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Claremont Showground

The Claremont Showground in within the suburb of Claremont but not an official locality within its own right. This is the home of the Royal Agricultural Society situated a little to the north-east of Claremont town. Annually, usually during the first week of October, the R.A.S. holds its agricultural show featuring a plethora of events. The ground used to host Friday night speedway. Throughout the year the ground hosts special activities, shows and events


Claremont Showground - Blacksmith Building

The Blacksmith's HQ and the Wrought Iron Works lend steely grins for the picture. July 2009. Photos Ref: CASG001


Claremont Showground - Heritage Hall

The Heritage Hall was in a very photogenic mood this day! July 2009. Photos Ref: CASG002


Claremont Showground - Pen

I wonder what this cute little pen is for? Dogs? Sheep? It looks quite quaint. July 2009. Photos Ref: CASG003


Claremont Showground - Hall of Fame Buttfield Building

Agricultural Hall of Fame building very close to the main entrance. August 2009. Photos Ref: CASG004


Claremont Showground - Grandstand

A close view of the main grandstand - these seats are well-populated with people watching equestrian events at show time. August 2009. Photos Ref: CASG005


Claremont Showground - Grandstand

Behind the main grandstand is the home of the Royal Agricultural Society. August 2009. Photos Ref: CASG006


Claremont Showground - Police Building

Through the trees - the Cadbury building (right) and the Police Exhibition building. August 2009. Photos Ref: CASG007


Claremont Showground - Show Bags

Show bags shop next to the Hall of Fame building. August 2009. Photos Ref: CASG008


Claremont Showground - Speedway Memorial

Friday night was speedway night. The photo is of a memorial in the showgrounds remembering those who lost their lives participating in speedway events. August 2009. Photos Ref: CASG009


Claremont Showground - Livestock

The Royal Show 2010 - in this building are alpacas, llamas and others, including a few emus! September 2010. Photos Ref: CASG010


Claremont Showground - Livestock

A pen of sheep at the show. September 2010. Photos Ref: CASG011


Claremont Showground - Entertainment

Outdoor entertainment at the show keeps the crowd amused. September 2010. Photos Ref: CASG012


Claremont Showground - Ferris Wheel View

A Ferris-wheel eye view of part of sideshow alley. September 2010. Photos Ref: CASG013


Claremont Showground - Aerial View from Chairlift

A view of part of the comings & goings at the show from the chairlift. September 2010. Photos Ref: CASG014


Claremont Showground - Aerial View from Chairlift

Crowds on one of the showground streets, again from the chairlift. September 2010. Photos Ref: CASG015


Claremont Showground - Stuffed Toys

Anyone for a stuffed toy? It's hard to find any of the stands in sideshow alley which doesn't provide stuffed toys as prizes. Appropriate I suppose - anyone walking around here all day ends up getting pretty stuffed too! September 2010. Photos Ref: CASG016

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