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Middle Swan

Middle Swan is a descriptive name simply meaning being situated in the middle area of this part of the Swan River. The area has been settled and cultivated as far back as the 1840's. Captain Stirling would have passed through here in 1827 on his exploration voyage which took him as far upstream as Henley Brook. Middle Swan surrounds the Great Northern Highway, north to Oakover Road and south to Viveash and Midland. The local authority is the Shire of Swan


Middle Swan - ROAB Lodge

The former Buffaloes Lodge on the corner of Great Northern Highway and Viveash Road. This building was constructed originally as a church. The Swan Memorial Church's Foundation Stone was laid by Sir Francis Newdegate on 17th December 1922. The building is now the Middle Swan Spiritualist Church. October 2013. Photos Ref: MSWN001


Middle Swan - Middle Swan Reserve

The Middle Swan Reserve is on a remaining section of Middle Swan Road, just west of the Great Northern Highway and next to Bandyup Prison. Here is a look downstream at the reserve. October 2013. Photos Ref: MSWN002


Middle Swan - Middle Swan Reserve

Looking upstream on the Swan River at the Middle Swan Reserve. October 2013. Photos Ref: MSWN003


Middle Swan - Old Bridge Supports

Here are some of the wooden stays which supported the old Middle Swan Road bridge which used to cross the Swan River. The bridge was replaced by the Reid Highway concrete bridge. October 2013. Photos Ref: MSWN004


Middle Swan - Reid Highway Bridge

Reid Highway passes over the Swan River and here is the bridge. This thoroughfare used to be known as Middle Swan Road before it became part of the highway. October 2013. Photos Ref: MSWN005


Middle Swan - Reid Highway Bridge

Underneath the Reid Highway bridge. Lots of big stones under here. The river is behind us and there is a gravel pathway access down here. October 2013. Photos Ref: MSWN006


Middle Swan - Green Paddocks

Green pastures near the Swan River provide good feed for these horses. Record September rains have topped up many wetlands and lakes all over Perth and the south-west. October 2013. Photos Ref: MSWN007


Middle Swan - Swanleigh Administration Centre

Swanleigh is off Yule Road. This was a boy's orphanage from 1868 until 1942. From 1942 it also admitted orphaned girls. The orphanage as such was discontinued in 1960. From 1960 to 1972 it was known as the Swanleigh Hostel and used by boarding high school students. The Anglican Church has continued to run this facility from inception to present day. Swanleigh also once provided residence for migrant children and at another stage for delinquent children. October 2013. Photos Ref: MSWN008


Middle Swan - Swanleigh Administration Centre

This is currently the Swanleigh administration centre. The above photo is a close-up of the central section. Magnificent looking building. This building was opened officially on 5th October 1904 when Admiral Sir F.C.F. Bedford, Governor, laid the Foundation Stone. October 2013. Photos Ref: MSWN009


Middle Swan - Swanleigh Dining Hall

The Swanleigh Dining Room looks like it post-dates many other buildings in the complex. October 2013. Photos Ref: MSWN010


Middle Swan - Swanleigh Freeman House

Freeman House is located on the road into Swanleigh. This building was opened on 12th December 1954 by Sir Charles Gardiner, Governor. October 2013. Photos Ref: MSWN011


Middle Swan - Swanleigh Stanton House

Stanton House lies alongside Freeman House. It looks of similar 1950's vintage to Freeman House. October 2013. Photos Ref: MSWN012


Middle Swan - Swanleigh Lee-Steere House

Lee-Steere House set in what look like residential buildings. This is of earlier construction and was opened by Sir Ernest Lee-Steere on 2nd October 1948. October 2013. Photos Ref: MSWN013


Middle Swan - Swanleigh Historic Cottage

Near the entrance to Swanleigh is this old cottage. It is by far the oldest building. It was constructed around 1850. It looks a lot like an old school room. October 2013. Photos Ref: MSWN014


Middle Swan - Swanleigh Historic Cottage

The circa 1850 old cottage again, this time viewed from the eastern side. October 2013. Photos Ref: MSWN015


Middle Swan - Swanleigh Hall

The west end of the 1930's vintage Alfred Guy Memorial Hall. The building was opened on 19th October 1934 by Archbishop of Perth, the Reverend H.E. Le Fanu. October 2013. Photos Ref: MSWN016


Middle Swan - Swanleigh Hall

Showing is a section of the Alfred Guy Memorial Hall on the left, plus another hall beyond. October 2013. Photos Ref: MSWN017


Middle Swan - Swanleigh Brown House

The magnificent looking Brown House which appears to date right back to 1874. This building also provides access to Sundercombe, Ferguson and Robertson Houses. October 2013. Photos Ref: MSWN018


Middle Swan - Swanleigh St Mary's Church

In the Swanleigh complex is St Mary's Anglican Church and its surrounding cemetery. The first church was built on this site in 1840. This building was constructed some 28 years later. The Foundation Stone was laid by Isabella Ferguson on 10th March, 1869. October 2013. Photos Ref: MSWN019

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