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Joondalup ECU

The Joondalup area was mostly developed after 1990. The Edith Cowan University campus occupies a large tract of land in the southern section of the suburb. The campus was constructed to cater for the massive population growth in the northern suburbs and therefore student demographic changes. ECU also has another campus at Mount Lawley. The ECU Churchlands campus was decommissioned some years ago and various schools were transferred here


Joondalup ECU - Everlastings at Library Entrance

Everlastings and other natives grow happily beneath this sign. This entrance to Edith Cowan University (ECU) is near the library. September 2009. Photos Ref: JECU001


Joondalup ECU - Futuristic Architecture

ECU Joondalup is very futuristic in some of the architecture. These spires can easily be seen from the main road. June 2008. Photos Ref: JECU002


Joondalup ECU - Lake

The lake at ECU is a landscaping focal point. June 2008. Photos Ref: JECU003


Joondalup ECU - Edith Cowan's Cottage

Edith Cowan's Cottage was relocated from 71 Malcolm Street in Perth to this campus. The Cowan's lived at 71 Malcolm Street for about 20 years from 1919. I must say it looks pretty much at home amongst the pines and beside the lake. June 2008. Photos Ref: JECU004


Joondalup ECU - Steps Spikes and Spires

Opposite the "spires and spikes" are these buildings. You can climb right up those steps for a great view. June 2008. Photos Ref: JECU005


Joondalup ECU - Library

The new library and bookshop below. A very innovative design. June 2008. Photos Ref: JECU006


Joondalup ECU - Library

Another view of the library from a little further away. June 2008. Photos Ref: JECU007


Joondalup ECU - Building 19

Building 19 way over near Lakeside Drive houses Information Systems studies, along with other fields. June 2008. Photos Ref: JECU008


Joondalup ECU - University Admin Offices

Another photo of the spires and spikes. The University admin offices are down in there somewhere. June 2008. Photos Ref: JECU009

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