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Edward's Crossing

Edward's Crossing is the site of the original Beverley townsite. It is located about 6 kms north of the current townsite, on the Top Beverley - York Road. During the mid-late 1800's there was quite a thriving community here but these days, apart from the church, nothing remains. Edward's Crossing is named after pioneer William Edwards. It seems that the current Beverley townsite spot was considered better because of its proximity to the York-Albany railway


Edward's Crossing - Sign

The sign points to where old commercial buildings once were. There is nothing there now. On the left you can see a sliver of the Top Road. Above the stone and in the distance you can see St Paul's Church. September 2016. Photos Ref: EDWX001


Edward's Crossing - Plaque

The plaque besides the signpost reads: "The first business houses in the Beverley District (1850 - 1870) were located opposite this site. Store, Bootmaker, Wheelwright and Forge; and Blacksmith and Dray Merchant." The townsite was relocated so that it sat by the new York - Albany railway line. September 2016. Photos Ref: EDWX002


Edward's Crossing - St Paul's Anglican Church

The first Anglican Church in the district, the cemetery of which is still in use today. This is set upon a small hill, a couple of hundred metres behind the Edwards Crossing sign post which is shown above. William Edwards donated this land to the Church. He was a district pioneer. September 2016. Photos Ref: EDWX003


Edward's Crossing - St Paul's Anglican Church

"St Paul's Church, Edwards Crossing. Built 1859 & Consecrated 1862, this was for thirty years the Parish Church of Beverley". September 2016. Photos Ref: EDWX004


Edward's Crossing - St Paul's Anglican Church

This is the rear of St Paul's Church, Edwards Crossing. September 2016. Photos Ref: EDWX005


Edward's Crossing - Farm Silo

Seen by the side of the road heading north out of Beverley en route to York. This looks like a grain silo very much in the mode of an old mill. Lovely country around here. June 2016. Photos Ref: EDWX006

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