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Maylands is an older suburb of Perth set slightly north-east of the city. The suburb is mainly located on a Swan River peninsula. The area was first developed in the 1880's due to the passing Guildford railway. The origin of the name remains a mystery. At least two theories exist based on one settler purchasing land in the month of May and another after May, a settler's daughter. The southern end of the peninsula was the site of Perth's first aerodrome from 1924


Maylands - Buddhist Temple

On Guildford Road in Maylands, on the corner of Ferguson Street, is the Fo Guang Shan Temple of W.A., a temple of the International Buddhist Association of Western Australia. The Temple opened in 1998. Photo - November 2013. Photos Ref: MAYL001


Maylands - Railway Station

This part of the old Maylands railway station has been preserved. Maylands station was built in 1896 and then called "15 mile siding" (15 miles presumably from Fremantle). From 1897 to 1899 the station was known as Falkirk. It seems uncertain when the name Maylands was adopted. Photo - June 2010


Maylands - Original Rail Buildings

This is the back view of the old part of the railway station. The parcels and ticket offices were in this building. The building was known as Station House. June 2010. Photos Ref: MAYL003


Maylands - Eighth Avenue New Shops

Here is the Whatley Crescent end of Eighth Avenue. It very recent times it has undergone a significant transformation with all these new shops springing up. June 2010. Photos Ref: MAYL004


Maylands - Seventh Avenue Bridge

The old, rickety, wooden 7th Avenue Bridge spans Whatley Crescent, the train lines, and Railway Parade over on the other side. The bridge was built in 1903. June 2010. Photos Ref: MAYL005 (Since demolished and replaced)


Maylands - Seventh Avenue Bridge

A closer view of the 7th Avenue road bridge. There saw some recent talk of this bridge being replaced as it has officially come to the end of its useful life. June 2010. Photos Ref: MAYL006 (Since demolished and replaced)


Maylands - Eighth Avenue Shops

The Guildford Road end of Eighth Avenue looks much the same as it has done for decades. June 2010. Photos Ref: MAYL007


Maylands - Central House

This rather grand looking building is Central House. It's on the corner of Guildford Road and Eighth Avenue. June 2010. Photos Ref: MAYL008


Maylands - Central House

Central House again, this time looking across Eighth Avenue. Downstairs now are shops & offices. This was built in 1902 by the Swan Brewery as the Central Hotel. It remained operating as an hotel until the 1940's after which it was converted into a boarding house. June 2010. Photos Ref: MAYL009


Maylands - Hall and Public Library

The Maylands Hall and Public Library on Guildford Road. Buildings of this vintage invariably look appealing. Construction took place mainly in 1920. The building opened on May 7th, 1921 by E. W. Hamer who was Chairman of the Perth Road Board. April 2008. Photos Ref: MAYL010


Maylands - Open Learning Centre

This is the former Presbyterian Church which was opened in 1904. The new Foundation Stone reads: "The original stone was laid by Miss Jessie Ross on behalf of the scholars of the Sunday School on Wednesday 7th September 1904. Kids Open Learning School founded by Margaret and Graham Hodgkin, 1975, bought this building, Maylands Presbyterian Church, September 1979". Photo - June 2010. Photos Ref: MAYL011


Maylands - Old Post Office

On the corner of Seventh Avenue and Whatley Crescent is the old Maylands post office. This was built in 1910 and was Maylands first permanent post office. This ceased being the town post office is 1988. June 2010. Photos Ref: MAYL012


Maylands - St Joseph's Hall

St Joseph's Hall is on Seventh Avenue. June 2010. Photos Ref: MAYL013


Maylands - Church on Seventh Avenue

Seventh Avenue is graced by Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Parish Columbarium Catholic church. The Foundation Stone was laid on 29th June 1924 by Most Rev. P. J. Clune, Archbishop of Perth. The church has recently undergone renovations and was re-blessed and opened by Most Rev. Timothy Costelloe, Archbishop of Perth on 02 November, 2013. January 2014. Photos Ref: MAYL014


Maylands - Baptist Church

The Maylands Baptist Church on the corner of Seventh Avenue and Coode Street. The church was opened on 29th November 1913 and Mrs A. Duncan later unveiled a commemoration stone to mark the event. The church was extended some 23 years later and a stone commemorating the extensions was unveiled by Mrs F. H. Hunt on 15th February 1936. January 2014. Photos Ref: MAYL015


Maylands - Old Shops on Eighth Avenue

A group of old shops on Eighth Avenue. Constructed around 1900, these premises were occupied in the 1940's and 1950's by a delicatessen which was called the Ham and Beef Shop. Great to see the City of Bayswater has laid many flagstones in the footpath outside the old buildings providing valuable history. January 2014. Photos Ref: MAYL016


Maylands - Old Peninsula Hotel

The grand old Peninsula Hotel stands on Railway Parade opposite the railway station. The hotel was constructed in 1906 and was one of the three original hotels in Maylands together with the Central Hotel, and the now demolished Hoffman's Hotel. September 2010. Photos Ref: MAYL017


Maylands - Old Peninsula Hotel

A front view of the former Peninsula Hotel. The Dome coffee people are leasing a part of the hotel these days. September 2010. Photos Ref: MAYL018


Maylands - New Peninsula Hotel

Not a very flattering picture of the new Peninsula Hotel which is right next door to the old Peninsula Hotel. Architecturally these premises are very different than the old hotel. Consideration of re-developing this site is apparently on the drawing board. September 2010. Photos Ref: MAYL019


Maylands - Third Avenue Bridge

The Third Avenue road bridge spans the railway line down at the western end of Maylands. A recent press report suggests that this and the Seventh Avenue bridge are soon to be replaced. January 2014. Photos Ref: MAYL020


Maylands - Church of Christ

On the central part of Eighth Avenue is the Church of Christ. The church's foundation stone was laid by Mrs C. Brown on 24th March 1956. January 2014. Photos Ref: MAYL021


Maylands - Primary School

Part of the former Maylands Primary School, a northern extension built in 1921. These premises are now used by the Constable Care Child Safety Foundation. This is on the south side of Guildford Road corner Sixth Avenue. Photo - September 2012. Photos Ref: MAYL022


Maylands - Primary School

Maylands Primary School. The main section of the school on the south side of Sixth Avenue. The premises are now used by the School of Instrumental Music. The school was constructed in 1903 as a single class room school. Over the decades it grew. In 1978 this ceased operating as a school and became a New Arts and Craft Centre. Photo - November 2013. Photos Ref: MAYL023


Maylands - St Luke's Anglican Church

St Luke's Anglican Church in Maylands. The church is in two sections, the old and the new. This is the old section which was constructed in 1906. The Foundation Stone was laid by Sir Edward A. Stone, Lieut. Governor on October 20th, 1906. The newer part of the church is visible in the background. Photo - November 2013. Photos Ref: MAYL024


Maylands - St Luke's Anglican Church

St Luke's Anglican Church in Maylands. Next to the 1906 construction is this later addition, built in the 1930's. The Foundation Stone was laid on Palm Sunday 1931 by the Archbishop of Perth, Henry Frewen Le Fanu. Photo - November 2013. Photos Ref: MAYL025


Maylands - Ukrainian Catholic Church

Ukrainian Catholic Church of St. John the Baptist on Ferguson Street, Maylands. The church was established and constructed around 1966. The structure in the foreground celebrates one thousand years of Christianity in the Ukraine, 988 to 1988. Photo: November 2013. Photos Ref: MAYL026


Maylands - Brickworks

These structures complete with chimney stacks and kilns are part of the brickworks which operated on the south of the Maylands peninsula between 1927 to 1983. The land around here has been traditionally industrial. In recent years, the Maylands golf course has been established, together with many fine residences, lakes and parks. The Police Academy is in the area although now only used for police horse and dog units. From 1924 to 1959 the Maylands Aerodrome operated on the peninsula before the opening of Perth (Guildford) and Jandakot airports. October 2010. Photos Ref: MAYL027


Maylands - Jetty near Tranby House

Although a little bit sad and neglected with a few boards missing etc, this jetty (right next to Tranby House) on the Swan River looks rather picturesque. Whereas it's out-of-bounds to mere humans, river birds have found sanctuary here. October 2010. Photos Ref: MAYL028 (Since demolished and replaced)


Maylands - Tranby House

Tranby House is a valued historic building, just off Johnson Road down near the end of Peninsula Road, which was constructed in 1839. The house was built by and was the home of Mr Joseph Hardey and his family, who arrived in the Swan River Colony on the vessel 'The Tranby' in 1830. Mr Hardey had built two homes before this one and both were destroyed by floods. The National Trust has owned this property since 1972. October 2010. Photos Ref: MAYL029


Maylands - Tranby House

A closer view of the eastern end of Tranby House. This is the eastern (or river) side. October 2010. Photos Ref: MAYL030


Maylands - Tranby House

A view along the southern verandah of Tranby House. October 2010. Photos Ref: MAYL031


Maylands - Williamson's Motor House

On Guildford Road is this disused garage formerly Williamson's Motor House (or Garage). A service station unusually built to a Mediterranean theme. Whoever used to own this had a sense of humour. "Super Petrol - 28 cents a litre plus tax" when the retail price was actually three times that. And "Drive-in Parking" .. how else? This was built in 1930. At one time it was known as Fitzgibbon's Service Station. November 2013. Photos Ref: MAYL032


Maylands - Williamson's Motor House

Getting on for 8 years later this is all that's left of the garage but it seems this bit may be here to stay judging by the installed wall supports. This is a sizable block of land and appears to belong to Craigcare who have quite a large aged care facility next door. It certainly looks like they seek to extend their operations onto this block. July 2021. Photos Ref: MAYL033

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