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One of the earliest of W.A. settlements, Guildford is located on the Swan River between Bassendean and Midland. Local history dates back to 1827 then Captain Stirling passed through the area and the junction of the Swan and Helena rivers was chosen as a future town site. H. C. Sutherland first surveyed the area in 1829. Guildford gets its name from a town of the same name in Surrey, England, probably chosen by Ellen Stirling who came from Surrey


Guildford - Town Sign

After crossing the Swan River bridge coming over from Bassendean, this welcome sign is on the left side of the road, just before you get to the railway station. April 2013. Photos Ref: GLDF001


Guildford - St Matthews Church

The Church in Stirling Square - St Matthew's Anglican Church. This park has undergone a remarkable transformation in the last few years. The church is the dominant landmark in the park. There is a centennial commemoration stone inset into the wall celebrating one hundred years since the opening on 15th October 1893. May 2008. Photos Ref: GLDF002


Guildford - St Matthews Church

Next to St Matthew's Church in Stirling Square is this building which is a little newer than the church and functions as the Parish Hall. The Foundation Stone was laid by Governor Sir Frederick Bedford on 4th August, 1906. April 2013. Photos Ref: GLDF003


Guildford - Tindale House

Tindale House is on James Street in the west side of town. The sign says established 1895. In recent years this has functioned as a tea house or restaurant. The Tindale family owned and operated the Apothecaries Hall next door. This would have been the Tindale residence. April 2013. Photos Ref: GLDF004


Guildford - Apothecaries Hall

This shop is just west of Stephen Street and next to the newsagents. The building is currently the "Pink Champagne". This was constructed for J. T. Tindale in 1894 as his Apothecaries Hall. An apothecary is an archaic term for chemist or pharmacist. October 2010. Photos Ref: GLDF005


Guildford - James Street Newsagents

On the corner of James and Stephen Streets are these shops. A few decades ago the building was occupied fully as a newsagency. The left side of the newsagency was later separated and is now used as the Karma Skincare Centre. This was constructed in the early 1900's. October 2012. Photos Ref: GLDF006


Guildford - Bank of New South Wales Building

On the other corner of James and Stephen Streets is this cafe. Thirty years ago this was a delicatessen and lunch bar known as the Guildford Milk Bar. Next door is Lifestyle Furniture. This was erected in 1900 as a Bank of New South Wales branch. April 2013. Photos Ref: GLDF007


Guildford - Devenish and Book Exchange

Some of the colourful Guildford shops along James Street. Photo includes the old Devenish Real Estate building which is now a cafe, the Guildford Book Exchange, Lifestyle Furniture, the former Bank of New South Wales, and lastly the old newsagency building. October 2007. Photos Ref: GLDF008


Guildford - Devenish and Book Exchange

An update on the Book Exchange and the old Devenish building. They have hardly changed at all in the last ten years. December 2017. Photos Ref: GLDF009


Guildford - Village Markets Building

The Village Markets building constructed in 1905 and sitting on James Street, on the corner of Ethel Street. Now home to some interesting secondhand and fashion shops and a bakery. October 2012. Photos Ref: GLDF010


Guildford - Village Markets Building

The Village Markets building again, and five years on. December 2017. Photos Ref: GLDF011


Guildford - James Street Shops

These are a few shops on James Street situated between the hotel and Jones', and the Village Markets building. Left to right are a second hand shop, Guildford Village Tea Rooms, Chocolate Chilli then Basic Elements. December 2017. Photos Ref: GLDF012


Guildford - Jones of Guildford

Jones of Guildford is Guildford, at least for second-hand shopping. It has been a prominent landmark here and has hardly changed in decades. Loads of old wares inside. December 2017. Photos Ref: GLDF013


Guildford - Ethel Street Courtyard

Just off James Street and down Ethel Street a few metres is The Courtyard Shops. Here is an Art Deco old wares shop. Great place to go in and browse around. This is the type of place which makes Guildford popular. October 2017. Photos Ref: GLDF014


Guildford - Shops on James Street

This strip of shops on James Street include a number of second-hand or antique shops, and a few cafes and restaurants. The oldest surviving business appears to be Jones of Guildford (second hand shop). Mr Jones' shop was built in 1900. April 2013. Photos Ref: GLDF015


Guildford - Hotel

The Guildford Hotel on the corner of James Street and Johnson Street. The hotel was erected in 1886. The hotel suffered major fire damage in September 2008. Photo - October 2007. Photos Ref: GLDF016


Guildford - Hotel

The Guildford Hotel finally re-opened in June of 2016 nearly 8 years after the fire. It was immensely popular this Sunday. Inside has been remodelled with the old front bar area being merged into the old rear area. What was once the far rear section is no longer part of the hotel, at least for now. The upside is that the upside is - good to be able to get upstairs now! Photo - June 2016. Photos Ref: GLDF017


Guildford - Hotel

The Guildford Hotel cupola viewed from upstairs at the front of the hotel. Obviously this is totally new. My cryptic comment in the above photo meant that pre-fire the upper floor was not in use. Parts of it were apparently deemed unsafe. Interesting designs with exposed brickwork and even some fire-charred floor supports have been retained. Photo - June 2016. Photos Ref: GLDF018


Guildford - Stirling Arms Hotel

The Stirling Arms Hotel on James Street, across from the Meadow Street railway crossing. The hotel dates back to 1852. The original owner was Mr John Welbourne. Mr Welbourne constructed the building with the help of convict labour. January 2012. Photos Ref: GLDF019


Guildford - Alfred's Kitchen

Anyone who doesn't know Guildford, don't be fooled the exterior. This is Alfred's Kitchen hamburger bar and it has been operating here since 1946. Its fare has even been lauded by acclaimed gourmets. This place is open in the evenings. Open fires at the front add to the atmosphere, particularly in the winter months. January 2012. Photos Ref: GLDF020


Guildford - Alfred's Kitchen

It's not often you get something new that is already old in Guildford. This vintage railways passenger carriage is the new addition. It it set just to the west of Alfred's Kitchen and indeed now forms part of the restaurant. You can see a bit of the original building in the background. This blends in quite nicely with the historical main street. February 2016. Photos Ref: GLDF021


Guildford - Slovenian Hall

Nearly opposite Alfred's Kitchen on James Street is this 1926 building which is now a Museum of Natural History. This used to be the Slovenian Hall. At another time this was the Regent Theatre and Gardens. April 2013. Photos Ref: GLDF022


Guildford - Council Chambers

The Guildford Council Chambers is next door to the Town Hall on James Street and pre-dates that by some 37 years. The Foundation Stone was laid by The Right Hon. Sir John Forrest on April 5th, 1900. The Mayor at that time was R. J. Wilson. April 2013. Photos Ref: GLDF023


Guildford - Town Hall

The Guildford Town Hall on James Street. The Foundation Stone was laid by Governor Sir James Mitchell on September 6th, 1937. The Mayor at that time was R. Calder-Crowther. April 2013. Photos Ref: GLDF024


Guildford - Garrick Theatre

Behind the Town Hall and facing Meadow Street is the Garrick Theatre. This building was constructed in 1855 as the local Convict Depot Commissariat - a storehouse for convict work parties building roads as far away as York and Toodyay. From 1868 to 1933 it was used as the Guildford Volunteers (army) HQ. Since 1933 the Garrick Theatre has been in occupation. October 2012. Photos Ref: GLDF025


Guildford - Garrick Theatre

A look down the southern side of the theatre. The stage door is on the left. Over in the distance is the main entrance for patrons. The other face of the theatre backs onto the Jess Nairn Courtyard in which are also the local library and rear of the Town Hall. October 2012. Photos Ref: GLDF026


Guildford - Old House Shop

A little south down Meadow Street from the Garrick Theatre is this wonderful looking, historic house which probably doubled as a shop in decades gone by. October 2012. Photos Ref: GLDF027


Guildford - Wesley Chapel

The Uniting Church, Wesley Chapel situated on James Street just east of the Town Hall. This church was built in 1883 as a Methodist Church. April 2013. Photos Ref: GLDF028


Guildford - Post Office

The Guildford Post Office looking from a little to the north down Meadow Street towards the railway crossing. The first post office in Guildford operated out of an inn and then a store on Swan Street. Mail came up by boat. This post office was built in 1897. Previously on this site was a hospital and old convict depot. The clock tower was added in 1900 and raised in 1901. The tower also included a bell which used to toll at the top of each hour. Picture 2008. Photos Ref: GLDF029


Guildford - Post Office

The Post Office still puts on a good face. In around the 1980's, Australia Post sold this building but leased back part of the ground floor in which area the post office continued to operate. In 2014 this is an antique shop. You can wander around inside, even onto the first floor, close to underneath the clock tower. October 2007. Photos Ref: GLDF030


Guildford - Mechanics Institute

Next to the Post Office on Meadow Street is the former Mechanics Institute building. This was erected in 1865. The Mechanics Institute promoted and provided education to working class people particularly in literary and artistic fields. This hall was one of the first to be built in the district and over the years has been used for education, public meetings, lectures and concerts. It has also been used as a library, by music ensembles and by all manner of clubs and classes. April 2013. Photos Ref: GLDF031


Guildford - War Memorial

In Stirling Square are the Memorial Gates and War Memorial. Over in the distance on Meadow Street you can glimpse the Mechanics Institute building and a part of the Post Office. October 2017. Photos Ref: GLDF032


Guildford - Gum Trees on Stirling Street

Looking east along Stirling Street you can see the avenue of gum trees lining the street and adjacent Stirling Square. The church over there is St Matthews. To the right but out of picture is the Perth - Midland railway line. October 2017. Photos Ref: GLDF033


Guildford - Pottery

On Meadow Street in between the Mechanics Institute and the old Gaol is this Pottery studio. This building is the old Policeman's House and would have been built circa 1870. April 2013. Photos Ref: GLDF034


Guildford - Taylor's Cottage

Set behind the Pottery studio and accessible via the Old Gaol entrance is Taylor's Cottage. This structure was originally at the rear of number 3 Meadow Street. It was constructed around 1863 as a stable but later (early 1880's) converted as a home for the Taylor family. In 1983 the building was dismantled from its original site and reassembled here. April 2013. Photos Ref: GLDF035


Guildford - Old Gaol

Adjacent to the old Courthouse is the old Gaol which was built in 1866. April 2013. Photos Ref: GLDF036


Guildford - Old Courthouse

This fine building on Meadow Street, next door to the old gaol, is the old courthouse which was opened as a gala event in January 1867. It was built via convict labour. Knowing that cessation of transportation of convicts to the colony was imminent, the then Governor Hampton made the most of convict resources through a vigorous construction program. The building later also served as a police station. There used to be a small clock tower over the entrance. April 2013. Photos Ref: GLDF037


Guildford - Chateau Guildford Liquor Store

The Chateau Guildford is a magnificent old building located on the corner of West Swan and Terrace Roads. The Chateau has a large cellar which is used for wine storage and also wine tasting evenings. The premises are owned and operated by Alan and Patrick Dinneen. The liquor store has operated here since 1974. July 2010. Photos Ref: GLDF038


Guildford - Rose and Crown Hotel

This is the Rose & Crown Hotel which is on Terrace Road. Mr Thomas Jecks built the Inn in 1841. It is the state's oldest functioning hotel. It has been rebuilt in sections over the years so little original is left. The sign out the front states "The Inn was often used for public meetings, though it was perhaps more notorious for spawning drunken behavior which may have led to the building of the nearby courthouse and gaol". Now it's a popular venue for weddings and functions. April 2013. Photos Ref: GLDF039


Guildford - Rose and Crown Hotel Chapel Hall

Just to the rear of the Rose and Crown Hotel, and indeed part of the hotel, is this remarkable old building simply known as the Chapel Hall. April 2013. Photos Ref: GLDF040


Guildford - Hugh Street Old Shop

On the corner of Hugh Street and Terrace Road is this quaint old shop now a private residence. The owners have retained the Bushell's advertising paintwork up along the side of the shop. April 2013. Photos Ref: GLDF041


Guildford - Padbury Stores

Opposite the Rose and Crown Hotel is a trio of building all relating to Walter Padbury. This is the east-most building and the current owner is a retailer of fine old house-wares. April 2013. Photos Ref: GLDF042


Guildford - Padbury Colonial Stores

Central to the Padbury trio is the William Padbury Colonial Stores of 1869. Mr Padbury was an immigrant lad, arriving in the colony in 1830. From humble beginnings, he rose to become the first mayor of Guildford and in 1872, a state parliamentarian. A few years ago this store looked old and dusty and sold mining and prospecting equipment. The business was established in 1869. April 2013. Photos Ref: GLDF043


Guildford - Padbury House

The third building in the Padbury trio is Padbury House, immediately to the left and connected to the William Padbury Colonial Stores. Padbury is also remembered in nearby Bassendean (previously known as West Guildford) by way of the Padbury building near the railway station. April 2013. Photos Ref: GLDF044


Guildford - St Charles' Seminary

St Charles' Seminary just a little bit south of the Swan River on West Swan Road. This was constructed as a farm house in 1897 for Mr Sanderson. It was then known as Garden Hill. In 1942 the Catholic Church bought the property and established the Seminary. July 2011. Photos Ref: GLDF045


Guildford - St Charles' Seminary

An updated picture of the St Charles' Seminary building. The bricks have been re-painted to a colour somewhat resembling that of bricks. Quite a transformation. February 2016. Photos Ref: GLDF046


Guildford - Grammar School

Guildford Grammar School Chapel of St Mary and St George on Terrace Road. This Chapel is made largely of Donnybrook stone. Construction was caused by the then headmaster Rev. Percy Henn and funded by Cecil Oliverson, a resident of Inverness, Scotland. The chapel was consecrated in 1914. June 2016. Photos Ref: GLDF047


Guildford - Grammar School - Old Cemetery

Behind the Chapel of St Mary and St George is the Old East Guildford Cemetery. This was the churchyard of an 1836 wattle and daub church which once existed just a few metres away. The cemetery was used until 1918. In 1953 all remaining headstones were re-arranged to form of a large crucifix. June 2016. Photos Ref: GLDF048


Guildford - Grammar School

Guildford Grammar School. Very picturesque buildings covered in ivy. These buildings face onto Terrace Road. This is an Anglican School which moved to this site in 1900. Prior to 1900, the school operated in Woodbridge House, the home of M.P., businessman and school founder, Mr Charles Harper. Pictured is the Administration Building. June 2016. Photos Ref: GLDF049


Guildford - Grammar School

Guildford Grammar School. This is St Georges House which is used as accommodation for boarding students. Off to the right you can see the Chapel of St Mary and St George. June 2016. Photos Ref: GLDF050


Guildford - Fish Market Reserve

This Reserve dates back to the earliest colony days of Western Australia. Guildford was established in the 1870's at which time goods were transported from Perth and Fremantle by river and produce markets were held on this Reserve. This photo is of the road and rail bridges crossing the Swan River. The wooden road bridge was constructed in 1950. There has been a few bridges here, the earliest being built in 1854. July 2010. Photos Ref: GLDF051


Guildford - Fish Market Reserve

The "Guildford Harbour Bridge" crosses the Swan River. That's Success Hill on the other bank. The bridge is quite a prominent structure and is used to support a 760mm water main across the river. July 2010. Photos Ref: GLDF052


Guildford - Swan and Helena Rivers Confluence

At Kings Meadow Oval, this is where the Helena River meets the Swan River. This water is mostly sustained by the ocean level and significant water in the Helena River only continues a couple of hundred metres left of this picture. By the time you get to the river bridge on Great Eastern Highway, water is virtually non-existent. The Helena is dammed upstream. April 2013. Photos Ref: GLDF053


Guildford - Railway Station

The railway station looking down the line towards Perth. Next stop after the Swan River bridge crossing is Success Hill, and then Bassendean. This is only one of a handful of Perth railway stations where the original building (or at least part) has been retained. This station building was erected in 1881. October 2007. Photos Ref: GLDF054


Guildford - Railway Station

A closer view of the station looking from the west end. You can see the footbridge in the background. Beyond that, up the line, is East Guildford, Woodbridge and Midland. October 2010. Photos Ref: GLDF055


Guildford - St Mary's Catholic Church

Towards the east end of Guildford on James Street opposite Fauntleroy Street is St Mary's Catholic Church. The Foundation Stone was laid by The Most Rev. Redmond Prendiville, Archbishop of Perth, on July 28th, 1936. April 2013. Photos Ref: GLDF056


Guildford - Primary School

The historic Guildford Primary School on Helena Street, across from the southern end of Shenton Avenue. The first school room and headmaster's house were built in the 1860's. Additions were later made in 1900 and 1970. April 2015. Photos Ref: GLDF057


Guildford - Primary School

The historic Guildford Primary School again, this time viewed from Helena Street and featuring the eastern (highway) side - on the left. December 2017. Photos Ref: GLDF058


Guildford - Helena River Bridge Shop

An old house, and old shop, and another house on the eastern side of the Great Eastern Highway, just north of the Helena River bridge. December 2017. Photos Ref: GLDF059


Guildford - Guildford Signs

On Great Eastern Highway between James Street and the Helena River bridge is this old shop. It looks like a private home now. December 2017. Photos Ref: GLDF060


Guildford - Woodbridge Store

Next to the Woodbridge Hotel and near the corner of Swan Street is the old Woodbridge Store established 1923. Today the store operates as Ember and supplies all-natural candles. April 2013. Photos Ref: GLDF061


Guildford - Woodbridge Hotel

The Woodbridge Hotel is right down at the east end of Guildford, at the west end of Swan Street and very close to the East Guildford station. The hotel was constructed circa 1910. April 2013. Photos Ref: GLDF062

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