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Wembley is a western suburb situated west of West Leederville, north of Subiaco, and to the east of Floreat and is about 4 kilometres west of the city centre. Subdivision and building commenced here in 1909. Up until 1924 this area was part of Leederville. It took the name Wembley Park after the London locality but was later shortened to Wembley. The suburb contains main roads such as Salvado Rd, and Cambridge, Grantham and Harborne Streets

West to Floreat Park  

Wembley - Block of Flats on Reserve Street

This large white and chocolate coloured block of flats has been here for decades and is a well-known landmark on the corner of Reserve Street. It was built approximately 1960/1970's as were a number of other blocks in this area. January 2011. Photos Ref: WEMB001


Wembley - Theatre and Gardens

This building is now used as a Life Style centre. It's at 202 Cambridge Street on the corner of Station Street. This is the old Wembley Theatre building and the owner used to be a Mr Hatfield. This was built in 1937, renovated in 1961, and as a result of a fire in 1981, rebuilt, leaving only the facade as an original part of the 1937 building. This building has also been known as Wembley Catering Lodge at one stage. January 2011. Photos Ref: WEMB002


Wembley - Cambridge Street

A glimpse east down Cambridge Street from the corner of Alexander Street. Just up there is the Jersey Street intersection. January 2011. Photos Ref: WEMB003


Wembley - Hotel

The Wembley Hotel on Cambridge Street, near Alexander Street. The hotel was built in 1932 for Mr M. F. Cranley and it stayed in the Cranley family ownership until the late 1980's. The hotel was once the end of the tramline from Perth and the start of the precarious planked-road journey over to the beach. January 2011. Photos Ref: WEMB004


Wembley - Hotel

The Wembley Hotel again. This is the Alexander Street side. January 2011. Photos Ref: WEMB005


Wembley - Market on Cambridge Street

Great to see markets like this, spilling over onto near the footpath and adding a bit of colour and atmosphere to the street. This second hand business is on Cambridge Street, again near Alexander Street, in what once was a service station. January 2011. Photos Ref: WEMB006

(Since demolished. On this block (and crossing adjacents) is now a big multi-storey commercial and apartment building. August 2018)


Wembley - Church of Christ

The Church of Christ on Nanson Street. The Foundation Stone was laid by D. M. Wilson Esq. on September 2nd, 1939. September 2017. Photos Ref: WEMB007


Wembley - Church of Christ

The Church of Christ on Nanson Street, this time looking down the side. It is easy to see here the old and new sections of the church. Perhaps the Foundation Stone was removed from the front of the old church and relocated to the front of the new section? September 2017. Photos Ref: WEMB008


Wembley - Pronto Cafe

Pronto Cafe of the corner of Grantham and McKenzie Streets. This is probably a former corner store. September 2017. Photos Ref: WEMB009


Wembley - Louis' Antiques

Louis' Antiques is housed in two buildings. The section shown is at 83 Nanson Street. This building looks perhaps 1940's in style and was probably erected as commercial premises. September 2017. Photos Ref: WEMB010


Wembley - Shops at Grantham and Marlow

The row of shops facing the south side of Grantham Street at Marlow Street. September 2017. Photos Ref: WEMB011


Wembley - Plumbing and Gas

The bright All Perth Plumbing and gas store at 63 Grantham Street, on the corner of Marlow Street. Once upon a time this would have probably been a corner store or butcher's shop. September 2017. Photos Ref: WEMB012

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