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Sawyers Valley

Sawyers Valley is a small settlement located east of Mundaring on the Great Eastern Highway. This marks the limit of the metropolitan area. The name is descriptive of the predominant type of work carried out in the district after establishment in the 1860's. Sawyers were responsible for cutting up the felled jarrah logs to enable the wood to be carted out of the district. The railway line from Midland reached here in 1884 and then Sawyers Valley station opened


Sawyers Valley - Great Eastern Highway looking East

Looking east down Great Eastern Highway towards the east. You can see the fruit mart advertising signs and a service station beyond. East-west trucks thunder through here day and night. May 2009. Photos Ref: SAWY001


Sawyers Valley - Fruit Shop

The local fruit mart was doing a reasonable trade this day. It looks like east-bound people (I noticed quite a few Northam vehicles) stocking up on fruit and vegetables before heading home. May 2009. Photos Ref: SAWY002


Sawyers Valley - Hobby Centre

The tiny Sawyers Valley hobby shop. It's between the hotel and the grocery store. By 2015 this has become Scented Addictions, a seller of perfumed candles. May 2009. Photos Ref: SAWY003


Sawyers Valley - General Store

The Sawyers Valley general store facing the Great Eastern Highway. May 2009. Photos Ref: SAWY004


Sawyers Valley - General Store

Sawyers Valley general store sits off to the side of Great Eastern Highway awaiting the patronage of passers-by. May 2009. Photos Ref: SAWY005


Sawyers Valley - Tavern

The Sawyers Valley Tavern and Leather Green Restaurant on Great Eastern Highway. This was built in 1930. May 2009. Photos Ref: SAWY006


Sawyers Valley - Willow House

Willow House, Country Living Unique Girts and More, on Great Eastern Highway. The building dates back to Federation and looks quite charming. March 2015. Photos Ref: SAWY007


Sawyers Valley - Second Hand Shop

Christine's Second Hand Shop on Great Eastern Highway. March 2015. Photos Ref: SAWY008


Sawyers Valley - School House

The former school head master's house, built in 1896, sits within the grounds of the Sawyers Valley primary school. March 2015. Photos Ref: SAWY009


Sawyers Valley - Stonehouse Garage

Just a few kilometres east of the Sawyers Valley townsite is Stonehouse. This garage was once a thriving fuel stop on the Great Eastern Highway. The highway was realigned away from the garage and now it sits on the Stonehouse Loop. Still here but minus the fuel. October 2015. Photos Ref: SAWY010


Sawyers Valley - Stonehouse Garage

The old Stonehouse Garage viewed from the east. Gull, the Spirit of Western Australia. October 2015. Photos Ref: SAWY011


Sawyers Valley - Stonehouse House

Just east of the garage is this house showing some fine stonework. This may have been a former business but now appears to be a private residence. October 2015. Photos Ref: SAWY012


Sawyers Valley - Stonehouse Pumps and Reticulation

Stonehouse Pumps and Reticulation is on the Stonehouse Loop and is a division of Steelfab Water Solutions. October 2015. Photos Ref: SAWY013

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