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Clackline is a very small rural town on the Great Eastern Highway, 17 kms to the west of Northam and 80 kms east of Perth. The town was gazetted in 1896. The old railway from Chidlow through to Northam used to run through here. This was lifted years ago. The name Clackline comes from a nearby brook which was called thus by surveyor John Forrest when he was in the district in 1879. From the highway, the shop and the old rail carriage are easily spotted


Clackline - Store and Post Office

Clackline is a small hamlet a few kilometres west of Northam on the Great Eastern Highway. This is the local village store. The store opened in the 1890's and not only being a general store, it has served as a manual telephone exchange in years gone by, and also as the local post office. May 2009. Photos Ref: CLCK001


Clackline - Kalgoorlie Express Train Carriage

In the old days the train line ran through Clackline. These days it runs through Toodyay to the north. The local visitor map listed this place as a train museum. On the side of the carriage there is "The Kalgoorlie" indicating that this was an early Kalgoorlie Express railway passenger carriage. May 2009. Photos Ref: CLCK002


Clackline - Kalgoorlie Express Train Carriage

A close look down the side of the old "Kalgoorlie" train carriage. January 2012. Photos Ref: CLCK003


Clackline - Centenary Commemoration

In the park off to the east of the store and train carriage is this 1829-1929 commemoration of British settlement in Western Australia erected by the then Clackline school pupils. Archie Paton was the sculptor. January 2012. Photos Ref: CLCK004


Clackline - Rock Formation in Creek

This rock formation is a couple of hundred metres east of the store and train carriage. It is part of the Clackline Brook which is dry at this time. This part of the Brook is just below the Centenary Commemoration sculpture. May 2009. Photos Ref: CLCK005

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