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The small town of Kukerin is located almost halfway between Dumbleyung and Lake Grace and is set three kms south of the main road. The Dumbleyung to Lake Grace railway line also passes through this town. Kukerin is some 310 kilometres south-east of Perth. The town was established in 1912 after a railway siding was constructed here. The town was first called Merilup but this was soon changed to Kukerin. It is of Aboriginal origin, also spelt Cookerin


Kukerin - Welcome Sign

The town welcome sign says it all. Kukerin is within the Shire of Dumbleyung. April 2015. Photos Ref: KUKN001


Kukerin - Postcode Sculpture

On the outskirts of town is this large sculpture depicting the town's postcode. It is made up of many pieces of small metal, including some words, animals and bits of machinery. April 2015. Photos Ref: KUKN002


Kukerin - Hotel

The Kukerin Hotel dominates the main street. This was built in 1928. April 2015. Photos Ref: KUKN003


Kukerin - Library

This small library is set on a road back from the main street. April 2015. Photos Ref: KUKN004


Kukerin - Hall

The Kukerin Pioneers Memorial Hall. The front section seems to be a more recent addition. April 2015. Photos Ref: KUKN005


Kukerin - Hall

The rear of the Pioneers Memorial Hall shows the earlier red-brick section. The hall was constructed in 1956. An earlier Agricultural Hall, built in 1915, fell into such disrepair that it was demolished, thus giving rise to the construction of this one. April 2015. Photos Ref: KUKN006


Kukerin - Garage

This garage doesn't look particularly functional any more. April 2015. Photos Ref: KUKN007


Kukerin - General Store

This pair of shops would serve as the commercial hub of town. To the left is the Rural Services Agency and then the General Store and post office. "Kukerin General Store .. Off The Beaten Track". It also offers 24-hours fuel. April 2015. Photos Ref: KUKN008


Kukerin - Small Office

How about this for a tiny office? April 2015. Photos Ref: KUKN009


Kukerin - Street

A look along the main street. Foreground is a bush house, then the Pioneer's Hall, then the hotel and finally the general store. April 2015. Photos Ref: KUKN010


Kukerin - House

A somewhat typical example of houses you might see in some of the smaller country towns. Basic and functional but devoid of boundary fences or any sign of external cultivation. A good Aussie bush home. April 2015. Photos Ref: KUKN011


Kukerin - School

Kukerin Primary School, established in 1914, "Small but Strong", looks very smart. April 2015. Photos Ref: KUKN012


Kukerin - War Memorial

The town War Memorial just after dawn. The wheat bins and railway is off behind. April 2015. Photos Ref: KUKN013


Kukerin - Catholic Church

St Thomas A'Beckett of Canterbury Catholic Church, Kukerin. The Foundation Stone was laid by Bishop of Bunbury, L. J. Goody, on July 31st, 1955. April 2015. Photos Ref: KUKN014


Kukerin - Uniting Church

The Uniting Church, Kukerin. The Foundation Stone was laid by Rev. S. Hodgkins, Chairman of the District, on May 10th, 1958. April 2015. Photos Ref: KUKN015

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