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Perth - Kings Park

Kings Park, formerly known as Perth Park, is a 4 square km park on Mount Eliza. This area is unique as it is a large tract of inner-city land set aside for nature and recreation. The park commands magnificent views of the Perth city and is one of Perth's most popular tourist attractions. It contains an extensive botanic garden, lookouts, the War Memorial, a tree-top walk, lakes, restaurants and other facilities. Eliza was the wife of NSW Governor Ralph Darling


Kings Park - City View

Perth City from Kings Park. This is a popular place to take photos as you can get some of the best views of Perth from up here. April 2009. Photos Ref: PKPK001


Kings Park - City View

An updated view of the city from Kings Park. There is one rather notable new high-rise building, the rectangular BHP Billeton headquarters. June 2012. Photos Ref: PKPK002


Kings Park - Southern View

Looking down the Kwinana Freeway as it wends its way through South Perth and Como. You can see Canning Bridge and beyond that the Mount Henry Bridge. April 2009. Photos Ref: PKPK003


Kings Park - Narrows Bridge

The Narrows Bridge. The original bridge (the one furthest away) was opened in about 1962. About 10 years ago the bridge was duplicated to cater for increased traffic. April 2009. Photos Ref: PKPK004


Kings Park - Narrows Bridge

A view looking over the Narrows Bridge towards South Perth. The Darling Scarp is clear in the background. April 2009. Photos Ref: PKPK005


Kings Park - View of South Perth

A new look at South Perth some 3 years on since the last lot of photos were taken. June 2012. Photos Ref: PKPK006


Kings Park - Green Walk

Kings Park otherwise known at Mount Eliza was established as parkland in 1831 by John Septimus Roe, the colony's first Surveyor General. In 1872 the area was named Perth Park but this changed to Kings Park in 1901 (for the occasion of the accession of Edward VII). Take a stroll down lovely greens such as this in Kings Park. April 2009. Photos Ref: PKPK007


Kings Park - Boab Tree

A Kimberly Boab tree. This tree is supposed to be about 700 years old. It was removed from its original site in the Kimberley's as it was in the way of the construction of a road. It was trucked to Perth and re-planted in Kings Park. It seems to be thriving in its new home. April 2009. Photos Ref: PKPK008


Kings Park - Boab Trees

The population of boabs is expanding. Here are a couple of smaller ones, just next to the original. The Swan River is in the background. To the left is a glimpse of South Perth. Right over there in the middle, across the river, you might be able to make out the Canning Bridge. June 2012. Photos Ref: PKPK009


Kings Park - View of Old Swan Brewery

The old Swan Brewery shows off its recently renovated brickwork. In the background is the Swan River, a section of the Narrows Bridge, and parts of South Perth. April 2009. Photos Ref: PKPK010


Kings Park - War Memorial

The War Memorial Cenotaph. This photo was taken the day after ANZAC Day hence the wreaths on the Memorial. April 2009. Photos Ref: PKPK011


Kings Park - War Memorial

Underneath the War Memorial and around the back. This room lists all those killed in action during wars across the decades. April 2009. Photos Ref: PKPK012


Kings Park - War Memorial

The War Memorial Cenotaph at night. Tonight there were many people in the park enjoying a warm autumn evening. April 2009. Photos Ref: PKPK013


Kings Park - Fraser Avenue

Looking along Fraser Avenue towards the Park entrance off the top of Malcolm Street. June 2012. Photos Ref: PKPK014


Kings Park - Frasers

Frasers restaurant and function centre overlooks the war memorial and city views. June 2012. Photos Ref: PKPK015


Kings Park - Tree Top Walkway

Fairly recently constructed tree-top walkway set on the eastern perimeter of the park, at the edge of the escarpment. June 2012. Photos Ref: PKPK016


Kings Park - Tree Top Walkway

The peak of the tree-top walkway. It is pretty high up here. June 2012. Photos Ref: PKPK017


Kings Park - Leake Fountain

George Leake's second Premiership (December 23 1901 to June 24 1902) was cut short when he died of pneumonia in office at only 45 years of age. This fountain was erected as a memorial to him. It was during his first term in Office that May Drive was opened by H.R.H. May, Princess of Wales, on July 23rd 1901. May 2015. Photos Ref: PKPK019


Kings Park - War Memorial

Part of the Kings Park War Memorial. This is the Pool of Reflection and the Flame of Remembrance. You can see the flame burning is the centre of the pool. This is located slightly west on the main memorial Cenotaph. May 2015. Photos Ref: PKPK020


Kings Park - Naturescape Tower

Rio Tinto Naturescape is an area set slightly west of Frasers and the main carpark. This is a place where children can go and explore nature, get away from technology, get back to bush basics and even get dirty. Here is one of the features, a tower to climb and enjoy the views. The Park was opened in October, 2011. May 2015. Photos Ref: PKPK021


Kings Park - Edith Cowan Clock Tower

At the Fraser Avenue entrance to Kings Park and opposite Dumas House is the Edith Cowan Memorial Clock Tower. Edith Cowan (1861 - 1932) was the first female Member of Parliament in Australia. The tower is around 6 metres high and was erected in 1934. May 2015. Photos Ref: PKPK022


Kings Park - Banksia

Bright banksia adorn parts of the botanical gardens. Such an Australian emblem. June 2012. Photos Ref: PKPK023


Kings Park - Thomas Street Cottage

Way over on the western side of the park, on the corner of Thomas Street and Saw Avenue is this old cottage. Perhaps once a ranger home or station? It now looks unoccupied and the land seems to be used for park stores. Externally at least, it looks to be in wonderful condition. September 2019. Photos Ref: PKPK024

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