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Mount Claremont

Mount Claremont is a locality lying north of Claremont and takes its name from that suburb. The name has been unofficially used by residents as far back as 1957 but it was not until 1986 that the name was actually approved. The suburb is comprised of what was once part of Swanbourne, plus the former suburb of Graylands. The district contains a number of public facilities such as the Challenge Sports Complex, Graylands Hospital and John XXIII College


Mount Claremont - Village Shopping Centre

Established in 1956 on Asquith Street is the Mount Claremont Village shopping centre. Here is the restaurant in the centre. There is a rather fine delicatessen just up from here. June 2014. Photos Ref: MTCL001


Mount Claremont - Village Shopping Centre

A little up Strickland Street is another section of the Mount Claremont Village shopping centre this time taking in the newsagency & post office, travel agency and hairdressers. Upstairs look like living accommodation. June 2014. Photos Ref: MTCL002


Mount Claremont - John XXIII College

John XXIII College off Mooro Drive. This is the front of the college viewed from up near the main entrance. This is a Catholic coeducational institution which was founded in 1977. June 2014. Photos Ref: MTCL003


Mount Claremont - John XXIII College

John XXIII College chapel. There are two foundation stones. One laid by Mr Terence O'Connor, Chairman of the College Council, on 21st April 1985. The other is actually a plaque commemorating the blessing and opening of the College by Rev. W. J. Foley, Archbishop of Perth, on 15th November 1986. June 2014. Photos Ref: MTCL004


Mount Claremont - John XXIII College

A view in the central area of the College taking in the chapel steeple, the clock tower and a statue of what appears to be a student. June 2014. Photos Ref: MTCL005


Mount Claremont - Graylands Hospital

The Graylands Hospital off Brockway Road. The oldest buildings, including the one pictured, where built in the 1910-1911 years. Pictured is a section of Fortescue House. This is a psychiatric hospital. June 2014. Photos Ref: MTCL006


Mount Claremont - Graylands Hospital

Another view of Fortescue House in Graylands Hospital. Prior to 1972, this establishment was known as the Claremont Mental Hospital. In 1972 the facility was split into two sections, this one which was renamed Graylands, and another in Swanbourne which has since closed. June 2014. Photos Ref: MTCL007


Mount Claremont - Primary School

This face of Mount Claremont Primary School runs along Alfred Road. The school extends quite a way back from Alfred Road and is bounded by Mongomery and Jacaranda Avenues, and Lobelia Street. The school was established in 1917. June 2014. Photos Ref: MTCL008


Mount Claremont - Primary School

Within the school grounds is this agricultural plot. A great tool for teaching children how to grow plants, the community value of such activities, the impact of climate, soil health etc, and personal pleasure derived when things grow well. The school motto is "We Care". I photographed another such school garden in Yealering. June 2014. Photos Ref: MTCL009


Mount Claremont - Primary School

The very colourful Pre-Primary section of the Mount Claremont Primary School. June 2014. Photos Ref: MTCL010


Mount Claremont - Library & Community Centre

Just off Haldane Street to the north is the Mount Claremont Community Centre and library. Within the grounds is a rather pleasant children's playground and complimentary facilities. Next to the library entrance is La Mousse Cafe & Patisserie, well known to local connoisseurs of fine food and coffee. June 2014. Photos Ref: MTCL011


Mount Claremont - Challenge Stadium Entrance

The main entrance to the Challenge Stadium. The Stadium was opened as far back as 1986. It has a fine swimming complex and also a sports arena which is home to the Perth Wildcats (basketball) and West Coast Fever (netball). Originally called the Perth Superdrome, the "Challenge" comes from the now defunct Challenge Bank, a former sponsor which had naming rights. January 2011. Photos Ref: MTCL012


Mount Claremont - Challenge Stadium Foyer

Inside the stadium, one of the foyers that lead to the main sporting facilities. January 2011. Photos Ref: MTCL013


Mount Claremont - Challenge Stadium Hall of Champions

On an upper level of the stadium is this W.A. Hall of Champions. The walls are adorned with some magnificent photographs featuring Western Australian sports stars through the ages, spanning all sports, not just those provided for in this complex. Well worth a visit. January 2011. Photos Ref: MTCL014


Mount Claremont - Challenge Stadium Indoor Swimming

Just look at this super indoor swimming pool! Designed for top-level championships, it is a truly world-class facility. Right down the far end is a smaller training pool. Off to the left of photo is a presentation stage. January 2011. Photos Ref: MTCL015


Mount Claremont - Challenge Stadium Outdoor Swimming

At the south end of the Challenge Stadium is this fabulous out-door pool which, on this day, was getting a bit of a work-out. January 2011. Photos Ref: MTCL016


Mount Claremont - West Australian Institute of Sport

The Challenge Stadium is also home to the West Australian Institute of Sport. This building is to the right of the Stadium main entrance. Walking along here made me remember my old work-mate (from many years ago) and former W.A.I.S. director, Wally Foreman. January 2011. Photos Ref: MTCL017


Mount Claremont - AK Reserve Sports Building

Look at this fabulous looking building. This (and the other buildings below) are part of a new sports complex being built right next to the Challenge Stadium, mainly to replace the old Perry Lakes complex further to the east, which is in the process of being demolished. January 2011. Photos Ref: MTCL018


Mount Claremont - AK Reserve New Construction

A new sports building being constructed right across the road from the one above. January 2011. Photos Ref: MTCL019


Mount Claremont - AK Reserve Stadium

This stadium is complete and in use. The stadium overlooks the arena which is designed and used for athletics. January 2011. Photos Ref: MTCL020

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