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Cottesloe is a Perth beach suburb bounded by Swanbourne to the north, Peppermint Grove to the east and Mosman park to the south. This is the home of arguably one of Perth's most well-known beaches. The area came about through the 1886 subdivision of land between Fremantle and Perth. Cottesloe was named thus by Governor Broome in 1886 after Thomas Francis Fremantle, Lord Cottesloe, who was the brother of Captain Charles Fremantle


Cottesloe - Beach

The white sands of Perth beaches seem to go on forever. This is a view of Cottesloe beach looking south. You can see some of the port superstructure over in the distance at North Fremantle. Despite being winter, there were a few people swimming today, and a few people lying down browning themselves in the winter sun. June 2008. Photos Ref: COTT001


Cottesloe - Beach front Terraces

Looking back towards the road, standing on the beach are these fine grass terraces. Good place to eat your lunch, lay around in the sun, or just to simply watch the world go by. July 2012. Photos Ref: COTT002


Cottesloe - Beach Groyne

Standing on the beach looking across to the end of the groyne. Waves crash against the rocks and up top a few fellows try their hands at fishing. September 2012. Photos Ref: COTT003


Cottesloe - Beach Groyne

Another view of the end of the groyne during a calmer moment. A merchant ship sits off on the ocean in Gauge Roads. September 2012. Photos Ref: COTT004


Cottesloe - Beach Groyne Fishing

A man patiently waiting for a bite on the south side of the groyne. The coast behind is south of Cottesloe Beach, looking down towards Leighton. September 2012. Photos Ref: COTT005


Cottesloe - Beach Looking South

A view from the groyne looking over Cottesloe Beach south. Despite the sun it was still chilly but that doesn't seem to stop some swimmers. Many wet-suited braves are out in the water trying to catch a wave. September 2012. Photos Ref: COTT006


Cottesloe - Beach Pylon

The iconic pylon sits in the water off the beach. It is sometimes a venue for pranksters who want to make some political or sporting or whatever comment by altering its colours. That ship is anchored in Gage Roads probably awaiting entry to Fremantle Harbour. September 2012. Photos Ref: COTT007


Cottesloe - Beach Pylon

The Cottesloe pylon partially silhouetted in the morning sun. Waves crash in the foreground. Off behind the pylon is Observation City in Scarborough. The pylon is the only one remaining of three built in the 1930's to anchor a shark net. The net, designed by Town of Claremont engineer John Foreman, apparently couldn't be sustained due to heavy seas, storms and winds, and later became known (perhaps rather unfairly) as Foreman's Folly. No successful shark-free beach system has eventuated over the ensuing 80 years. July 2012. Photos Ref: COTT008


Cottesloe - Seaview Golf Club

Jarrad Street used to bisect the Seaview Golf Club on its way from the highway to the beach. The road no longer goes all the way to the beach. Perhaps flying golf balls proved to be too much of a hazard for motorists. This looks across the golf course where the road used to be, and off out to sea. April 2013. Photos Ref: COTT009


Cottesloe - Ocean Beach Hotel

Another hotel, this is down on the beach. The Ocean Beach Hotel - this looks like the residential portion of the hotel. June 2008. Photos Ref: COTT010


Cottesloe - Cottesloe Beach Hotel

The gleaming white Cottesloe Beach Hotel right on the beach-front on the corner of John Street. The hotel was constructed in 1905 but has seen many alterations over ensuing decades. January 2012. Photos Ref: COTT011


Cottesloe - Indiana Tea Rooms

Built as far back as 1910 and right on the beach front is the Indiana Tea Rooms - quite a fine building, nice inside and very pleasant on the lawns and sand outside. The name has recently been shortened to simply Indiana. June 2008. Photos Ref: COTT012


Cottesloe - Indiana Tea Rooms

The Indiana Tea Rooms again, this time viewed from the beach awash with afternoon winter sunlight. September 2012. Photos Ref: COTT013


Cottesloe - Sun Dial

A short way south of the main Cottesloe Beach is this rather intriguing sundial. I didn't get time to work out the mechanics. September 2012. Photos Ref: COTT014


Cottesloe - Mosaic

In the vicinity of the sundial is this structure. On the ground is a sort of spiral mosaic protected by that rather sturdy limestone wall behind. September 2012. Photos Ref: COTT015


Cottesloe - Surf Club

Between the Indiana Tearooms and the location of the mosaic and sundial is the Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club rooms. This is taken from Marine Parade. September 2012. Photos Ref: COTT016


Cottesloe - Cottesloe Central Shops

After walking up Napoleon Street, you get to Stirling Highway. It seems that the Grove Plaza shopping centre has been substantially redeveloped. The old centre was a bit of a white elephant last time I stopped off here with many vacant shops. Perhaps then was the beginning of the redevelopment? June 2008. Photos Ref: COTT017


Cottesloe - Cottesloe Central Shops

An updated view of Cottesloe Central (renamed from Grove Plaza) which is on the east side of Stirling Highway. This view if from near where Jarrad Street meets the highway. April 2013. Photos Ref: COTT018


Cottesloe - Sproules Coffee Palace

On Stirling Highway west side between Napoleon and Jarrad Streets is the old Sproules Coffee Palace, built in 1903, these days occupied by Renouf Personal Training. December 2014. Photos Ref: COTT019


Cottesloe - National Bank

The National Australia Bank curves around the north-west corner of the intersection of Napoleon Street and Stirling Highway. Beyond the bank you can see the Albion Hotel. April 2013. Photos Ref: COTT020


Cottesloe - Cottesloe Village

Cottesloe Village is located on the corner of Jarrad Street and Stirling Highway. Amongst the business's here now is a Two Fat Indians Restaurant (there is another in Highgate) and the Jade Court Asian Gourmet Restaurant. In the early 1970's on this site was a burger bar named Oliver's Table which sold rather tasteful and satisfying Oliver burgers. April 2013. Photos Ref: COTT021


Cottesloe - Algeri Building

On Napoleon Street towards the east end is the 1928 Algeri Building, the home of Peppermint Grove Jewellers and Maid Marion's Patisserie & Hot Bread. April 2013. Photos Ref: COTT022


Cottesloe - Napoleon Street

Looking up Napoleon Street from the west (train station) end. This street is one-way now and seems very cluttered with a whole bunch of 4-wheel drives angle-parked right up to the foot path. Very trendy, with lots of fashionable coffee-houses and restaurants and expensive clothes shops (mostly women's) lining the street. June 2008. Photos Ref: COTT023


Cottesloe - Old Road Board Building

At 583/585 Stirling Highway right across from the end of Irvine Street is this old building. Passers-by perhaps would hardly give it a glance. In fact the building was constructed in 1898 for the Cottesloe Road Board. Later it was the premises of Holmes Butchers and later still that of Prosser Scott. Today the left side is occupied by Wright + Feldhusen, Architects; and the right by Raats & Turner Travel Associates. December 2014. Photos Ref: COTT024


Cottesloe - John Coppin Building

On the corner of Stirling Highway and Irvine Street is the old John Coppin Building which was established in 1912. John Coppin Senior opened a Store and Gallon licence business here in 1912 and he and then his son continued to operate it as such for 56 years, until 1968. November 2014. Photos Ref: COTT025


Cottesloe - Camilla

It's not too often that a modern building catches my eye but whoever was responsible for designing this one deserves credit. Tremendous black woodwork offset by gleaming white shades, window and door frames. This is the home of Camilla fashion shop on the corner of Station Street and Railway Street. April 2013. Photos Ref: COTT026


Cottesloe - Railway Station

A view south down the Cottesloe train platform. The old station buildings have gone but the pedestrian bridge is still intact (although it was undoubtedly made of wood in years gone by). To the left of picture is just a sliver of the original platform that was used for Fremantle-bound trains. It's still there but not publicly accessible. April 2013. Photos Ref: COTT027


Cottesloe - Anderson Pavilion

Off Jarrad Street is the Cottesloe Oval Anderson Pavilion, home of the Cottesloe Magpies football club. The oval is off to the left. The building was opened on 27th October, 1979 by the then Mayor of Cottesloe, Lt. Col. J. Anderson J.P. April 2013. Photos Ref: COTT028


Cottesloe - Primary School

The Cottesloe Primary School originally called Cottesloe Public School established 1897 situated on the corner of Stirling Highway and Keane Street. July 2012. Photos Ref: COTT029


Cottesloe - St. Mary Church

On the corner of Stirling Highway and McNeil Street is St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church. The Church was built in 1904 by the first parish priest of Cottesloe, Father Richard O'Neill, and was completed by him in 1937 when the Sanctuary was added. The building also served as a school up until 1925. Dr Daniel Kenny, an eminent Irish physician and a district landholder of substance, gifted all of this land to the Catholic Church. August 2014. Photos Ref: COTT030


Cottesloe - St Marys Primary School

The former St Mary's Star of the Sea School is located next to St. Mary Catholic Church and within its grounds on the corner of Stirling Highway and McNeil Street. No longer a school, this building is now used as the church Parish Hall. The Foundation Stone was blessed by His Grace Archbishop Clune on 8th November 1925. August 2014. Photos Ref: COTT031


Cottesloe - Old Fire Station

Travelling north on Stirling Highway, past the Cottesloe town centre is the old fire station on the corner of Stirling Highway and Congdon Street. This fine old brick building is hard to miss. It was built in 1910. December 2010. Photos Ref: COTT032


Cottesloe - Old Fire Station

This is the south side of the old fire station, on Congdon Street. There is a new fire station right next door (to the left of photo). This building is now occupied by an organisation named "Brain Cells". December 2010. Photos Ref: COTT033


Cottesloe - Old Flour Mill

On the corner of Curtin Avenue and Athelstan Street is the fine old Flour Mill which has been turned into an apartment complex. The mill was constructed in 1904 with alterations being made in 1914 and 1937. The mill closed as such after 87 years of operation in 1991. December 2011. Photos Ref: COTT034


Cottesloe - Albion Hotel

Just around the corner from the end of Napoleon Street on Stirling Highway is this great looking building. It's the Albion Hotel. The hotel was built in 1880 by John and Archibald Butler when the road from Perth to Fremantle was a rather arduous track. The hotel served as a very welcoming stopping point for hot and weary travellers en route to either the port or the city. As it still does. December 2014. Photos Ref: COTT035


Cottesloe - Albion Hotel

The north face of the Albion Hotel taken from the corner of Station Street and Stirling Highway. April 2013. Photos Ref: COTT036


Cottesloe - Albion Hotel

The interior of the Albion. This number 47 tram pokes its nose out of the bar towards the street. In the bar you can go inside the tram and enjoy a drink or two. It has long wooden tables down the aisle. April 2013. Photos Ref: COTT037


Cottesloe - Albion Hotel

A peek in the front bar of the Albion. You can see the beautiful woodwork and period elegance. April 2013. Photos Ref: COTT038


Cottesloe - Town Hall & War Memorial

At 109 Broome Street is the Cottesloe Town Hall, Civic Centre and War Memorial. This sign is adjacent to the Broome Street entrance. October 2018. Photos Ref: COTT039


Cottesloe - Town Hall & War Memorial

This complex was originally called The Laurels and was built for Judge Richard Pennefather in 1897. Claude de Benales bought the place in 1911 and renamed it Overton Lodge. In 1937 M. de Benales remodelled it on a Spanish Mission theme. October 2018. Photos Ref: COTT040


Cottesloe - Town Hall & War Memorial

A rear wing of the building. Cottesloe Municipal Council acquired the buildings and grounds in 1950 and conducted further remodelled to accommodate its Civic Centre and Town Hall. Cottesloe apparently paid 45,000 pounds for all this. It would be worth zillions today. October 2018. Photos Ref: COTT041


Cottesloe - Town Hall & War Memorial

At the rear of the Town Hall complex is this rather ornate stage over-looking fine lawns. October 2018. Photos Ref: COTT042


Cottesloe - Town Hall & War Memorial

Within the Town Hall complex is this rotunda which used to be known at the Summer House. October 2018. Photos Ref: COTT043

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