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An inner city suburb just west of Perth known all over Australia by AFL football fans. The home of Subiaco Oval. The name Subiaco comes from a town of the same name in Italy, a short way from Rome in the Sabine Mountains. It was so named by the Benedictine community when they moved into the area from Guildford in 1851. In those days it was called New Subiaco but the "New" was dropped when the railway station later opened. The area developed after 1885


Subiaco - King Edward Memorial Hospital

The main entrance of King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women on Bagot Road, Subiaco. The original buildings date back to 1896 and were then an Industrial School for wayward and poor children. The site became a hospital in 1916 through the efforts of Edith Cowan. The hospital has been extended and modified over time. September 2009. Photos Ref: SUBI001


Subiaco - Police Station

This old house is still a police station. Many such have closed but this one on Bagot Road endures. September 2009. Photos Ref: SUBI002

(Since closed)


Subiaco - St Joseph's Catholic Church

The Church on Salvado Road opposite St John of God Hospital. This is St Joseph's Catholic Church. The Foundation Stone was laid by Archbishop Clune on 5th November 1933. The technical school annex used to be next door but has disappeared. All around this area land has been redeveloped for apartment blocks. July 2013. Photos Ref: SUBI003


Subiaco - Hotel

The fine Subiaco Hotel is diagonally opposite from the Regal Theatre, on the corner of Hay Street and Rokeby Road. It was built in 1896. There used to be a turret on the top of the front tower but that was removed in 1968. This was once known as Murphy's Hotel. Jan 2008. Photos Ref: SUBI004


Subiaco - Rokeby Records

Rokeby Records on Rokeby Road has long been a favourite haunt of audiophiles. Unfortunately, not long after this photo was taken, the business closed down. January 2011. Photos Ref: SUBI005

(Since closed - rare to see CD shops anymore. It seems to be all on-line now)


Subiaco - Rokeby Road Apartments

Apartments on the corner of Roberts and Rokeby Roads. This is an example of apartment buildings to be found in this end of Subiaco, in the railway station area. August 2009. Photos Ref: SUBI006


Subiaco - Catherine Street Apartments

From Roberts Road opposite the Oval, here is a look south down Catherine Street taking in these fine terraced apartment buildings. The row was erected in 1906. July 2013. Photos Ref: SUBI007


Subiaco - Hay Street Coyle's Building

A trio of buildings on Hay Street south, just east of Rokeby Road. To the left is the 1897 Coyle's Building. Beyond that are two more probably of similar vintage. July 2013. Photos Ref: SUBI008


Subiaco - Hay Street Looking East

This is a view along Hay Street, east of Rokeby and looking east. The attractive old pink building in the foreground is Chandelabra Weddings and Events store. Beyond that is Prosser Scott and further down is Indian Ocean House. July 2013. Photos Ref: SUBI009


Subiaco - Newmont Building

On the north side of Hay Street in the general vicinity is the Newmont Asia Pacific building. Photos Ref: SUBI010


Subiaco - Indian Ocean House

At 313 Hay Street is Indian Ocean House. It is now the home of the Indian Ocean Group. The building was erected as a green grocer's store in 1910. July 2013. Photos Ref: SUBI011


Subiaco - Woodpeckers

Back on the north side of Hay Street at 372 is Woodpeckers Bar and Pizzeria. The sign says the business was established in 1987. The building itself would pre-date that by around 80 years. July 2013. Photos Ref: SUBI012


Subiaco - Dr. Snippy

Still on Hay Street in the eastern area of Subiaco is this fine old building on the corner of May Avenue. Dr. Snippy operates here now, waiting to give you a haircut. The sign says "The Doctor Is ... IN". This is at 204 Hay Street. The building was erected as a bootmakers in 1912. July 2013. Photos Ref: SUBI013


Subiaco - Victoria Hotel

On Hay street but well east of the Subiaco, is the striking Victoria Hotel, or "Vic". It is very close to Ellen Street. This was the second hotel to be built in Subiaco. This one went up in 1900. The Subiaco Hotel predates this by only two years. January 2012. Photos Ref: SUBI014


Subiaco - Jetset Travel

At 156 Hay Street is Jetset Travel, now known as "helloworld". This building was constructed in 1910 for William McCraw, Newsagent and Bookseller. Back in those days, Hay Street in Subiaco was known as Broome Road. September 2015. Photos Ref: SUBI015


Subiaco - Hay Street Electrical Substation

This electrical substation is at 195 Hay Street. It was commissioned in 1923 and appears to be still functioning. September 2015. Photos Ref: SUBI016


Subiaco - Victoria Hotel

On Hay street but well east of the Subiaco pub, is the handsome Victoria Hotel, or "Vic". It is very close to Ellen Street. This was the second hotel to be built in Subiaco. This one went up in 1900. The Subiaco Hotel predates this by only two years. January 2012. Photos Ref: SUBI017


Subiaco - Irish Club

The Irish Club on Townshend Road. The building was erected in approximately 1907 as the Subiaco Club. Later is was known as Fantasia Lodge, a reception centre. The Irish Club purchased the premises in 1976 and it was opened as such by Bishop Healey in 1978. The Club is the cultural home to Perth's Irish community. Photos Ref: SUBI018


Subiaco - Station Street Markets

Station Street Markets is still operating albeit under threat. This is the entrance on Station Street, oddly enough. The markets were established in the early 1980's on what was then undeveloped land in a predominantly industrial area. The State Government had planned to close the markets but this has been met with community opposition. August 2009. Photos Ref: SUBI019

(Since demolished)


Subiaco - Station Street Markets

Two years on from the above photo (and comments) the Station Street Markets has now been considerably reduced in size. Pity about all the lost stalls and outside dining area. Pictured is near the Station Street entrance. There is a rumour that this place will soon close down altogether. January 2011. Photos Ref: SUBI020

(Since demolished)


Subiaco - Old Pavilion Markets

Subiaco Markets has been a long-time attraction here on the corner of Roberts Street and Rokeby Road. Alas here it is all boarded up and silently awaiting demolition. A great pity for Subiaco. January 2008. Photos Ref: SUBI021

(After over 10 years of being unoccupied, this place was finally demolished in 2019)


Subiaco - Old Pavilion Markets

What is the difference between this photo and the one above? Answer = five and a half years. Still the same - nothing's been done - pity those stall-holders were given their notice to quit all that time ago. I wonder what's being gained? July 2013. Photos Ref: SUBI022

(Since demolished)


Subiaco - Regal Theatre

The Regal Theatre on the corner of Hay Street and Rokeby Road is an icon as well-known as Subiaco itself. This was built in 1936. On this site from 1925 was the Coliseum Picture Gardens. January 2008. Photos Ref: SUBI023


Subiaco - Rogerson Buildings

Sitting across the other side of Rokeby Road from the old Markets is the Rogerson Buildings. This was erected in 1925 as a hostel and shops. The ground floor on this face is occupied by a restaurant. June 2012. Photos Ref: SUBI024


Subiaco - Tighe's Building

On Rokeby Road a little south of the Hay Street intersection is the 1905-constructed Tighe's Buildings. These days it is occupied by Sports Fever and Residential Commercial Design. June 2012. Photos Ref: SUBI025


Subiaco - Railway Station

At the northern end of Rokeby Road is the railway station. The train lines run underground. The railway was sunk at Subiaco in 1997-1998. Prior to that, when the railway was above-ground, there was a fine old wooden railway station building here complete with an elevated signal box. The old station and box were removed intact and are now located at Whiteman Park. January 2008. Photos Ref: SUBI026


Subiaco - Railway Station

Walking across the top of Subiaco station. This is looking down viewing the western rail tunnel portal. The tunnel emerges about half-way along to the next station, Daglish. January 2011. Photos Ref: SUBI027


Subiaco - Japanese Restaurant

This fine looking Japanese restaurant is on Subiaco Square very close to the railway station and the Station Street Markets. January 2011. Photos Ref: SUBI028


Subiaco - Subiaco Square

Looking north from the railway station is Woolworths and a trendy cafe (with the red-roofed canopy). Beyond that is a shopping arcade. January 2011. Photos Ref: SUBI029


Subiaco - Subiaco Square

The shopping arcade looks decidedly empty this Saturday afternoon. For some reason this area didn't seem to take off and there have been empty shops up the end there, or tenants that come and go fairly frequently over the years. Fortunes may change now with many new apartment blocks being built in the vicinity. January 2011. Photos Ref: SUBI030


Subiaco - Tokay Clothes and Fashion

A rather grand building at 162 Rokeby Road, near Bagot Road and the Crossways Shopping Centre. Right now this building is home to Tokay clothes and fashion. This is on the corner of Churchill Avenue. It was constructed in 1915 as a Government Savings Bank. That bank became the Commonwealth bank in 1917. Later this was a branch of the Commercial Bank of Australia. January 2011. Photos Ref: SUBI031


Subiaco - Crossways Shopping Centre

A view across the junction on Rokeby and Bagot Roads to Crossways shopping mall. January 2011. Photos Ref: SUBI032


Subiaco - Library

The City of Subiaco library on the corner of Rokeby and Bagot Roads. The city administration offices are a little to the south on Rokeby Road. June 2012. Photos Ref: SUBI033


Subiaco - Museum

Next door to the library and recessed a bit away from Rokeby Road is the Subiaco Museum. Sunlight filters through the trees and then reflects off the tin roof. This building was constructed in 1911 and was originally used as the Board of Health. It was later Subiaco Municipal Electric Light Supply and was even used as an electricity sub-station between 1923 and 1975. June 2012. Photos Ref: SUBI034


Subiaco - Rankin Gardens

The verdant Rankin Gardens sit just south of the Museum, adjacent to the City Of Subiaco administration centre. June 2012. Photos Ref: SUBI035


Subiaco - War Memorial

On the corner of Rokeby Road and Hamersley Road is the war memorial. The Foundation Stone was laid by Sir Francis Newdegate, Governor of Western Australia, on 17th December 1922. The memorial was built to honour citizens of Subiaco who fell in World War I, and then later included other conflicts. June 2012. Photos Ref: SUBI036


Subiaco - Primary School

A look at the front of the Subiaco Primary School which is located on Bagot Road. This was constructed in 1897 and has also been known across the years as Subiaco Public School, Subiaco State School, Subiaco Senior School and Subiaco Infants State School. January 2011. Photos Ref: SUBI037


Subiaco - Totterdell Hall

The former Totterdell Hall at 284 Bagot Road. This was built in 1913 as a residence for Mr Walter Lay. In the 1950's the building was divided in two units (284A and 285B) and was then known as Jibberding Lodge, a place for homeless people. Changes in 2000 saw the building redesigned as Totterdell Terrace. January 2011. Photos Ref: SUBI038


Subiaco - Uniting Church (former)

At 315 Bagot Road is what is now Earthwise Community Tear (Australia). This is an Opportunity Shop which also offers yoga lessons. This building was erected in 1897 as a Presbyterian Church which later became a Uniting Church. The Foundation Stone seems to have been removed. September 2016. Photos Ref: SUBI039


Subiaco - Corner Shop Bagot Road

On Bagot Road is this attractive former corner shop. It was built in 1915. This is now a private residence. September 2016. Photos Ref: SUBI040


Subiaco - Anglican Church

St Mark's Anglican Church, on Barker Road Subiaco. The original Foundation Stone was laid by the then Governor, Admiral Sir F.C.D. Bedford on June 27th, 1906. Another stone marking Church extensions and the State centenary was laid by Lady Campion on May 11th, 1929. September 2016. Photos Ref: SUBI041


Subiaco - Old Subiaco Train Station

The old Subiaco station complete with its elevated signal box and footbridge is now in Whiteman Park and this is how it looks. Across from this building is the old East Perth station building. December 2012. Photos Ref: SUBI042


Subiaco - Football Oval Home of Football

"Home of Football" this sign says on the super-structure of Subiaco Oval. And in Western Australia it surely is. November 2007. Photos Ref: SUBI043

(Not the home anymore. Subiaco Oval was demolished in 2020. The grounds are now part of the nearby Bob Hawke College)


Subiaco - Football Oval Main Entrance

Here is the main entrance into Subiaco Oval viewed across Haydn Bunton Drive. The old gates in the picture (behind the white vehicle) were built in 1935. November 2007. Photos Ref: SUBI044

(Demolished in 2020, but not the old gates)


Subiaco - Football Oval Inside

The stands inside Subiaco Oval. It's all is silent now. It's hard to imagine the noise and action of a big game when we're here on this off-season November day. November 2007. Photos Ref: SUBI045

(Demolished in 2020)


Subiaco - Football Oval Main Gate

The main gates at Subiaco Oval, on Haydn Bunton Drive. These gates were erected in 1935 to commemorate the Silver Jubilee (25 years) of King George V reign. September 2015. Photos Ref: SUBI046

(These historic gates remain but the oval infrastructure including the light towers have all gone)


Subiaco - Paterson's Stadium Signage

Subiaco Oval has been temporarily re-badged "Paterson's Stadium" through a sponsorship deal as happens with most major sports grounds. Here is a view of the oval sporting its new signage. July 2011. Photos Ref: SUBI047

(Demolished 2020)


Subiaco - West Coast Eagles Store

Around the side of Subiaco Oval on Roberts Road is the West Coast Eagles merchandise shop. This is probably only open on game days. July 2013. Photos Ref: SUBI048

(Demolished 2020)


Subiaco - Fremantle Dockers Store

Just a gate or two west of the Eagles shop is the Fremantle Dockers shop. Mr Pavlich and three of his team-mates keep an eagle eye on passers-by. July 2013. Photos Ref: SUBI049

(Demolished 2020)


Subiaco - Oval Post Demolition

The former Subiaco main entrance gates still here though all the other oval infrastructure has gone. June 2021. Photos Ref: SUBI050



Subiaco - Oval Post Demolition

Looking east across Subiaco Oval. It's just another piece of grass now but home to the adjacent Bob Hawke College sports facilities. You can see part of the school in the distance. In the right of the picture you can also see part of the Perth city skyline and further right Dumas House in West Perth. June 2021. Photos Ref: SUBI051



Subiaco - Bob Hawke College

This is part of the western side of Bob Hawke College taken from Subiaco Oval. June 2021. Photos Ref: SUBI052



Subiaco - Bob Hawke College

Bob Hawke College fronts on to Roberts Road. It opened in February 2020. June 2021. Photos Ref: SUBI053



Subiaco - Mueller Park

Mueller Park is quite extensive and sits between Bob Hawke College and Perth Modern campus. A pleasant avenue of Norfolk Island pines can be seen here. This park was named after eminent botanist Baron Sir Ferdinand Jakob Heinrich von Mueller. June 2021. Photos Ref: SUBI054



Subiaco - Perth Modern School

Perth Modern School is right on the eastern periphery of Subiaco, bounded by Roberts Road, Thomas Street and Subiaco Road. This is the northern aspect of the original building, constructed in 1909. The school is the most eminent public school in Perth and is renowned for its academic excellence. Inside the pictured building is the school's auditorium, the boardroom, and amenities and administration rooms. December 2014. Photos Ref: SUBI055


Subiaco - Perth Modern School

This is the southern side of the 1909 Perth Modern School building. This is known as the Beasley Building. Grand wooden staircases and ornate hallways provide access to classrooms on this side. Many other more modern buildings dot the campus. December 2014. Photos Ref: SUBI056


Subiaco - Perth Modern School Stokes Building

The Stokes Building is an old building on the Perth Modern campus. From 1904 to 1979 this was the Thomas Street Primary School. Since 1990 it has been Perth Modern's English centre. Mr Joseph P. Stokes was a Senior Master (1950's) and then Principal (from 1972) of the former primary school. He later formed the Perth Modern Historical & Museum Society. Mr Stokes retired in 1979. August 2015. Photos Ref: SUBI057


Subiaco - Perth Modern School War Memorial

Constructed in 1922, here is the Perth Modern School Old Modernians War Memorial and Roll of Honour. This was extended in 1948. August 2015. Photos Ref: SUBI058


Subiaco - Perth Modern School Thomas Street Gates

The historic gates to the former Thomas Street Primary School, on Thomas Street. The gates are flanked by plaques remembering former school students who fell in the 1914-1918 war. September 2019. Photos Ref: SUBI059


Subiaco - School of Performing Arts

Stage Door, the School of Performing Arts situated on Hamilton Street, Subiaco. This is right behind the Perth Modern School campus, indeed the buildings in the School of Performing Arts are heritage listed former Perth Modern classrooms. November 2018. Photos Ref: SUBI060


Subiaco - School of Performing Arts

Another old Perth Modern classroom in the School of Performing Arts complex. The school provides music, acting, dance, singing and performance courses. November 2018. Photos Ref: SUBI061


Subiaco - Godfrey House

Godfrey House is located at 1 Roberts Road, Subiaco and is a part of Princess Margaret Hospital. This was erected in 1913 as the hospital's Resident Medical Officers' Quarters. Since 1974 Godfrey House has been used by hospital administrators and also as a home for radio Lollipop. August 2015. Photos Ref: SUBI062


Subiaco - Princess Margaret Hospital Chapel

Alongside Thomas Street is the Multi-Faith Chapel of Princess Margaret Hospital. This was built in 1909 and originally served as an Out-Patients Building. August 2015. Photos Ref: SUBI063


Subiaco - Princess Margaret Hospital

A wing of Princess Margaret Hospital for Children juts out towards Thomas Street. August 2015. Photos Ref: SUBI064


Subiaco - Princess Margaret Hospital

Older sections of Princess Margaret Hospital for Children looking east along Roberts Road. September 2015. Photos Ref: SUBI065


Subiaco - Freemasons Hall

On the corner of Roberts and Coughlan Roads in Subiaco is the former Freemasons Hall. The Foundation Stone was laid by The Deputy Grand Master, Bro. A. C. McCallum, on July 14th, 1929. In 2015 this building is being used by the Peard Real Estate corporate operations office. September 2015. Photos Ref: SUBI066


Subiaco - Scouts Hall

Down near the southern end of Rokeby Road, just near the intersection of Nicholson Road, is the 1st Subiaco Scouts Hall. September 2019. Photos Ref: SUBI067

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