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A country town about 50 kilometres south of Perth. Mundijong is within the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale and is set a couple of kilometres west of the nearby South Western Highway. It is also on the Perth - Bunbury rail line. The rail siding was originally called Jarrahdale Junction pre-1892. In 1893 the townsite was gazetted as Manjedal. In 1897 this was changed to Mundijong as the prior name mis-interpreted the Aboriginal name for the area


Mundijong - Tavern

The Mundijong Tavern on the main street, Paterson Street. Doesn't it look grand! When Mundijong was first settled, the towns name was Jarrahdale Junction! January 2009. Photos Ref: MJNG001


Mundijong - Tavern

The northern aspect of the Mundijong Tavern. Nice brickwork. January 2009. Photos Ref: MJNG002


Mundijong - Shops

Right next door to the pub is the fish and chip shop and the post office. April 2014. Photos Ref: MJNG003


Mundijong - Paterson Street

A view down the main street. Nice and quiet - one thing that has preserved the quaintness of this town is that it's off the highway so you only get local traffic - and, as you can see, that's not much. The pub is the dominant building by a long shot - fairly typical of W.A. country towns. January 2009. Photos Ref: MJNG004


Mundijong - Church

This Church is on Paterson Street. No name, no denomination etc, the sign simply says 'This Church established 1905'. January 2009. Photos Ref: MJNG005


Mundijong - Church

An update of Mundijong church after three and a half years. It looks spick and span with refreshed paint and a new sign at the front which proclaims this as the Uniting Church in Mundijong. Well done. September 2012. Photos Ref: MJNG006


Mundijong - Thrift Shop

A pink Thrift Shop on Paterson Street. January 2009. Photos Ref: MJNG007


Mundijong - Livestock Pens

This looks great. The old stock yard loading pens are no longer in use but have been left here as a memory. I guess in the old days stock would be loaded into train trucks. January 2009. Photos Ref: MJNG008


Mundijong - Railway Station

Well we always take a photo of the train station and Mundijong simply can't be left out! And here it is - looking remarkably like many others up and down the line - but this one's got a roof! 2009. Photos Ref: MJNG009


Mundijong - Railway Station

This is the old Mundijong station - good solid-looking wooden building which has been preserved. You can see this building off in the distant right in the photo, above, of the new station. January 2012. Photos Ref: MJNG010


Mundijong - Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale

The Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale encompasses both of those towns in its name yet is actually located in the townsite of Mundijong, which is the largest and most central town in the shire. The offices are on Paterson Street. 2009. Photos Ref: MJNG011


Mundijong - Serpentine Grammar School

Heading north on Paterson Road, Mundijong, the road changes its name to Soldiers Road as it leaves the townsite. This is the Serpentine Jarrahdale Grammar School on Soldiers Road, almost as far north as Cardup. Named after the shire, the school was established in 2006 but only moved to this location in 2009. Photograph 2009. Photos Ref: MJNG012


Mundijong - Old School - Landcare

On Paterson Road is what appears to be an old primary school. The new one is at the other end of town. This old classroom is now occupied by Landcare Serpentine-Jarrahdale. "By the Community, for the Community" September 2012. Photos Ref: MJNG013


Mundijong - Old School The House Playgroup

Another classroom in the old school on Paterson Street. This is just north of Landcare and the building is simply called 'The House', a play group which meets each Wednesday. September 2012. Photos Ref: MJNG014


Mundijong - Masonic Lodge

The Masonic Lodge - The Jarrahdale Lodge No. 49 W.A.C. - is located across the road from the new primary school on Butcher Street. September 2012. Photos Ref: MJNG015


Mundijong - Centrals Football Club

The football oval is on the west side of town and this is the club rooms of Centrals Football Club. September 2012. Photos Ref: MJNG016


Mundijong - Community Centre

Looking across the oval from the football club clubrooms is the rear of the Shire Community Centre which front the main street, Paterson Street. September 2012. Photos Ref: MJNG017


Mundijong - Christmas Tree

'Tis the season to be merry - December, and the Christmas trees all around the south west are in glorious bloom. This one is next to the rail track at Mundijong. December 2010. Photos Ref: MJNG018


Mundijong - Former Rail Bridge

Talk about bad timing. I have been meaning for ages to take a photo of the old Alcoa rail bridge which spans the South Western Highway. I'm sure the bridge was here as late as just last week but now it's gone. The bridge and line were constructed in the early 1960's. January 2014. Photos Ref: MJNG019

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