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Bayswater is quite a large-sized suburb north-east of Perth. It is bounded by Broun and Walter Roads in the north and the Swan River to the south. This is approximately half-way between Perth and Midland and is on the rail line. The area contains a mix of residential properties, light industry and river-front park lands. Bayswater gets it name from a homestead in the area which was sold to a Mr Dribble in 1885. The name originates from the London borough


Bayswater - Hotel

Built as far back 1898, the Bayswater Hotel is situated at the south end of Beechboro Road, on the corner of Railway Parade in Bayswater. The hotel has survived a one-time demolition threat and also enjoyed renovations in the 1960's and again in the 1990's. September 2010. Photos Ref: BAYS001


Bayswater - King William Street

A view from the footbridge over the King William Street underpass (the road passes beneath the train lines). This is looking across Whatley Crescent and east down King William Street. September 2010. Photos Ref: BAYS002


Bayswater - King William Street

Looking west along King William Street towards Whatley Crescent and the road subway under the railway tracks. September 2010. Photos Ref: BAYS003


Bayswater - Underpass

This is the road subway under the railway tracks. It's looking west so the continuance of the road beyond the bridge is Coode Street. This bridge, notorious for trucks getting stuck underneath, was built circa 1923. It was demolished in April 2023. A new, higher bridge is now located on this side of the old bridge. September 2010. Photos Ref: BAYS004

(Demolished 15 April 2023)


Bayswater - Whatley Crescent View

A view looking south down Whatley Crescent (from next to the railway station) as it dips across King William Street then continues on towards Meltham. An interesting array of verandah over-hangs the heights of which follow the contour of the road. May 2016. Photos Ref: BAYS005


Bayswater - Whatley Parade Shop

This shop is at 79 Whatley Parade. It was erected in 1919 and established as Bayswater's original grocery store and bakery by the Campbell family and operated thus right up until the 1950's. The Campbells were put out of business by the arrival of the supermarket and ironically today there is one right next door. The verandah posts were removed in the 1950's. The premises are now used by a beautician. Recently this was Apple custom picture framing - the name and details can still be made out above the door. May 2016. Photos Ref: BAYS006


Bayswater - Cafe Beechboro Road

On Beechboro Road, at the corner of Foyle Road is a group of four shops. The corner shop pictured and the pizza shop to the left were the first two of the four to be erected in 1919. The original corner shop owner was apparently Emily Thompson, a laundress of North Perth. The current occupant is the Sip 'n' Tuck Cafe. The building looks well maintained and has attractive paintwork. The surrounding two shops were added in 1930. May 2016. Photos Ref: BAYS007


Bayswater - Speedcast Satellite Station

Speedcast at 44 Clavering Road. It has an impressive array of satellite dishes many of which are actually larger than they look in this picture. The company provides global satellite network services for critical applications. It has four stations within Australia and nine in key locations overseas. May 2016. Photos Ref: BAYS008


Bayswater - Railway Station

Here's Bayswater railway station. The station is about half way between Perth and Midland and is usually fairly busy. September 2010. Photos Ref: BAYS009


Bayswater - Post Office

The Old Bayswater Post Office (the sign even says 'old') which is now the Bendigo Bank on King William Street. January 2009. Photos Ref: BAYS010


Bayswater - Antique Shop

An attractive group of old shops in central Bayswater on King William Street. The building on the left is comprised of only two shops but has three doors! The yellow building is King William Antiques and Collectables. These buildings would probably date back over one hundred years. July 2013. Photos Ref: BAYS011


Bayswater - Romanian Church

Anyone driving along Guildford Road is bound to see this church. It's on the left, after Leake Street, heading towards Midland. This is the Romanian Baptist Church. The Foundation Stone of the building was laid on 22nd September 1906 by Mr W. Frew. This may have been originally built as an Anglican Church. July 2013. Photos Ref: BAYS012


Bayswater - Sikh Temple

On Murray Street close to the primary school is the Sikh Gurdwara Perth. Lovely stonework at the front of what appears was once a church of a different persuasion. Looking at the Foundation Stone, I see it was laid on 21st May 1955 by Miss M. O. Stevens B. A. July 2013. Photos Ref: BAYS013


Bayswater - Primary School

On the corner of Murray and Leake Streets is the Bayswater Primary School. The entrance faces Murray Street, the side in this photo is on Milne Street. The school was built in 1894. The two-storey architecture was fairly common for larger schools built in that era. July 2013. Photos Ref: BAYS014


Bayswater - Primary School

Another view of the Bayswater Primary School. This is adjacent to the main entrance and the layout looks interestingly creative. July 2013. Photos Ref: BAYS015


Bayswater - Old Shop

Across on the other side of Leake Street from the primary school is this rather attractive old shop which is probably a private residence now. I wonder whether this could have once been the primary school tuck shop? July 2013. Photos Ref: BAYS016


Bayswater - Old Shop

Diagonally across Leake and Murray Streets from the primary school is another old shop. Undoubtedly a private home now and a credit to the owners for retaining the overhang and keeping the street facade intact. July 2013. Photos Ref: BAYS017


Bayswater - Bee Jays

The colourful Bee Jay's Deli on Guildford Road at Leake Street. Over recent decades, many privately-owned delicatessen's throughout Perth have unfortunately disappeared. July 2013. Photos Ref: BAYS018


Bayswater - Anglican Church

St Augustine's Anglican Church on Roberts Street. Construction was completed in 1965. Another church building used to occupy this site but that was dismantled in 1961. May 2016. Photos Ref: BAYS019


Bayswater - Anglican Church Hall

The St Augustine's Anglican Church Hall which sits facing Roberts Street adjacent to the church. This was built in 1924. The small section at the front of the building is a later addition and appears to be a garage of sorts. May 2016. Photos Ref: BAYS020


Bayswater - Drill Hall

On Murray Street is the former Drill Hall which is now part of the Family Centre. The hall was erected in 1906 to house the local Road Board. It was later used as part of war effort activities. May 2016. Photos Ref: BAYS021


Bayswater - Singleton Bird Sanctuary

At the extreme eastern end of King William Street, after crossing Guildford Road, is the Eric Singleton Bird Sanctuary and beyond that the Bayswater Riverside Gardens. Here is the entry to the bird sanctuary. 20-odd years ago this was swampland so I suppose its always been a bird home but at least now that it's official the land will hopefully never be developed. July 2013. Photos Ref: BAYS022


Bayswater - Singleton Bird Sanctuary

A walk through the bird sanctuary. On the left is a lake cut off from the track by a water channel probably designed to keep out cats and dogs. To the right is a murky looking swamp with dense undergrowth and trees which some wildlife would enjoy. July 2013. Photos Ref: BAYS023


Bayswater - Jetty at River

This jetty is within the Bayswater Riverside Gardens on the Swan River. Across the other side you can see the grandstand and part of the track of Ascot Race Course. July 2013. Photos Ref: BAYS024


Bayswater - Swan River View

Still in Bayswater Riverside Gardens, this is looking south-west towards Perth City, taking in a small riverside beach and the Garrett Road bridges. In the left of picture is a section of a small river island. July 2013. Photos Ref: BAYS025

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