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North Perth

North Perth is a descriptive term used to name the area north of Perth, east of Leederville and west of Mount Lawley. Loftus, Charles and Fitzgerald Streets run north-south through the district. North Perth was established as a result of the 1890's gold boom. In the early days this much of this area was swampland which were a part of the chain of wetlands stretching from Lake Karrinyup, Lake Monger and through to Claisebrook. It was gazetted in 1901


North Perth - Redemptorist Monastery

The Catholic Redemptorist Monastery on Vincent Street, opposite the Bulwer Street junction, built in 1903. This is showing the western side and the front (southern) facade. Incredible stonework and ornate architecture, this is built to last a thousand years. January 2013. Photos Ref: NRPH001


North Perth - Redemptorist Monastery

The west western side of the Monastery illuminated with the afternoon sun. These buildings serve as Monastery, the Mission and Retreat House for the Redemptorist Order of Western Australia. January 2013. Photos Ref: NRPH002


North Perth - Angove Street Shops

This old brace of shops is at 56/58 Angove Street near Fitzgerald Street. This building would be getting on for a hundred years old and would have seen quite a few tenants pass through its doors. January 2013. Photos Ref: NRPH003


North Perth - Rosemount Hotel

The colourful Rosemount Hotel on the corner of Angove and Fitzgerald Streets. The hotel was constructed in 1902. January 2013. Photos Ref: NRPH004


North Perth - First Town Hall

On View Street, off Fitzgerald Street appears to be something of a small historic precinct. This place looks like the one time heart of North Perth. This is the original Town Hall, built in 1902. The foundation stone was laid by Hon. Geo Leake, Premier, on 5th April 1902. January 2013. Photos Ref: NRPH005


North Perth - Second Town Hall

North Perth soon outgrew its original Town Hall. Right next door is the second Town Hall which was built in 1910 and extended in 1933. In 1910, when this building opened, it became known as the Main Hall and the former building the Lesser Hall. The Town of North Perth only existed from 1901 to 1914, a mere 13 years, after which it amalgamated with the City of Perth. January 2013. Photos Ref: NRPH006


North Perth - Old Fire Station

Across the road from both the Town Halls is the old North Perth fire station, built in 1926. January 2013. Photos Ref: NRPH007


North Perth - Old Post Office

A little to the east of the fire station is the old post office which is of 1916 vintage. The new post office is just down the road on Fitzgerald Street. January 2013. Photos Ref: NRPH008


North Perth - St Hilda's Anglican Church

The final building to show today on View Street is St Hilda's Anglican Church. The foundation stone was laid by W. T. Loton Esq., on 24 July, 1915. January 2013. Photos Ref: NRPH009

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