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Highgate could quite easily be the smallest suburb of Perth in terms of land area. It is located north of Perth City and Northbridge, and south of Mount Lawley. Lord and William Streets form the east and west boundaries. In the early 1860's this area was used as 10-acre farmlets. The name Highgate is thought to have come from a town of the same name in Kent, England or a north London suburb. It the early days this locality was known as Highgate Hill

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Highgate - 2 Fat Indians

On Beaufort Street is this rather intriguingly designed and named building. 2 Fat Indians restaurant which doesn't really look like a restaurant at all (but then, what does?). This business has another restaurant of the same name in Cottesloe. They both have an extensive menu of Indian cuisine. January 2011. Photos Ref: HGGT001


Highgate - R M EH Corner Building

This lovely building is at 476 Beaufort street on the corner of Broome Street. Downstairs is Tracey's Flowers. Previously (but not originally) this was the Venus Art Gallery Building. This was built in 1905. "R M EH Corner" is etched into the top of the building. Even the State Heritage Office (this is Place number 03263) doesn't know what that etching stands for. Over the decades this has also been a fruit shop (twice), a drapery, a grocer and an agency of some sort. January 2011. Photos Ref: HGGT002


Highgate - Queens Hotel

On Beaufort Street in Highgate is the ever-popular Queens Hotel. The Queens was built as far back as 1898. It had a significant facelift in 1986. In the past, this has been known as the Stanley Hotel and at another time the Newcastle Club Hotel. From 1912 Mr Lamzed was the licencee. He was formerly the first licencee of the Drovers Inn Hotel in Moora. July 2013. Photos Ref: HGGT003


Highgate - Mary Street

Leafy Mary Street runs off Beaufort Street on its way to Hyde Park. January 2011. Photos Ref: HGGT004


Highgate - Laneway

One of those narrow laneways that run down behind businesses fronting the road. They always look a little secretive and quite appealing to me though I don't know why. July 2013. Photos Ref: HGGT005


Highgate - Old Shops Beaufort Street

On the west side of Beaufort Street in central Highgate are these two fine old buildings. The one on the left (485-487) is occupied by Orno Interiors and the other vacant. The taller building on the right (489-491) is occupied by Little Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant and Elise's Fresh Flower Shop. The building on the right is Heritage Listed (Place 06118) but no construction date is provided, merely the description "Two Attached Shops". July 2013. Photos Ref: HGGT006


Highgate - Old Shops Beaufort Street

At update of the photo above. The one on the left is occupied by Orno Interiors and the other is now Solomon's restaurant. The taller building on the right (489-491) is now occupied by Junkboat Vietnamese Restaurant (or at least 'coming soon') and Elise's Fresh Flower Shop. January 2015. Photos Ref: HGGT007


Highgate - Old Shops Beaufort Street

A pair of shops at 475 and 477 Beaufort Street. 475, on the corner of Chatsworth Road is a delicatessen. At 477 is The Art Folio, Picture Framing. January 2015. Photos Ref: HGGT008


Highgate - Corner Deli

On Beaufort Street is the Daily Supermarket, specialists in Asian products, fruit and vegetables. Just how many of these corner shops have disappeared in Perth? July 2013. Photos Ref: HGGT009


Highgate - Sewerage Vent

A Highgate landmark. This is the Metropolitan Water Supply tower built in 1935 as a vent for removing gases from the sewerage system. Apparently it did this so 'successfully' that under certain weather conditions, buildings in the area became filled with gas. The tower vent was sealed in 1941. The tower is on the corner of Lincoln and Smith Streets. Sometimes known as Dumas' Folly. July 2013 . Photos Ref: HGGT010


Highgate - Cottages

It's quite a pleasure to wander around the back streets of Highgate. I came across cute rows of old cottages such as these a few times. Many terraces such as these were demolished years ago to make way for big houses or apartment blocks. It's good to see some surviving. July 2013. Photos Ref: HGGT011


Highgate - Progressive Spiritualists Church

On Stirling Street is the Progressive Spiritualists Church. The Foundation Stone was laid by the Revs M. McDonough and E. Milner on 25th November 1956. Photos Ref: HGGT012


Highgate - St Marks School

This is a part of what was recently St Marks International College. It is right at the northern end of Stirling Street at Harold Street. Much work is going on here now as it appears the building is being subdivided into apartments. This building was erected in 1936 as a Catholic Christian Brothers high school. St Marks International College operated from here from 1989 to 2010. July 2013. Photos Ref: HGGT013


Highgate - St Albans Church Front

On the corner of St Albans Avenue and Beaufort Street is St Albans Highgate Anglican Church. This is as seen from Beaufort Street. The Foundation Stone was laid by Sir John Forrest on 30th July 1898. July 2013. Photos Ref: HGGT014


Highgate - St Albans Church Rear

At the rear of St Albans Church is a pleasant green courtyard. This is a view of the rear of the church from the courtyard. July 2013. Photos Ref: HGGT015


Highgate - Sacred Heart Catholic Church

The north side of Mary Street is mostly taken up by a Catholic Church complex. At the western end is this, the Sacred Heart Parish Church, Highgate. This is a view from the rear. The Foundation Stone is inscribed in Latin. It was laid on 20th August 1905 by Rev. Matthew Gibney. July 2013. Photos Ref: HGGT016


Highgate - Catholic Pastoral Care

Immediately to the east of the Church is the Catholic Pastoral Centre of Our Lady of the Mission, established in 2004. Undoubtedly the building is much older than that and possibly once was part of the monastery. July 2013. Photos Ref: HGGT017


Highgate - Catholic Monastery

Moving east again this is the Monastery of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. A magnificent structure. This Foundation Stone is also inscribed in Latin. It was laid on 3rd September, 1922 by Josepho Clune. July 2013. Photos Ref: HGGT018


Highgate - Hyde Park Deli

Across the road from Hyde Road, on William Street, is the aptly named Hyde Park Deli. Can you see "Sonney's" atop the building? June 2010. Photos Ref: HGGT019

By 2019 this has become the Chu Bakery


Highgate - Former Smith's Deli

On Broome Street on the corner of Smith Street is the former Smith's Deli. This is now the premises of Chindarsi Architects. June 2019. Photos Ref: HGGT020


Highgate - Lord Street Deli

On Lord Street on the corner of Lincoln Street is this Deli-Lunch Bar. Just around to the left facing Lord Street is Western Leathercraft. June 2019. Photos Ref: HGGT021


Highgate - Sparrow

Across on the opposite corner of Lincoln Street to the Deli is Sparrow Indonesian Take Away. Taste Buds Cooking Studio is right next door, round to the right facing Lord Street. June 2019. Photos Ref: HGGT022

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