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Meltham is a small locality which is within the City of Bayswater, a little north-east of Maylands, and about 5 km from Perth. The locality is located on the Perth - Midland railway line and has its own station. Main roads in the area include Grand Promenade and Railway Parade. Meltham is not listed as an official Perth suburb, it is actually the southern corner of Bayswater. The name Meltham is probably derived from a town of the same name in Yorkshire


Meltham - Russian Orthodox Church

This is the Russian Orthodox church on Whatley Crescent. It was completed in 1991. This is the only physical Russian Orthodox church in Perth. Its design is based on a church in Siberia. The congregation met previously in a slightly less robust structure between 1952 to 1990. June 2008. Photos Ref: MELT001


Meltham - Railway Station

Meltham train station's footbridge is a road to nowhere as presently there is obviously work going on. This station was built in 1948 to cater for a rapidly growing local population. It was a long walk to either Maylands or Bayswater station. From 1913 to 1948 only a signal box existed at the station site. June 2008. Photos Ref: MELT002


Meltham - Railway Station

Meltham train station and facilities looking south from the overhead footbridge. The next station along from here is Maylands. Visible on the horizon are some Perth city high-rises. July 2021. Photos Ref: MELT003


Meltham - Dubrovnik Butchers

The colourful Dubrovnik butcher's and small-goods shop is pretty well known around Perth. This is located on Railway Parade, near the corner of Grand Promenade and across from Meltham Station. Mr Paul Marinovich opened the store in 1974. Alas, the business ceased operating in 2012. June 2008. Photos Ref: MELT004


Meltham - Dubrovnik Butchers

Another view of Mr Marinovich's business this time taking in all of the front of the smaller store situated on the left side of the main building. "Perth's Best Wurst" - a good pun. June 2008. Photos Ref: MELT005


Meltham - Former Butchers

This is how the Durovnik Butcher's shop looks like some 13 years on. No more sausages etc on the roof. This seems to be a private dwelling now. July 2021. Photos Ref: MELT006


Meltham - Former Butchers

To the left of the above building, this was once part of Dubrovnik Butchers. This place looks very boarded up and bolted and is probably vacant right now, despite the "Open" sign on the door. July 2021. Photos Ref: MELT007


Meltham - Porkies BBQ

On the corner of Grand Promenade and Whatley Crescent are these two shops. They lie just to the left of the above former butchery businesses. Some years ago Porkies BBQ was Aquarium City. The TV and Video Repair shop has been closed for years and is full of junk. July 2021. Photos Ref: MELT008

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