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Shenton Park

Shenton Park is located to the west side of Thomas St, west of Kings Park, east of Mt Claremont and north of Claremont. The suburb was named after former Mayor of Perth, Sir George Shenton. Shenton served three terms as Mayor of Perth. He was also a businessman and politician. Shenton Park is divided by the railway. East of the line is residential. To the west are water-supply facilities, two university campuses, hospital annexes and Shenton College


Shenton Park - Subway

This is the Shenton Park subway from the west side. Beyond is Nicholson Road. September 2009. Photos Ref: SHPK001


Shenton Park - Train Station Art

A realistic painting of one of the old diesel railcars that were used around Perth pre-electrification. This and other trains are painted on the walls on the Shenton Park railways station underpass. September 2009. Photos Ref: SHPK002


Shenton Park - Wood Yard

This strip of land that is situated between the railway line and Stubbs Terrace has housed these light industrial businesses for years. They seem a little at odds with the way Shenton Park has developed but then what else to do with the land? The property is probably within the bounds of the railway easement. September 2009. Photos Ref: SHPK003


Shenton Park - R&R Antique Shop

R & R Antiques on Railway Parade not far from Daglish Station. September 2009. Photos Ref: SHPK004


Shenton Park - Classic Window Finishings

On a corner of Railway Parade and Hamersley Road is Classic Window Finishings. September 2009. Photos Ref: SHPK005


Shenton Park - Old Hotel

The old Shents on the corner of Nicholson and Derby Roads was built in 1907. Last rounds were called in 1999. No longer an hotel, no more jugs, no more Sunday sessions ... time gentlemen, please! This building is now one of the premises of the Department of Housing. January 2011. Photos Ref: SHPK006


Shenton Park - Rosalie Primary School

The main entrance to Rosalie Primary School on Onslow Road. The school was established in 1906. March 2015. Photos Ref: SHPK007


Shenton Park - Electricity Substation

This residence was formerly the Shenton Park Electrical Sub Station and was built in 1923. This is on Keightley Road. March 2015. Photos Ref: SHPK008


Shenton Park - Warehouse Cafe

The Warehouse Cafe looking quite elegant at 221 Onslow Road. The cafe appears to be associated with the Uniting Church. March 2015. Photos Ref: SHPK009


Shenton Park - Anglican Church

St Matthew's Anglican Church, Shenton Park. The church has two Foundation Stones. One laid by Rev. Milton Maley on May 7th, 1932. The other was laid by Sir William Lathlain, Lord Mayor of Perth, on the same date. March 2015. Photos Ref: SHPK010


Shenton Park - Scouts Hall

This is the former West Subiaco Scout Hall on Murchison Street. The Foundation Stone was laid by Sir William Campion, Governor of Western Australia and Chief Scout, on December 7th, 1929. March 2015. Photos Ref: SHPK011


Shenton Park - Old Theatre

At 212 Nicholson Road is Hatfield House which housed the Shenton Picture Gardens. It was constructed in 1923. By the 1960's the building served as a supermarket. Today is houses a variety of businesses mainly The Property Exchange. September 2017. Photos Ref: SHPK012


Shenton Park - Pharmacy

This colourful pharmacy is just across the other side of Derby Road from Hatfield House. September 2017. Photos Ref: SHPK013


Shenton Park - St Aloysius Church (former)

Not a particularly flattering picture of the former St Aloysius Church and Convent School on Herbert Street. This was founded by the Sisters of St John of God in 1909. It was taken over by the Sisters of Mercy in 1912. The last year the school operated was 1973. This is now a private dwelling. September 2017. Photos Ref: SHPK014


Shenton Park - Pappy's Deli

At 107 Nicholson Road is Pappy's Deli. This was once simply the local corner store. It looks of 1920's vintage. September 2017. Photos Ref: SHPK015


Shenton Park - Unicorn Bar

The Unicorn Bar at 208 Nicholson Road. This building was obviously erected in 1934. It resembles an old bank. September 2017. Photos Ref: SHPK016


Shenton Park - Old Business

This old shop is at 142 Hensman Road, on the corner of Nicholson Road. The shop looks currently closed. It was built around 1915 and includes a residence at the rear. September 2017. Photos Ref: SHPK017


Shenton Park - Mason's Hall

On Herbert Road is The West Subiaco Lodge No. 113. The Foundation Stone was unveiled by the M.W. Grand Master, The Most Rev. C.O.L. Riley, Archbishop of Perth, on November 6th, 1928. September 2019. Photos Ref: SHPK018


Shenton Park - Jualbup Lake

Jualbup Lake off Herbert Road. Centre is an island. These days lakes such as this have purposely made islands which serve as an effective wild life refuge for birds. A safe from the local cats. September 2019. Photos Ref: SHPK019

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