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Woodvale is a northern suburb of Perth just to the south of Wanneroo and approximately 20 kilometres north of Perth. The locality was so named after the rolling, well-timbered country this once was. Housing development started in the area in the early 1970's. The suburb is about two thirds developed, with the eastern remainder being a section of the Yellagonga Regional Park. The park includes Lake Joondalup to the north and Lake Goollelal to the south

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Woodvale - Cockman House

Cockman House is set just to the south of Ocean Reef Road, slightly to the west of Wanneroo Road and is the oldest surviving house in the district. The house was constructed after 1850. It apparently took seven years to build. Cockman House is open to the public only on Sunday afternoons between 2.00 and 5.00pm. September 2013. Photos Ref: WDVL001


Woodvale - Cockman House

This is the rear view of Cockman House. The house is constructed of limestone which was quarried locally The timber floorboards and roof structure were made from nearby trees. September 2013. Photos Ref: WDVL002


Woodvale - Cockman House

The well at the rear of Cockman House. This would have been the primary source of domestic water for the house. September 2013. Photos Ref: WDVL003


Woodvale - Perry's Paddock

Next (to the west) of Cockman House is Perry's paddock. Here is a view taking in some of the paddock and the only two buildings to be found here. Jack Perry was a local identity who bred racehorses on this property in the early 1900's. Picnic race days used to be held here. September 2013. Photos Ref: WDVL004


Woodvale - Perry's Cottage

A close view of one of the buildings in Perry's paddock. This was built as far back as 1843 by Mr George Shenton, long before Mr Perry's time. Pictured is what is now known as Perry's Cottage. September 2013. Photos Ref: WDVL005


Woodvale - Perry's Cottage

The inside of Perry's Cottage. Interestingly, this area was called Shenton Park in the very early days up until 1912, undoubtedly named after Mr George Shenton. September 2013. Photos Ref: WDVL006


Woodvale - Perry's Bunkhouse

Standing a short way behind Perry's Cottage is this bunkhouse. It is not original. It is a replica constructed in the early 1990's but is faithful to the design and materials of the building which stood here originally, apart from the tin roof. September 2013. Photos Ref: WDVL007


Woodvale - Perry's Paddock Walkway

Perry's Paddock is within the Yellagonga Regional Park. The area contains some long but easy walks and the terrain is friendly. Take your dogs, they're welcome. The park is sprinkled with paths such as this. It also contains a small creek and swamp-lands. September 2013. Photos Ref: WDVL008


Woodvale - Perry's Paddock Bridge

Still in Perry's Paddock, here is a bridge over a stream which feeds into Lake Joondalup. There were many people enjoying the park today, and loads of dogs lapping up the occasion and pools of rain water as well. September 2013. Photos Ref: WDVL009

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