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A very small settlement on Wright Road between Mundijong and Serpentine and situated on the main south-west railway. The locality used to have its own railway siding where trains of old, such as the Bunbury Shopper, would pause. All that remains of the town now, indeed there may have been not much more before, is what you can see here plus a few houses and a hall. The country here is fine farming land with good rainfall and verdant pastures


Mardella - Old General Store

This old General Store on Wright Road has long closed, at least operating as a general store. April 2011. Photos Ref: MARD001


Mardella - Old General Store and House

The Mardella store again, this time taking in the old adjacent house which looks now to be disused. On the front of the store can still be seen "Balaan" and "Floatsafe". This may indicate that this place once sold equestrian equipment. There are a number of horse properties in the district. April 2011. Photos Ref: MARD002


Mardella - Hall

Here is the Mardella Hall which is situated on Lowlands Road. Across the paddocks in the Darling Range as this view is looking east. October 2013. Photos Ref: MARD003


Mardella - Wright Road

Wright Road runs between Mundijong and Serpentine. This is looking south, from the intersection of Lowlands Road, through the townsite. October 2013. Photos Ref: MARD004


Mardella - Wright Road Crossing

Standing on Lowlands Road looking across Wright Road and on towards the hills. The railway crossing is in the foreground. The hall is visible next to the white car. October 2013. Photos Ref: MARD005


Mardella - Free Reformed Church

At 191 Wright Road, Mardella and only slightly south of the Mundijong townsite is the brand new Free Reformed Church complex. Just nearing completion, it looks fabulous. A whole lot of passionate work must have gone into building this place because you can feel that in the air. Driving past on recent Sundays (in 2018) I can see the carpark packed. March 2017. Photos Ref: MARD006

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