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This town straddles the Great Eastern Highway and is the last major suburb of Perth when heading east. Before the current name was adopted, this area was known as 'Gugeris' after Mr Peter Gugeri, a pioneer and early winemaker in the area (1882-1884). When the railway came through the siding was also known as Gugeris. A Mr Jacoby, a later settler, owned the Mundaring Vineyard Company. An early spelling was Mundairing. This name gradually prevailed


Mundaring - Hotel

Here is the Mundaring Hotel which was built in 1899. There was some street market going on outside and they're still dismantling the stalls and barriers. This building sits on the corner of Jacoby and Nicholl Streets. September 2010. Photos Ref: MDRG001


Mundaring - Hotel

Here is another photograph of the Mundaring Hotel this time nine months later. A little less bustle going on today. See how the upstairs verandah has changed. May 2011. Photos Ref: MDRG002


Mundaring - Loose Box Restaurant

This is the Loose Box Restaurant renowned as being one of the finest restaurants in Perth. And so it is, as I have dined here albeit many years ago. This is on Great Eastern Highway, on the north side, just as you enter the townsite of Mundaring from the west. May 2011. Photos Ref: MDRG003


Mundaring - Loose Box Restaurant

These gardens are on the west side of the restaurant. Raised garden beds suggest they grow vegetables perhaps for use in the restaurant. You can see the avenue of fine white gum trees that line the highway. May 2011. Photos Ref: MDRG004


Mundaring - Mundaring House

On the south side of Great Eastern Highway more or less in the middle of town is Mundaring House - 'A Patch of Country Cafe and Gift Shop', in leafy grounds. May 2011. Photos Ref: MDRG005


Mundaring - Old School Tourist Association

On the north side of the highway is the old school of which construction commenced in 1908. These days this is the home of the Mundaring Tourist Association and is also the Mundaring District Museum. May 2011. Photos Ref: MDRG006


Mundaring - Anglican Church

The Mundaring Anglican Church. This is the Parish of Mundaring, Church of the Epiphany. The Foundation Stone was laid by W. T. Loton Esq. J.P., on June 27th, 1914. May 2011. Photos Ref: MDRG007


Mundaring - Anglican Church Parish Centre

Next to the Anglican Church is the Parish Centre which also doubles as an Opportunity Shop. This building dates back to 1920. October 2012. Photos Ref: MDRG008


Mundaring - Post Office Building

The Mundaring Arts Centre on Great Eastern Highway. This was formerly the post office and was built in 1926. This building became the Arts Centre in 1997. March 2015. Photos Ref: MDRG009


Mundaring - CWA Hall

The CWA Hall caught my eye with such bright artwork. It stands out like a beacon in a wooded park area on the south side of town. May 2011. Photos Ref: MDRG010


Mundaring - Scouts Hall

The hall of the First Mundaring Scout Group on the south side of town. May 2011. Photos Ref: MDRG011


Mundaring - Scouts Hall

Another view of the hall of the First Mundaring Scout Group, taking in the Jacoby Street frontage. March 2015. Photos Ref: MDRG012


Mundaring - Masonic Hall

This is the Mundaring Stratford Day Lodge No. 90 W.A.C. on Jacoby Street. The Foundation Stone was laid by The Most Worshipful Grand Master, The Most Rev. C.O.L. Riley, Archbishop of Perth, on March 13th, 1926. March 2015. Photos Ref: MDRG013


Mundaring - Hall

On the corner of Jacoby and Nichol Streets is the Mundaring Hall. This face looks onto Jacoby Street. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mathieson Jacoby Esq, M.L.A., on October 12th, 1901. March 2015. Photos Ref: MDRG014


Mundaring - Hall

The Mundaring Hall viewed side-on from along Nichol Street. This was formerly known as the Mundaring Agricultural Hall. The 1901 hall was enlarged and restructured in 1937. March 2015. Photos Ref: MDRG015


Mundaring - Catholic Church

The Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart on Coolgardie Street, just south of the town centre. The Church was blessed and dedicated by Archbishop Clune on January 22nd, 1933. March 2015. Photos Ref: MDRG016


Mundaring - Sacred Heart School

Adjacent to the Church of the Sacred Heart is the Sacred Heart School. The school was opened by Archbishop R. Prendiville on December 21st, 1952. March 2015. Photos Ref: MDRG017


Mundaring - Sacred Heart School

The Sacred Heart School administration centre. This building is a later addition which was opened on April 1st, 2011. Photos Ref: MDRG018


Mundaring - Artisan Bakery & Cafe

On the south side of Great Eastern Highway in the town centre is the Artisan Bakery and Cafe. March 2015. Photos Ref: MDRG019


Mundaring - Shops on Great Eastern Highway

These shops are set a little way back from the highway on the south side. They are Virsa The Heritage Indian Cuisine, Hills Fresh and Mr Magic Carwash. March 2015. Photos Ref: MDRG020


Mundaring - Dentists

Darling Range Denture Service on the west side of town on Great Eastern Highway. The buildings may have once been a school. It resembles one in many ways. February 2015. Photos Ref: MDRG021


Mundaring - Old Station Masters House

This building is the old Station Master's House built in the days not long after the railway first ran through here. This building was erected in 1902. May 2011. Photos Ref: MDRG022


Mundaring - Old Railway Area Signals

Just down from the old Station Master's House is the railway easement and in this picture is a replica signal box in which the kids can play, plus a few well-kept railway signals. Construction of the railway area commenced in 1898 and this pre-dated construction of nearly all the rest of the locality. May 2011. Photos Ref: MDRG023


Mundaring - Old Railway Station Area

Another view of the signals. This photo takes in part of the old railway platform, and a line of railway sleepers set in concrete. To the right is a small amphitheatre. You can see part of the first three grassed tiers. May 2011. Photos Ref: MDRG024

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