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Joondalup is a northern suburb located next to and named after Lake Joondalup. The name is of Aboriginal origin and was recorded as far back as 1837. Up until the late 1980's the area was largely undeveloped. This is one of the few suburbs where transport infrastructure went in before development, notably the northern railway line, thus the area benefited from forward planning. In the last 20 years residential and industrial growth here has been phenomenal

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Joondalup - Lakeside Shopping Centre

Zooming in across the car park on a rainy day to Lakeside Shopping Centre complete with its tent-like roofing. July 2011. Photos Ref: JOON001


Joondalup - Lotteries House

Joondalup Lotteries House this building sits bedside the Council offices on Boas Avenue. This is part of the City of Joondalup. The Committee is charged with finding suitable accommodation for those providing not-for-profit district human services. July 2011. Photos Ref: JOON002


Joondalup - Civic Centre

The Civic Centre is located right next to the Joondalup Council Offices on Boas Avenue. July 2011. Photos Ref: JOON003


Joondalup - Library at Civic Centre

Slightly to the east of the Civic Centre and the Council Offices is this rather grand looking library building. It, too, is on Boas Avenue. July 2011. Photos Ref: JOON004


Joondalup - Apartments on Central Walk

These apartments are on a small laneway named Central Walk and this section runs south off Boas Avenue next to the Lotteries House. July 2011. Photos Ref: JOON005


Joondalup - Bar and Cafe

On the corner of Boas Avenue and Grand Boulevard is the rather unobtrusive hotel and cafe. It looks like it is simply called "Blvd". July 2011. Photos Ref: JOON006


Joondalup - Crystal Palace Chinese Restaurant

This cute Chinese restaurant named Crystal Palace is quite different than the rest of the architecture on the Grand Boulevard. July 2011. Photos Ref: JOON007


Joondalup - Shenton Building

This Medical Centre is at 109 Grand Boulevard. Next door construction is well underway of the new Perth Radiological Clinic, Shenton House. July 2011. Photos Ref: JOON008


Joondalup - Kensington Apartments

And further north along Grand Boulevard, at the corner of Shenton Avenue, is this apartment block, Kensington Gardens. July 2011. Photos Ref: JOON009


Joondalup - Baptist College

This is the main entrance to the Lake Joondalup Baptist College on Kennedya Drive which is very close to the Arena Joondalup. July 2011. Photos Ref: JOON010


Joondalup - Fair Day

Centro apartments during the April Joondalup festival. Noisy but fun. The festival turns the town centre into a sea of colour. April 2008. Photos Ref: JOON011


Joondalup - Fair Day

Joondalup Festival presented this rather unorthodox percussion/vocal band who were extremely popular and very good. April 2008. Photos Ref: JOON012


Joondalup - Lakeside Shopping Centre

The shopping centre is in the process of being extended. Here is a look at part of the new section. The first floor is still being built. Great new food hall just off to the right. This is down the train station end of Joondalup Lakeside Shopping Centre. December 2007. Photos Ref: JOON013


Joondalup - Railway Station

The Joondalup railway station looking down at the submerged platforms. December 2007. Photos Ref: JOON014


Joondalup - Arena Joondalup

Arena Joondalup is a multi-purpose sports complex which opened in 1994. Today, under leaden skies, this is a view along the front - the Kennedya Drive side. Along with the WA league football facilities, the centre has a swimming centre, netball/basketball courts, a gymnasium plus administration offices, a cafe and a bar. July 2011. Photos Ref: JOON015


Joondalup - Arena Joondalup

The West Perth Football Club relocated from Leederville Oval to Arena Joondalup in 1994. Here is the entrance to the football ground. The Les Fong Gates. Les Fong was a champion player with West Perth when the club was located at Leederville. July 2011. Photos Ref: JOON016


Joondalup - Arena Joondalup

Inside the football ground, here is a view of the (Mel) Whinnen, (Bill) Dempsey Grandstand - named after two of West Perth's most famous and champion players. July 2011. Photos Ref: JOON017


Joondalup - Arena Joondalup

Today at the Arena is 23rd July 2011 and top-of-the-ladder placed West Perth is playing bottom-placed Perth. And what a hard fought and entertaining affair it was. Just for the record, Perth kicked eight goals in the last quarter and the final score was Perth 19.10 to West Perth 14.11. July 2011. Photos Ref: JOON018


Joondalup - Arena Joondalup

How times have changed. Not just meat pies any more. This food caravan is Carole's and Wayne's Food Kitchen doing a roaring trade in oriental food on game day. July 2011. Photos Ref: JOON019


Joondalup - Arena Joondalup

Inside the Arena are two netball or basketball courts with fold-out seating stands - can you see those dark wood slats on the wall? This day the place was well occupied with school children on holiday activities provided by the Arena. July 2011. Photos Ref: JOON020

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