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Jitarning is a small settlement located on the Williams - Kondinin Road, slightly south-west of Kulin. The townsite was proclaimed as such in 1917. The locality is 277 km south east of Perth and is also on the Narrogin to Kulin railway. At one time there was a school here but that closed in 1950. It seems politics ensured the town never really developed. Other town spellings include Geetaring, Geetarning which were used until Jitarning was agreed to in 1913


Jitarning - Hall

This is the fine Jitarning Hall. The local community raised funds for the construction which was completed and then opened on October 16th, 1918. It was used extensively for social activities and later for CWA meetings and school accommodation. In the 1990's, residents and the Shire of Kulin rescued the hall when it was ear-marked for demolition. A few years ago there was a sign above the doors but this has disappeared. April 2015. Photos Ref: JITG001


Jitarning - Hall

A rear view of the hall. It is good to see this locality surviving. Once there was a thriving school here but that closed in 1950. There was also a post office and a telephone exchange, plus a local store. April 2015. Photos Ref: JITG002


Jitarning - Hostel

The Jitarning Hostel is a building of substance and resembles many hotels seen in country towns. It was erected in 1918. Indeed, this was actually built as an hotel by Mr Michael Brown but politics of the time (and associated skulduggery) denied the issue of a liquor licence as the Kulin Hotel had already received one. This act was critical as town of Kulin thrived but the town of Jitarning failed to develop. Such was the influence of having a licenced hotel in town. April 2015. Photos Ref: JITG003


Jitarning - Hostel

A side view of the hostel. The fine brickwork stands out. Since this hotel failed to obtain the necessary liquor licence after construction, it became a hostel used by itinerant workers or anyone else who sought temporary accommodation. This ceased being a hostel some 20 years ago and it now serves as a private residence. April 2015. Photos Ref: JITG004


Jitarning - Hostel

A close look at the hostel front. This would be a fine home for anyone wishing for the relative simplicity of country life. This has been used recently as an antique shop. April 2015. Photos Ref: JITG005


Jitarning - House

This house is one of just a few in town. A pretty peaceful existence if that's what you seek. This is next door to the hostel. April 2015. Photos Ref: JITG006


Jitarning - Rail Yard

The Narrogin to Kulin rail passes through town. The line is well maintained. Here you can see the mainline, the loop, and an old loading platform. Those trees look like salmon gums. April 2015. Photos Ref: JITG007

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