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Jolimont is a relatively small suburb tucked away south of Wembley, bounded mainly by Hay Street and Jersey Street. To the south is Daglish. Quite a lot of the suburb is taken up by the Matthews Netball Centre, Pat Goodridge Hockey Centre, Mabel Talbot Park and Henderson Park. Development commenced in 1891. The area takes its name from the Melbourne suburb. Many early iron and wood cottages still exist on Peel, Roseberry and Lansdowne Streets


Jolimont - Cardigan Terrace Shops

Jolimont is almost a forgotten suburb except to those who live there, nestled away north of Hay Street. The few residential roads are cul-de-sacs with only one entry to the suburb which is near these shops. This is Jolimont Arcade, a fairly new edition to the area, but back in the 1960's there was a general purpose deli/newsagency on this site. January 2011. Photos Ref: JLMT001


Jolimont - Cardigan Terrace House

This fine looking house is near the Jolimont Arcade. Great stonework and iron roof. This is fairly typical of restoration efforts, whilst maintaining the original charm, being made in the area. January 2011. Photos Ref: JLMT002


Jolimont - Catholic Church

The Mary Help of Christians Star of the Sea Catholic Church is at the southern end of Cardigan Terrace, at the top of Peel Street. This was built in 1915 as St Hugh's Church of England. The original 1915 wooden structure is still there, underneath the brick cladding which was added in 1977. January 2011. Photos Ref: JLMT003


Jolimont - Peel Street

Cottages on Peel Street. Many still look more or less the same as they did when I stayed on this street at the end of 1966. Fairly tiny cottages with bull-nosed verandahs and pressed iron ceilings. Two bedrooms at the front, a lounge & kitchen at the back, plus a bathroom, and an outside "dunny". These were built on big blocks so plenty of room for expansion to the rear, plus right down the back is a right-of-way for off-road parking. January 2011. Photos Ref: JLMT004


Jolimont - Mabel Talbot Park

At the end of Peel, Roseberry and Lansdowne Street is Mabel Talbot Park. The park used to have a lovely lake in the middle but alas like to many of Perth's wetlands, it has dried up. Pre 1890's this was known as Perry's Watering Hole, named after local grazier John Perry. Later the name Jolimont Swamp prevailed. January 2011. Photos Ref: JLMT005


Jolimont - Mabel Talbot Park

Another view of the lake in Mabel Talbot Park this time showing some late spring water. Apparently long-necked tortoises live here. During the summer months they dig mud hollows under the dry surface and manage to survive until the lake refills next season. November 2015. Photos Ref: JLMT006

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