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A northern suburb of Perth north of Duncraig and Greenwood, and south of Joondalup. Apparently the first landowner in this area was a Mr William Shenton who originally hailed from Winchester in the U.K. The town of Kingsley is very near Winchester thus this name was suggested and approved in 1974. Many street names in the area have very English origins, such as Shepherd's Bush Dr, Twickenham Dr, Coventry Ct, Richmond Pl, Golders Green La., and others


Kingsley - Shopping Centre on Kingsley Drive

This is the Kingsley shopping centre on Kingsley Drive. Quite a large shopping centre as far as local suburbs are concerned. December 2010. Photos Ref: KING001


Kingsley - Galaxy Drive-In Theatre

At the northern end of Goollelal Drive in Kingsley is this structure which many younger people might not even recognize. It is the Galaxy Drive-In theatre. This is the very last functioning drive-in in Perth. Housing abuts the theatre land right up to the perimeter fences. December 2010. Photos Ref: KING002


Kingsley - Wooden Bridge

This wooden bridge spanning Moolanda Boulevard is rather unique in these newer areas of Perth. Bridges are usually steel and concrete. December 2010. Photos Ref: KING003

(July 2023 - This bridge was taken down in 2022 due to a safety issue. No replacement thus far)


Kingsley - Tavern

On Kingsley Drive is the Kingsley Tavern. September 2017. Photos Ref: KING004


Kingsley - Church

Facing Kingsley Drive is the Creaney Primary School. Inside the grounds is the Kingsley Christian Church. September 2017. Photos Ref: KING005


Kingsley - Amateur Football Memorial Clubrooms

After a successful football season in 2002, some members of the Kingsley Amateur Football Club headed to Bali for season-end celebrations. On the night of 12th October, seven of the group lost their lives in the bombing of the Sari Club. This building houses a memorial to these young men. September 2017. Photos Ref: KING006


Kingsley - Bali Bombings Victims

On a wall outside the Memorial Clubrooms this plaque has been placed in memory of the seven who perished. Their names are on the plaque. September 2017. Photos Ref: KING007


Kingsley - Memorial Statue

A statue in front of the football clubrooms commemorates the club members who died in the Bali bombing atrocity. September 2017. Photos Ref: KING008


Kingsley - Football Oval

Looking east across the football oval from the Football Clubrooms. September 2017. Photos Ref: KING009

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