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Darlington is a hills suburb located 22 kms from Perth, south of the Great Eastern Highway, between Boya and Glen Forrest. The district is on the old railway line which ran between Bellevue and Mt Helena. The Darling Range was named after NSW Governor Darling in 1827. The name of Darlington was first used by the Darlington Vineyard 1883. The name Darlington is taken from the range with the suffix 'ton' (meaning town) added as is common in England


Darlington - Anglican Church Entrance

Travelling south down Darlington Road from Great Eastern Highway, the first townsite public building encountered is the local Anglican Church. Here is an entrance to the Church off Darlington Road. March 2012. Photos Ref: DARL001


Darlington - St Cuthbert's Anglican Church

St Cuthbert's Anglican Church. The Foundation Stone was laid by the Archbishop Of Perth, Charles Riley, on 13th September 1924. Lovely stonework. March 2012. Photos Ref: DARL002


Darlington - Pines Bakery and Tea Rooms

On the Owen Road, at the western end of Brook Road is The Pines Bakery and Tea Rooms. March 2012. Photos Ref: DARL003


Darlington - Brook Street

This is looking east down Brook Road and you can see a fine stand of trees dividing the road. Off in the distance you can glimpse the post office. April 2014. Photos Ref: DARL004


Darlington - Pines Bakery and Tea Rooms

An update on The Pines Bakery and Tea Rooms on the western side of town. The doors have changed. It's no longer a general store. It might not look much from the outside just yet, but peering through the window, the interior looks totally sumptuous. April 2014. Photos Ref: DARL005


Darlington - Shops

Right next door to The Pines is this group of shops, far more modern in design. April 2014. Photos Ref: DARL006


Darlington - Hall

The local hall is adjacent to the sports ground and some 400 metres from the volunteer fire station. This is the original section of the hall. To the right, additions have been made which were opened on the 5th May 1979. March 2012. Photos Ref: DARL007


Darlington - Fire Station

Usually bush fire brigade buildings are rather bland and one hundred percent functional. At least this one has a bit of landscaping and surrounding trees. Off to the right of picture is the sports ground. March 2012. Photos Ref: DARL008


Darlington - Montessori School Office

On Beenong Road is the Montessori school - this the school administration centre. March 2012. Photos Ref: DARL009


Darlington - Montessori School Classrooms

Still on Beenong Road and quite naturally next to the admin office is the Montessori school itself. This is the main classroom block. Off to the right are a number of specialist rooms for art, music etc. March 2012. Photos Ref: DARL010


Darlington - Post Office

What a wonderful looking building is the Darlington Post Office. By the way, we're now on the 'east' side of town! This was for sale about 2 years ago and the then for sale sign said: "Home and business all in one. Behind is a 3-bed, 2-bath home set over two storey's". What a buy! April 2014. Photos Ref: DARL011


Darlington - Gallery

Lovely looking Gallery coffee shop/gallery next door to the post office. March 2012. Photos Ref: DARL012


Darlington - Emu Family

Outside the Gallery, this family of wire emus keep an eye on the comings and going up and down Brook Road. March 2012. Photos Ref: DARL013


Darlington - Railway Station

The original eastern railway ex-Bellevue used to run through here. The Northern Section (constructed later) ran through Swan View, Parkerville etc., eventually meeting again at Mount Helena. Good to see the old Darlington Station raised and curved platform preserved, adding to the charm of the locality. Construction of this line commenced in 1882. March 2012. Photos Ref: DARL014


Darlington - Uniting Church

The Uniting Church on Darlington Road. There is even a netball/basketball court of the other side with one hoop attached to the building. The church was constructed in 1927, originally as a Presbyterian church. March 2012. Photos Ref: DARL015


Darlington - Highbury Homes

This looks like a new building in the centre of town, right next to the Uniting Church, the old railway station, and the gourmet store. March 2012. Photos Ref: DARL016


Darlington - 2 Cafe

Yes, this is the same building as above but now it houses a rather exquisite cafe and art gallery. This is now 2 Cafe. We spent an hour or so in here and I strongly recommend the cafe. The food is good, the prices are reasonable, the staff are fabulous, and I could have sat there all day in my sofa seat flicking through magazines, or doing the same out on the verandah enjoying the view. Top marks, 2 Cafe. Many artworks adorn the walls. April 2014. Photos Ref: DARL017


Darlington - Gourmet Store

The Gourmet Store set up behind the 2 Cafe retails gourmet foods and liquor. March 2012. Photos Ref: DARL018


Darlington - Old Bakery

The old Darlington bakery (1935 to 1947). The name 'Jack Gilks' is on the other side of the building in large lettering. A faded compound entrance sign reads 'Darlington Old Bakery Craft <unreadable>. According to Mundaring Heritage information, this is now used as an Arts and Crafts centre. March 2012. Photos Ref: DARL019


Darlington - Primary School

The Darlington primary school on Amherst Avenue. March 2012. Photos Ref: DARL020


Darlington - Primary School

In the grounds of the Darlington primary school is this building which is one of the earlier classrooms. It was built many years ago and is still looking good. It is still a functional classroom and these days boasts something the kids of old never had - air conditioning! March 2012. Photos Ref: DARL021

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