Lilac Hill has been, for years, the venue of the opening festival cricketing encounter for visiting international touring teams. The club first entered the WACA competition in 1902. Tom Moody, Joe Angel, Simon Katich, Keith Slater, Wally Edwards and Bruce Yardley are some of the club members who went on to become notable Australian test players. July 2011. Photos Ref: CAVE010


Caversham - Memorial Hall

The Caversham District and Memorial Hall on West Swan Road near Benara Road. This was built in 1958 and opened by Hon. J. J. Brady, MLA, on May 24th of that year. The first hall on this site was known as the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall which was erected in 1921. It burnt down in 1943. January 2015. Photos Ref: CAVE011


Caversham - Old School

This is the first classroom of the former Caversham Primary School on West Swan Road near the junction of Benara Road. This building was constructed in 1903. The school opened in 1904 and was then known as Beechboro School. It was re-named as Caversham School in 1910. In 2015 these premises are used by the Caversham Training and Education Centre. January 2015. Photos Ref: CAVE012


Caversham - Old School

Next to the first classroom of the former Caversham Primary School is this building which now functions as the office for the Caversham Training and Education Centre. This building is probably the second classroom which was added to the school in 1915. January 2015. Photos Ref: CAVE013


Caversham - Old School

At the rear of the first classroom of the former Caversham Primary School is this later addition. January 2015. Photos Ref: CAVE014


Caversham - Swan River

Walk across the cricket grounds from the Clubhouse, a bit north, towards Mulberry Farm, to this little river beach with its steep embankments and you too can find this "secret" place. This is one of the places me and the dogs spent many happy hours playing back in the 1990's. July 2011. Photos Ref: CAVE015


Caversham - Swan River

A view up the Swan River, looking east, taken from the embankment in the above photograph. July 2011. Photos Ref: CAVE016

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