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Perth - North

Perth extends north of the railway and forms a suburb bounded to the north by Vincent Street. Northbridge was carved out of this suburb in 1982. The southern portion of this area is administered by the City of Perth. However, north of Newcastle Street is within the City of Vincent. Much as this area, particularly along William Street north of Newcastle St is often mistakenly referred to as Northbridge and perhaps in days to come that name might prevail


Perth North - Old Police Courts

This building is the original Perth Police Courts. Later it housed the Perth Local Court (civil, financial proceedings). Newer courts are now scattered around the city. Nice to see the building so beautifully preserved. It is right at the southern end of Stirling Street. You can see the Bank West Tower in the city in the background. January 2012. Photos Ref: PNTH001


Perth North - Court Hotel

The Court Hotel. The hotel got its name from its proximity to the old Police Courts across the road. The hotel was a popular haunt for some of the court staff. It's at the southern end of Stirling Street. This was erected in 1888. January 2012. Photos Ref: PNTH002


Perth North - Court Wine Bar

The Court Wine Bar & Cellar Restaurant is located in the 1899-built United Friendly Societies Building. To the left is the Ferguson Building occupied by Tong86 Korean Style BBQ Restaurant. These buildings are on Beaufort Street just opposite to the end of Francis Street. Earlier, the wine bar building was occupied by Manchester Trading Co. May 2013. Photos Ref: PNTH003


Perth North - Swan Barracks

The grand entrance to the Swan Barracks on Francis Street between Beaufort and William Streets. Now apparently backpacker accommodation. The Barracks was constructed in 1896/7. March 2015. Photos Ref: PNTH004


Perth North - Swan Barracks

Part of the rear of the Swan Barracks. This is a view from Beaufort Street featuring the former drill hall. July 2019. Photos Ref: PNTH005


Perth North - Central TAFE

Art work on a face of Central TAFE seen looking west along Francis Street. March 2015. Photos Ref: PNTH006


Perth North - Central TAFE

At 27 Museum street, this is Building 7 of the Perth Central TAFE. This building was constructed as two residences in 1897. March 2015. Photos Ref: PNTH007


Perth North - Lutheran Church

On Francis Street is the St John's Lutheran Church. The Foundation Stone was laid on November 20th, 1936. March 2015. Photos Ref: PNTH008


Perth North - Trades Hall

The imposing Trades Hall building on Beaufort Street. On this site previously was the Shearer Memorial Hall, the first home of Scotch College (1897 to 1905 after which they moved to Claremont). The building pictured was opened by Andrew Fisher, Labor Prime Minister, on 8th August 1911, as home to the Trade Unions. The building left Labor Party and union hands for years but was re-purchased by them only in the last few weeks. May 2013. Photos Ref: PNTH009


Perth North - Brisbane Hotel

Looking like a slice of cake, the Brisbane sits on a wedge-shaped parcel of land on Brisbane and Beaufort Streets. The moody paintwork works well in daylight and is probably a bit eerie in the dark. It is actually quite eye-catching. It was built in 1898. January 2012. Photos Ref: PNTH010


Perth North - Brisbane 1915 Building

Across the road from the Brisbane Hotel and painted in a similar dark colour is this 1915 building currently occupied by Hetherington Exploration and Mining Title Services. January 2014. Photos Ref: PNTH011


Perth North - 1903 Shops on Beaufort Street

This striking row of Federation shops is on Beaufort Street on the corner of Newcastle Street. They are all unoccupied now, but the tide will turn. The building was constructed in 1903. Up on the top, you can faintly see one of the early tenant's names, George & George, Drapers. January 2012. Photos Ref: PNTH012


Perth North - Dye Works and Lung Cheong Laundry

The building of the former Manchester Dye Works and Lung Cheong Laundry at 191 Beaufort Street. Construction commenced in 1896. This is now the home of The Ellington Jazz Club, Late Night Live Music. July 2019. Photos Ref: PNTH013


Perth North - Protestant Hall

On Beaufort Street and almost across the road from the 1903 Federation Shops is the former Protestant Hall building which dates back to 1901. January 2012. Photos Ref: PNTH014


Perth North - William Street

Looking south down William Street towards Perth City. The AMP building (centre) is flanked by the Bank West and St George Buildings. December 2007. Photos Ref: PNTH015


Perth North - Heritage House on Newcastle Street

This big block - bounded by William, Newcastle and Money streets - is being redeveloped. Nothing unusual about that except this small house is heritage listed and thus can't be demolished. So the builders work around it and will incorporate it in the final design. This is looking side-on, looking west on Newcastle Street. April 2012. Photos Ref: PNTH016


Perth North - Heritage House on Newcastle Street

The same heritage listed house. This is looking at the rear. You can see Emma's over on William Street. Excavations below will include car-parking. Retention of the house must have added a fortune to the site development. April 2012. Photos Ref: PNTH017


Perth North - Heritage House on Newcastle Street

Development soldiers on. Nearly two and a half years later the new buildings are still not completed. You can see the heritage house nestled in amongst its new neighbours. September 2014. Photos Ref: PNTH018


Perth North - Tom Burke House on Newcastle Street

Opposite the old heritage house and new development on Newcastle street is Tom Burke House. Constructed in 1897-8, this was originally a terrace of three well-to-do dwellings. In the 1920/1930's the building was sub-divided into smaller apartments. Later the building was used for low-income housing, as it still does today. The building was renovated in 1988 then re-opened by Peter Dowding MLA. Tom Burke was a W.A. M.P. between 1943 and 1955 and is the father of later Premier Brian Burke. September 2014. Photos Ref: PNTH019


Perth North - Malaysia Hall

At 268 Newcastle Street, on the corner of Lake Street is the Malaysia Hall. The sign on the building states this is part of the Ministry of Education, Malaysia, and was opened as such in 2014. This building was erected in 1896. This is the former Newcastle Club Hotel. Over the years is has also been known as the Arcadia Hotel, the Stanley Hotel, and Underground Backpackers. March 2015. Photos Ref: PNTH020


Perth North - Dashijie Asian Supermarket

The colourful Asian supermarket "Dashijie International", Tian Tian Seafood Market, on William Street. July 2010. Photos Ref: PNTH021


Perth North - Good Fortune Roast Duck House

The Good Fortune Roast Duck House on William Street. Such is the taste of Asia on William Street. A vibrant, multi-cultural area only about two kilometres yet light years away from the rather quiet (evenings and weekends) Perth CBD. The shop does a roaring trade especially at Chinese New Year when it seems everyone wants a roast duck. September 2014. Photos Ref: PNTH022


Perth North - Dat Thanh Butcher

The Dat Thanh Butcher shop and next-door Tak Chee House add to to colour to the bustling atmosphere of this side of Perth. September 2014. Photos Ref: PNTH023


Perth North - 395 William Street

Apparently this building used to be a bordello but its history is sure to go back much further. It's been recently taken over and renovated and now contains interesting Asian shops and offices, including a Chinese FM radio station. The building was constructed in 1898. The Heritage Council describes this as a duplex suggesting it was originally built for residential purposes. July 2010. Photos Ref: PNTH024


Perth North - Derelict Building on William Street

This side of Perth is still gaining maturity. A number of these seedy looking boarded-up derelict buildings still exist. Well done City of Vincent for improving the footpaths & roads in this area. A 2014 update: This building has been completely renovated and now looks tremendous. December 2007. Photos Ref: PNTH025 (Since redeveloped)


Perth North - Derelict Building on William Street

This is the rear of that derelict building in the above photo, taken three years later, and it still looks just the same. July 2010. Photos Ref: PNTH026 (Since redeveloped)


Perth North - View Down William Street

A view down William Street looking towards the city. Note the footpaths. All new brickwork which has been laid during the last twelve months or so. July 2010. Photos Ref: PNTH027


Perth North - Mosque on William Street

On the corner of William Street and Robinson Avenue, this Mosque is a familiar landmark. It is hard to believe this was built as long ago as 1904. July 2010. Photos Ref: PNTH028


Perth North - Indian Supermarket

On William Street, The Indian Supermarket, then a Chinese supermarket (VHT) followed by Wing Hong butchers. Always very busy on the weekends. December 2007. Photos Ref: PNTH029


Perth North - Wing Hong Butcher's Shop

Wing Hong butcher's shop is really popular particularly with Asian customers. Good fresh meats, a substantial product selection, and with prices that are generally lower than out in the suburbs. This is on William Street on the corner of Monger Street. December 2007. Photos Ref: PNTH030


Perth North - Sieu Thi Golden Gates

Sieu Thi Golden Gates is just one of many Chinese shops along William Street. By May 2008 this shop was no longer yellow, it turned red, and no more groceries, rather clothes and Chinese bric-a-brac. The shop has since reverted to its earlier yellow, and to groceries. December 2007. Photos Ref: PNTH031


Perth North - Shops on William Street

Towards the north end of William Street. This is a block of shops on the corner of Brisbane Street. These were purpose-built shops with living quarters upstairs and constructed in 1915. December 2007. Photos Ref: PNTH032


Perth North - Shops on William Street

Another view of the old shopping block on the corner of William and Brisbane Streets. The shop in the foreground has been a gunsmith are long as I remember. The sign up top says Tony Vozzi Sports. Others shops here seem to change hands fairly regularly. September 2014. Photos Ref: PNTH033


Perth North - Acacia Hotel on Robinson Street

Looking up Robinson Street from William Street, here is an All Seasons residential hotel - the Acacia. The hotel has a number of very well appointed function rooms upstairs, plus a restaurant, bar and other facilities at ground level. July 2010. Photos Ref: PNTH034


Perth North - Money Street

A grand dwelling on Money Street. It looks like three apartments. December 2007. Photos Ref: PNTH035


Perth North - Vietnamese Temple

This temple is on Money Street. The incense wafts across the street. A relative new-comer to Northbridge, it was constructed as recently as 1990. December 2007. Photos Ref: PNTH036


Perth North - Mackays Aerated Waters

These apartments are in the recently renovated and converted former Mackays Aerated Waters soft drink factory on Money Street. The factory was built in 1928. Multinational Coca-Cola took over Mackays in 1966. Apparently the building remained derelict for a number of year before it was transformed into these apartments. July 2010. Photos Ref: PNTH037


Perth North - Money Street

A view looking south down Money Street through a lovely avenue of trees. This seems a world away from busy William Street, just around the corner. Real Estate on this street is becoming increasingly attractive to investors as many old buildings, some were rather derelict, are being renovated or rebuild. December 2007. Photos Ref: PNTH038


Perth North - House on Lindsay Street

This house is typical of many elegant buildings which exist in this area, either by renovation or by new construction. July 2010. Photos Ref: PNTH039


Perth North - Moore's Bakery Building

H. C. Moore's Union Bakery building was established in 1893. This building is on Lindsay Street and now contains apartments. September 2014. Photos Ref: PNTH040


Perth North - 225 Beaufort Street

At 225 Beaufort Street is the North Lodge Travellers Accommodation. This building was erected as two terraced houses in 1898. March 2015. Photos Ref: PNTH041


Perth North - 235 Beaufort Street

This building was constructed in 1897 and is on the corner of Monger and Beaufort Streets. It was originally built as a set of four terraced residences. At one time the Trained Nurses Home occupied part of the building. Another time part was the premises of Goodridge Galleries. March 2015. Photos Ref: PNTH042


Perth North - 235 Beaufort Street

The brickwork of 235 Beaufort Street on its Monger Street face. The building fronts onto Beaufort Street. The southern-most section is currently occupied by the Northbridge Dental Clinic. Next door at 237, but still within the building, is Beaufort House. July 2010. Photos Ref: PNTH043


Perth North - View Down Monger Street

Orange winter leaves, the red brickwork and even the red car combine to give this photo quite a good earth-colour effect. July 2010. Photos Ref: PNTH044


Perth North - Old Post Office on Brisbane Street

This building used to be a post office. More recently it was a foreign language book shop. In 2010 it's the home of the Australia Chinese Times newspaper. It was built in 1896. July 2010. Photos Ref: PNTH045


Perth North - Masonic Temple on Brisbane Street

This is the International Co-Freemasonry Temple on Brisbane Street. It is St Cuthbert's Lodge No. 408. The Foundation Stone was laid by Illus. Bro. S.S. Fisher on 25th April, 1936. January 2014. Photos Ref: PNTH046


Perth North - Northbridge Hotel

The fine old Northbridge Hotel on the corner of Brisbane and Lake Streets, Perth. Constructed in 1897-1898, this pub was originally called the Royal Standard Hotel. It is not actually in Northbridge. December 2011. Photos Ref: PNTH047


Perth North - Vietnamese Restaurant

Across from the Northbridge Hotel, on the other side of Brisbane street, is the Phi Yen Vietnamese Cafe and Restaurant. This building was erected in 1905. December 2011. Photos Ref: PNTH048


Perth North - Bulwer Plaza

The Bulwer Plaza was built in 1923. It's on the corner of Lake and Bulwer Streets. Some of the businesses now in these premises include Vinnies, Nunam Restaurant and Nine Fine Food Japanese restaurant. December 2011. Photos Ref: PNTH049


Perth North - Hatbox Gallery on Bulwer Street

At 242 Bulwer Street is this attractive pink building, the Hatbox Gallery. At one time this may have been a corner delicatessen or some such. By 2015 the building has been re-painted white. December 2011. Photos Ref: PNTH050


Perth North - No.4 Electricity Substation

Constructed in 1915, this used to be the No.4 Electricity sub-station. It is on the corner of Palmerston and Stuart Streets. You can see the construction details up there in the white if you can make them out. December 2011. Photos Ref: PNTH051


Perth North - Union Maltings Building

The Unions Maltings buildings are on the corner of Palmerston and Stuart Streets. This section is on Stuart street. This was built in 1899 and was originally Perth Pneumatic Maltings Company, a brewery of course. In 1999, the building was converted into residential apartments. December 2011. Photos Ref: PNTH052


Perth North - The Witch's Hat Budget Hotel

This unusual and attractive building is on Palmerston Street, near Bulwer Street. It is The Witch's Hat Budget Hotel. It was built around 1898 as a residence for local engineer Mr William Dartnell. December 2011. Photos Ref: PNTH053


Perth North - William Street

A view down William Street towards the city from just outside Hyde Park. 2010. Photos Ref: PNTH054


Perth North - Catholic Xavier Church

St. Francis Xavier Church. This Stone was Blessed and Laid by Most Rev. Redmond Prendiville D.D., Archbishop of Perth, on the Eighth day of September, 1936. The church is opposite the Perth Terminal and is on the corner of West Parade and Windsor Street. June 2019. Photos Ref: PNTH055


Perth North - Serbian Orthodox Church

On Marlborough Street close to West Parade is this Serbian Orthodox Of The Holy Trinity Church. There are no obvious identifying signs on the complex. June 2019. Photos Ref: PNTH056


Perth North - Hyde Park

Hyde Park on a June winter's day. A lovely place for a stroll around the lakes. June 2010. Photos Ref: PNTH057


Perth North - Hyde Park

Winter colours sit side by side with splashes of greenery in Hyde Park. June 2010. Photos Ref: PNTH058


Perth North - Hyde Park

Piles of crisp brown leaves around one of the Hyde Park lakes are great for a little kid to shuffle through. June 2010. Photos Ref: PNTH059


Perth North - Hyde Park

One of the many huge Moreton Bay fig trees in Hyde Park. June 2010. Photos Ref: PNTH060

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