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A small rural town situated about 63 kms south of Perth, just south of Mundijong and off the South Western Highway. The townsite was gazetted in 1893 and is named after the snaking nature of the local river. The Serpentine River was discovered in the early 1830's. When the Perth to Bunbury rail line was opened in 1893, Serpentine was one of the origin stations built. In 1891 the Government declared the region as the 'Serpentine Agricultural Area'

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Serpentine - Town Sign

The Serpentine town welcome sign seen beside Karnup Road when driving into town from the east, from the Soutrh Western Highway. June 2017. Photos Ref: SERP001


Serpentine - Falls Roadhouse

If you are driving along the South Western Highway, you will not get to see the townsite of Serpentine as it is located about 2 kilometres west of the highway. You should however see the Serpentine Falls Cafe and Roadhouse which is located on the highway on the east side. I think they make more money from food than they do from fuel. January 2009. Photos Ref: SERP002


Serpentine - St Stephen's Anglican Church

This Church is across Falls Road from the roadhouse and fronts onto the South Western Highway. It is St Stephen's Anglican Church, Serpentine. The Foundation Stone was laid by the Lord Bishop of Perth on 10th May 1913. September 2012. Photos Ref: SERP003


Serpentine - Butcher's Shop

The blue butcher's shop at 19 Richardson Street. This is the earliest shop to be erected in the townsite and dates back to circa 1893. It was even originally built as a butcher's shop. During the 1920's the shop also doubled as the local post office. Kevin Weir perhaps was the most recent butcher so maybe it was him who told me about the demise of the Thrift Shop across the road when I ducked my head in there one day to ask. January 2009. Photos Ref: SERP004


Serpentine - Former Butcher's Shop

After all these years it seems like the butcher's shop has closed down. A new paint job, a new car in the driveway and pretty soon no-one will remember the blue shop. Except for here and of course the Serpentine locals. July 2019. Photos Ref: SERP005


Serpentine - St Stephen's Church Thrift Shop

St Stephen's Thrift Shop on Richardson Street. Through the bush behind this shop is the railway line and station. A few years after this photo was taken, this building was demolished due to storm damage, white ant infestation, and the presence of asbestos, all of which made renovation too costly. So I was told, anyway. January 2009. Photos Ref: SERP006

(Since demolished)


Serpentine - Transportables Yard

Adjacent to the railway line on Richardson Street, and a little further north than the station, is this yard which is full of interesting transportable buildings. August 2021. Photos Ref: SERP007


Serpentine - General Store and Post Office

The General Store and Post Office at 6 Wellard Street dates back to 1926. The store was built by Mr Arthur Middleton who previously sold his Keysbrook orchard produce from the back of his truck. The building was extended over the years and at one time contained tearooms. Petrol bowsers were once at the front. The Middleton family continued to operate the business up until 1982. May 2012. Photos Ref: SERP008


Serpentine - Blue Moon Collectables

Across the road from the General Store is the Blue Moon Collectables shop. This is a modern shopping centre probably erected during the 1960's. January 2009. Photos Ref: SERP009


Serpentine - Railway Crossing

A railways 'road-car' track maintenance vehicle carefully traverses the railway crossing without activating the warning lights. January 2009. Photos Ref: SERP010


Serpentine - Stock Shed

Cattle enjoying a bit of shade on the left of this Serpentine farm shed. April 2011. Photos Ref: SERP011


Serpentine - Tavern

The Serpentine Tavern on the corner of Richardson and Wellard Streets. Construction commenced in 1903. This was formerly known as the Serpentine Falls Hotel. The hotel superceded the former Inn on Baldwin's property on the South Western Highway after the railway line was built. May 2012. Photos Ref: SERP012


Serpentine - Tavern

The Serpentine Tavern has been closed for a while now. The signage has been removed. It must be well over a year now. Perhaps longer. This is the front entrance in the afternoon sunlight. On the windows they say that soon a new restaurant will open here - Rib and Steak House. July 2019. Photos Ref: SERP013


Serpentine - Park

Looking back across the park from the railway station. You can see the blue butcher's shop and also the brownish St Stephen's Church Thrift Shop through the trees. April 2011. Photos Ref: SERP014


Serpentine - South Western Highway

A section of the South Western Highway looking south at the corner of Karnup Road, which runs off to the west to the Serpentine townsite. On the left you can see part of the Falls Road House. The cream coloured building is Baldwin's Cottage. May 2012. Photos Ref: SERP015


Serpentine - Baldwin's Cottage

Baldwin's Cottage constructed circa 1856 sits directly across the highway from the Falls road-house. These premises were once Mr Baldwin's home, post office, staging post and inn until the railway came through in 1893. Stage coaches ceased running with the advent of the railway. The Inn also closed when the new Serpentine Falls Hotel, located adjacent to the railway, was established. This is now a private residence. May 2012. Photos Ref: SERP016


Serpentine - Turner Cottage

Turner Cottage is located right beside the South Western Highway on the western side, next to the river bridge, but largely shrouded by trees making it almost impossible to see as you drive past. This dwelling was built by early settlers Edward and Elizabeth Turner in 1856. May 2012. Photos Ref: SERP017


Serpentine - Turner Cottage

Another view of Turner Cottage taking in a north-west aspect, showing off the fine old brickwork and shingled roof. May 2012. Photos Ref: SERP018


Serpentine - Turner Cottage Craft Shop

In the grounds of Turner Cottage are a number of out-buildings which were probably added after the original cottage was built. This is the Craft Shop, a brick, timber building with metal roof. May 2012. Photos Ref: SERP019


Serpentine - Turner Cottage Stables Tea Rooms

On the Turner Cottage property, this is the Stables Tea Rooms. Undoubtedly the original property stables. This restaurant/tea rooms provide in-dining or take-away. May 2012. Photos Ref: SERP020


Serpentine - Turner Cottage Wool Shed

Another Turner Cottage out-building is the old wool shed. This is the northern aspect showing off its sturdy brick chimney and vertical wooden wall slats. Turner Cottage is still owned and operated by the descendants of the original residents who can, on application, provide a guided tour of the property. May 2012. Photos Ref: SERP021


Serpentine - St Kevin's Catholic Church

Set in the southern end of the town-site is St Kevin's Catholic Church. The Church was constructed in 1940. May 2012. Photos Ref: SERP022


Serpentine - Former Shop

Just about opposite the General Store and Post Office is this former shop which is now a residence. November 2017. Photos Ref: SERP023


Serpentine - Tractor Museum and Recreation Hall

Looking across the sports ground to the Tractor Museum and Recreation Hall. March 2017. Photos Ref: SERP024


Serpentine - Brick Building

This old brick building would have been business premises in days gone by. March 2017. Photos Ref: SERP025


Serpentine - Rest Rooms

The CWA Rest Rooms and hall at the south end of town. March 2017. Photos Ref: SERP026


Serpentine - Church of Christ

The Serpentine Church of Christ is a relatively recent structure. March 2017. Photos Ref: SERP027


Serpentine - Church of Christ House

Adjacent to the Church of Christ is this house which appears to be used as church rooms or for storage. March 2017. Photos Ref: SERP028


Serpentine - Railway Station

The new Serpentine railway station. Once upon a time a rather more substantial station existed here when the line opened in 1893. The tracks now gleam as a result of a lot of freight traffic, mainly going up and down to and from the Alcoa alumina mines and works further south. The track in the picture wends off to the south. May 2012. Photos Ref: SERP029


Serpentine - River Road Bridge

The South Western Highway crosses the Serpentine River a couple of hundred metres north of the Falls Roadhouse. September 2012. Photos Ref: SERP030


Serpentine - Old Bridge School

Just a little to the north of the Serpentine River Bridge and to the east of the highway is this old school. This is the site of the Serpentine Bridge School, 1858 to 1954. This particular building was erected in 1902 although there were others (or another) before this. In those days, the South Western Highway was known as the Bunbury Road. September 2012. Photos Ref: SERP031


Serpentine - Stockman's Rest

A little west of town, on Karnup Road, is the Stockman's Rest restaurant and coffee shop which looks like is currently up for sale. October 2013. Photos Ref: SERP032


Serpentine - Garage

There doesn't look like there is fuel here anymore but you can still get your car fixed and enjoy a coffee and food in the Rusty Nut cafe. The garage was established in 1935. It still displays the Mobil winged-horse emblem. Quite a few cars stopping here this Friday morning which is encouraging. March 2017. Photos Ref: SERP33


Serpentine - Garage

How quickly things can change. I only stopped here to get a better photo but as you can see comparing this photo to the one above what can happen in such a short time. November 2017. Photos Ref: SERP34


Serpentine - Memorial

The Serpentine Memorial Gardens near the centre of town. October 2018. Photos Ref: SERP35


Serpentine - Memorial

Serpentine War Memorial. "In Memory of Those Who Gave Their Lives. Lest We Forget". October 2018. Photos Ref: SERP36

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