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Whiteman is a Perth suburb located approximately 20 kilometres north-east of Perth which is almost wholly made up of Whiteman Park. The suburb is named after an early local land-owner, Mr L. Whiteman. The area officially became known as Whiteman in 1981. Whiteman Park is a conservation and recreational reserve which contains many family attractions and is open all year around. Entry is free. Caversham Wildlife Park is also located here


Whiteman Park - East Perth Station

The Whiteman Park Junction railway station - chief station of the park's light railway. This station building was originally East Perth station before the name change to Claisebrook and eventual re-location here. So south on the rail from here to Mussel Pool, or a northern loop through Kangaroo Flats (the station there was the Pingelly Bus Shelter) and I espied Zamia station up there too! December 2010. Photos Ref: WHIT001


Whiteman Park - East Perth Signal Box

This signal box was originally at East Perth and was moved to Whiteman Park Junction. The light railway commenced construction in the early 1980's. The railway is known as the Bennett Brook Railway as that is the name of the creek which feeds Mussel Brook and what remains of the old wetlands here. December 2010. Photos Ref: WHIT002


Whiteman Park - Subiaco Station

Still at Whiteman Park Junction Station, across the tracks from the old East Perth station here, in all its glory, is the original Subiaco station complete with its elevated signal box. The station was relocated when the Government sunk the railway in Subiaco to below ground. December 2010. Photos Ref: WHIT003


Whiteman Park - Melbourne Tram

Not only does the park have a railway but also a tramway. This fine looking vehicle is an ex-Melbourne tram class W1 number 426. Now it runs from Whiteman Park Junction station to Mussel pool via the "town" centre - with a stop right outside the cafe. December 2010. Photos Ref: WHIT004


Whiteman Park - Melbourne Tram

A view towards the main train station and here comes the tram trundling past the Lolly Stop and Pavilion. December 2010. Photos Ref: WHIT005


Whiteman Park - Nungarin Station

Mussel Pool station was the first station built on the light rail system. This station building was originally at Nungarin, a wheatbelt town between Merredin and Trayning. It's in fabulous condition. Although this platform was built in 1984, it wasn't until 1989 that the Nungarin building arrived. December 2010. Photos Ref: WHIT006


Whiteman Park - Old Cottesloe Box

Across the line from Mussel Pool station is this old signal box. This was originally (here) used as a ticket office. In its previous life it was a signal box and staff cabin at Cottesloe. It's been in this location since 1988. December 2010. Photos Ref: WHIT007


Whiteman Park - Old Cottesloe Box

An update on the old Cottesloe signal box. In 2011 it was relocated to a place of far more importance - up along the platform from the old Nungarin Station. This box served at Cottesloe from 1897 to 1931 thence at Perth Central Station. Inside, the Lever Frame came from Wagin. February 2013. Photos Ref: WHIT008


Whiteman Park - Old Signal Box

Around about where the old Cottesloe box stood is now occupied but another piece of rail memorabilia. February 2013. Photos Ref: WHIT009


Whiteman Park - Old Rail Van

Some rail trucks parked at Mussel Pool. This van looks rather colourful though I don't recall any bearing advertising when they were actually in service. February 2013. Photos Ref: WHIT010


Whiteman Park - Tram Stop

A tram stop near Mussel Pool. Not many people getting on/off here on this journey. December 2010. Photos Ref: WHIT011


Whiteman Park - Education Building

This building near the centre of the park looks like an old school room. Indeed, peering through the window revealed chairs and whiteboards which indicates that its current use is somewhat akin to what it perhaps was in former days. December 2010. Photos Ref: WHIT012


Whiteman Park - Pavilion

This Pavilion is a welcome resting place and picnic area. December 2010. Photos Ref: WHIT013


Whiteman Park - Lolly Stop

This building's use is self-evident and pleasant to find in the park. It's located right across the road (and tram line) from the Print Shop. December 2010. Photos Ref: WHIT014


Whiteman Park - Motor Museum

One of the big attractions at Whiteman Park is the motor museum. Today, outside, they are featuring this wonderful 'FE' model Holden sedan from the late 1950's. December 2010. Photos Ref: WHIT015


Whiteman Park - Tractor Museum

Another attraction is the tractor museum. Here are a couple of old yellow former work-horses. Just across the road is an ancient front-end loader, ore trucks, and towering pit head. December 2010. Photos Ref: WHIT016


Whiteman Park - Midland Locomotive Turntable

Here is a locomotive turntable at Whiteman. You don't see many of these anymore - they used to be mostly hidden away in loco depots. This one looks sturdy enough to turn even the largest engine and indeed it can - it used to be in the Midland Loco Depot. Electric rails cars and modern diesels are designed to travel in either direction so turntables are basically a thing of the past. In fact the current metro electric rail sets never turn around. Photos Ref: WHIT017


Whiteman Park - Subiaco Rail Footbridge

This rail footbridge is located adjacent to the station, perhaps 100-200 metres away. It was originally located at Subiaco. December 2012. Photos Ref: WHIT018


Whiteman Park - Revolutions

Next to the rail complex is Revolutions Transport Museum. It's open daily from 10am to 4pm and entry is by donation. It reminds me a lot of the Midland Rail Workshops. December 2012. Photos Ref: WHIT019

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