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Toodyay is a town on the Avon River about 86 kms north-east of Perth. This rural locality was one of the first European settlements in country W.A. The town was first named Newcastle in 1860. In 1909 the Prime Minister (probably Alfred Deakin) requested a name change because of confusion with the Newcastle in New South Wales. He even suggested the name Toodyay. This name was adopted in 1910. Toodyay comes from Aboriginal either Duigee or Toodyeep


Toodyay - Pelham Lookout

A view down to the townsite from Pelham Reserve and Lookout, which is at the end of Duke Street on the south side of town. You can see the Victoria Hotel (right), the rear of the Town Hall (centre) and the top of the Freemasons Hotel (left), amongst other buildings. The town water supply tanks are also atop this lookout hill. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY001


Toodyay - Old Gaol

The Old Gaol on Clinton Street. This building was constructed in the 1870's and now houses a museum. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY002


Toodyay - Police Stables

The old Police Stables on Clinton Street. This is across the street from the old Gaol. The stables were built circa 1870 and were restored in 1976. Inside the building probably looks pretty much how it did when it was used as a stable. It is now part of the Gaol museum. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY003


Toodyay - Connor's Cottage

This is the house built by/for Daniel Connor on Piesse Street, the original owner and operator of Connor's Mill, the flour mill which is one of the most prominent landmarks in Toodyay. You can just make out the mill in the background of this picture. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY004


Toodyay - Visitor Information Centre

Next door to Connor's cottage is this historic building now trading as Ye Olde Lolly Stop (there are a few of these around W.A.), and it is also is home to the Toodyay Visitor Information Centre. You can see the back of Connor's Mill off to the right. February 2011. Photos Ref: TDYY005


Toodyay - Connor's Mill

Connor's Mill was built in 1870 by George Hasell, at the behest of ex-convict Daniel Connor, as a flour mill. The mill has been sold and operating methods changed over the years. At one stage it even doubled up as the town's power station for street lights. The mill was renovated and restored to its original condition in 1975, saved by a couple of local councilors from demolition. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY006


Toodyay - Hills

A view looking north along Piesse street down to Stirling Terrace, accenting the straw coloured hills in the background. The centre building down there is the Cola Cafe Museum. The large building to the right is the rear of the Freemasons Hotel. To the left is St Stephen's Church. February 2011. Photos Ref: TDYY007


Toodyay - Butterly House

On Stirling Terrace next to Connor's Mill is Butterly House. This was constructed in 1870 and then went through a number of remodels and renewals over the years. This was originally called Monger's Cottage and was the site of Toodyay's first bank. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY008


Toodyay - St Stephens Anglican Church

Across the road from Connor's Mill is St Stephen's Anglican Church built in 1862. There is no foundation stone on the building. Reverend Charles Harper was instrumental in having the church erected. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY009


Toodyay - Freemasons Hotel

This is the Freemasons Hotel. A very prominent building in town and a popular stopping spot for weekend bikers. The hotel is down the western end of Stirling Terrace. The original part of the hotel was built in 1860. It has had a number of extensions added over the years. February 2011. Photos Ref: TDYY010


Toodyay - Cola Cafe Museum

A popular place to drop in for a meal or snack is the Cola Cafe Museum noted for its aptly named burgers named "Avon Link", "Prospector", "Indian Pacific" and "Whistle Stop". The cafe is directly across the road from the Freemasons Hotel. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY011


Toodyay - Courthouse

The Toodyay courthouse with its red brickwork cuts a fine figure. This is off the main road on the north side of the railway lines. This building continues to operate as a courthouse. The building is of "English Bond style" and was constructed in 1897. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY012


Toodyay - Masons Hall

The Masons Hall is on Fiennes Street very close to the courthouse. There are no outward signs on the building of a construction date but it appears to be around the 1890's. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY013


Toodyay - Post Office

The two-storey post office on Stirling Terrace. It was originally known as the Newcastle Post Office and was built in 1897 and was designed by Government architect George Poole. Since this photo was taken, this building has been leased to private concerns. May 2009. Photos Ref: TDYY014


Toodyay - Main Street

Looking west down Stirling Terrace. On the left is Ellery's Arcade, then Unwin Store, then the Freemasons Hotel. The brick building on the right is the Toodyay Hair Studio. The street was originally called New Road. It was built in 1852 largely through convict labour. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY015


Toodyay - Unwins Store

Unwins Store, constructed in 1899, is one of the centre-piece buildings on Stirling Terrace. Downstairs these days the Bakery operates here. Upstairs looks like a dining area. It was originally built as a drapery. This building has also once served as a meeting place for benevolent orders such as the Masons and the Buffaloes. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY016


Toodyay - Ellerys Arcade

Immediately to the east of Unwins Store in Ellery's Arcade. This row of shops was constructed in 1890 and each shop was originally independently owned. Mr C. Ellery, who was an active member of a number of local committees and boards, purchased the whole building in 1902 and obviously exercised his naming rights. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY017


Toodyay - Jager Stores

The prominent Jager Stores building on Stirling Terrace now home to markets, a newsagency and a drapery shop. This building, at once stage in its early history, was the Manchester Unity Independent Order of Oddfellows Hall. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY018


Toodyay - Memorial Hall

Another extremely prominent feature on the main street is the Toodyay Memorial Hall. This was once the Newcastle Municipal Chambers. This building was constructed in 1899. A significant extension, the town hall, was added at the rear in 1910. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs W.G. Leeder, Mayoress, on 12th April, 1899. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY019


Toodyay - Main Street

Another view looking west along Stirling Terrace. In this picture the Jager Stores building can be seen on the left with the post office just beyond. On the right the main feature is the Victoria Hotel. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY020


Toodyay - Main Street

A further view looking west down the main street. A sliver of the Memorial Hall can just be seen on the left. The red phone box is close to the Post Office. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY021


Toodyay - Old Fire Station

A typical looking period fire station. The building was constructed by the W.A. Fire Brigades Board and was opened by James Pollitt, Esq., J.P., on 20th August 1938. Today these premises are occupied by the Sommerville Gallery. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY022


Toodyay - Bendigo Bank

This building dates back to 1898 and has been a bank continuously throughout its existence. Initially the Western Australian Bank, it became the Bank of New South Wales (thence Challenge Bank, thence Westpac) after a few commercial take-overs. These days the Bendigo Bank provides finance services to this rural community. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY023


Toodyay - Book Stop

This quaint bookshop is a part of a greater building. You can see a part of the centre of the building to the right. At the other end of the central section is another structure identical to the bookshop. The old fire station is across the road. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY024


Toodyay - Wendouree Cafe

Again on Stirling Terrace, this building is on the north side. In the foreground is a chemist's shop. To the left is the Wendouree Tea Rooms, the oldest tea-rooms in the Avon Valley, established in 1930. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY025


Toodyay - Library

The local library building has rather a chequered history in terms of occupancy and extensions. Originally constructed around 1908, the building has been used as the Mechanic's Institute, a meeting and reading room and a theatre. At one time, the local Road Board also occupied the building. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY026


Toodyay - Herald Building

This building on the north side of the main street is home of the Toodyay Herald newspaper and also appears to double-up as a veterinary clinic. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY027


Toodyay - Vegetable Shop

The smell of fresh fruit and vegetables emanates from this former old cottage which is next door to the Billiards Saloon section of the Victoria Hotel. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY028


Toodyay - Hairdressers and Vinnies

The Toodyay Hair Studio building was at one time the St John Ambulance Office. The building was purpose built as a shop and residence and probably dates back to the 1890's. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY029


Toodyay - Courtyard Antiques

On Duke Street between the main street and the railway station is this old building which operates as Courtyard Antiques open usually on weekends. An old Bushells advertisement is painted on the bricks on the rear of the building. April 2015. Photos Ref: TDYY030


Toodyay - Old Newcastle School

On Duke Street North is the old Newcastle School which later was known as the Toodyay School. At other times this place has been the Toodyay Methodist Church and the local Repertory Club. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY031


Toodyay - Old School Room

This is most certainly an old school class room but it is unmarked and does not appear to be in use, indeed, it is fenced off. The building is on Fiennes Street. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY032


Toodyay - Victoria Hotel

The Victoria Hotel started out simply as an alcohol store. It was extended in 1875 with guest rooms being appended and in 1904 the upper storey was added. In the foreground of the picture is the Billiards Saloon which is part of the hotel. The saloon looks like it pre-dates the actual hotel. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY033


Toodyay - Victoria Hotel

The Victoria Hotel this time viewed front-on from a little way up Duke Street. To the right of the picture is a small section of the I.G.A. store. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY034


Toodyay - Victoria Hotel and Hills

The Victoria Hotel again, this time viewed from further up Duke Street. This image includes the prominent green hill to the rear the old Bushells' advertising on the brick wall at the rear of the weekend Market Shops. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY035


Toodyay - View from Railway Footbridge

A view from the footbridge which traverses the railway lines a short distance from the railway station. This looks down the entire length of Duke Street. The Victoria Hotel is again in the picture. The old Toodyay School can be seen on the left. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY036


Toodyay - Railway Station

The railway station with two dual gauge tracks gleaming in the winter sun. The Avon Link stops here but I'm not sure about the Prospector. Many freight trains pass through here from the East on their way to and from Kewdale. May 2009. Photos Ref: TDYY037


Toodyay - Rail Lines

The railway lines wend their way off towards the east on their way to Northam and well beyond. You can see the railway station in the centre of the picture. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY038


Toodyay - Rail Lines

An east-bound Indian Pacific passes through Toodyay on a Sunday, right on time at 1.20pm. April 2015. Photos Ref: TDYY039


Toodyay - Toodyay Tavern

The Toodyay Tavern is on the main street on the right when approaching from Perth. This was built in 1862 for Mr Joseph Monger who was a local businessman and also occupant of Butterly House, down next to Connor's Mill. At the time of construction, this place was called the Newcastle Hotel. February 2011. Photos Ref: TDYY040


Toodyay - Shops Next to Tavern

Next door to the Toodyay Tavern is this brace of shops. On the left is a former video store which appears to be vacant now. The shop on the right perhaps could be described as one for those pursuing an alternative lifestyle. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY041


Toodyay - Church Home

On the Toodyay Road on the "Perth" side of town is what looks like an old church but now used as a private residence. This is opposite the end of Hamersley Street. May 2009. Photos Ref: TDYY042


Toodyay - Franciscan Monastery

Our Lady Help Of Christians Marian Friary is a Franciscan Monastery on Stirling Terrace. This is the main building. The Foundation Stone was laid by Most Rev. M. Gibney, Bishop of Perth, on 2nd July 1903. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY043


Toodyay - Franciscan Monastery

One of a number of out-buildings in the Friary. This is St Francis House. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY044


Toodyay - Franciscan Monastery

Another Monastic building in the complex. As with others, this looks early 1900's in design. This appears to be used as a meeting lounge. The other side of the building is currently undergoing repairs because of aging wooden supports and verandah floor boards. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY045


Toodyay - Highway

Sweeping into Toodyay from Perth, this is one of the first views of the town. This is looking north along the Toodyay Road. May 2009. Photos Ref: TDYY046


Toodyay - Emporium

On the west side of town, on the Toodyay Road, is the Toodyay Emporium. Make sure you stop in this place if you're in the area. It is easy to spend and hour or so (and probably a few dollars) in here - it houses a treasure-trove of yesteryear artifacts and lots of other goods. May 2009. Photos Ref: TDYY047


Toodyay - House on Highway

Lining the north side of the main road at the west end of town are many cottages such as this. Old weatherboard and iron structures with smoking chimneys on a winters day. May 2009. Photos Ref: TDYY048


Toodyay - Avon River Footbridge

This high bridge over the Avon River provides pedestrian access from the town side of the river to the north side where the Toodyay District High School is, along with a number of houses. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY049


Toodyay - Avon River Road Bridge

The Telegraph Road Bridge spans the Avon River adjacent to Duidgee Park. This is close to Connor's Mill and Butterly House. Telegraph Road turns into the Toodyay - Bindi Bindi Road just north of here. You can see what remains of the wooden supports of an old bridge. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY050


Toodyay - Miniature Railway

In Duidgee Park next to the Avon River is an extensive miniature railway system complete with Newcastle Station. The station is under-cover and houses two old railways vans. Further up the track is a man-made tunnel to add to the adventure. May 2015. Photos Ref: TDYY051


Toodyay - Miniature Railway

The miniature railway is operating today. This gentleman is proudly attending to his mini steam engine 'Laverton' before hauling a passenger run around the track. The locomotive is a fully functional steam locomotive. That is real coal smoke blowing out of the funnel. May 2015. Photos Ref: TDYY052


Toodyay - Moondyne Festival

On the first weekend of May this year was the Moondyne Festival. It's all about bushranger Moondyne Joe who performed his misdeeds in this area for a period during his career of escapades. It's also all about life in the late 1800's with many people dressed in period garb. This pair of Clydesdales offer a free ride in their cart around some of the streets. May 2015. Photos Ref: TDYY053


Toodyay - Moondyne Festival

These troopers demonstrated loading and discharging their rifles on the street outside the Victoria Hotel. Moondyne Joe regularly escaped from his small jail on the main street, only to be vigorously pursued by the law who promptly re-incarcerated him, much to the merriment of the crowd. May 2015. Photos Ref: TDYY054


Toodyay - Moondyne Festival

This pipe band performed stirring Caledonian airs at the Moondyne Festival. There was also a bush-band playing Moondyne period inspired songs in a make-shift pioneer town off on a side street. May 2015. Photos Ref: TDYY055


Toodyay - Goomalling Road

Entering town from Goomalling, this is a view looking south-west across the Avon River bridge up to Stirling Terrace and Toodyay Road. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY056


Toodyay - Racecourse

The local racecourse is a little west of town up Racecourse Road. Behind the racing complex is the golf course. This picture is taken from on the track itself looking over towards the grandstand. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY057


Toodyay - Racecourse

Here is the entry point to the racecourse for patrons. This is a tiny weatherboard and iron structure. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY058


Toodyay - Train at Racecourse Road

A double-header CBH-Group freighter complete with 50-odd grain wagons heads east into Toodyay. The train is only a handful of metres from passing the Racecourse Road level crossing. October 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY059


Toodyay - Shearers Quarters

'The Range' shearers quarters constructed around 1900 is situated about 5 kilometres east of Toodyay, on the Goomalling Road. Tiny and dark rooms inside. Those who lived in here must have been a hardy breed. July 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY060


Toodyay - Rural Property and Hills

Just look at this magnificent rural property and the backdrop of hills including a reef of stones running across the top. This is just a few kilometres from town. July 2013. Photos Ref: TDYY061

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