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Osborne Park

This locality contains a blend of light industrial and residential areas and is about 5-6 kms north-west of Perth between Innaloo and Glendalough. In early days, much of the land in this district was used for dairying and market gardening. In the 1870's, a local butcher, abattoir and landowner was Mr William Osborne. Mr Osborne's land was subdivided in 1905 and the area still bears his name. Main thoroughfares include Scarborough Beach Rd and Main St


Osborne Park - Scarborough Beach Road

Looking east, towards the city, along Scarborough Beach Road where you can glimpse the city skyline in the background. July 2009. Photos Ref: OSPK001


Osborne Park - OP's Bar and Cafe

OP's Bar and Cafe on Scarborough Beach Road not far west of Hutton Street. July 2009. Photos Ref: OSPK002


Osborne Park - Super A Mart

Super A Mart on Scarborough Beach Road. This used to be the premises of Ikea until it recently moved into its larger new premises off Ellen Stirling Boulevard, near the Stirling railway station. July 2009. Photos Ref: OSPK003


Osborne Park - Passiona Factory

This was the Passiona Bottling Co. premises years ago. The name is etched into the brickwork at the top of the far end of the building and is still clearly visible. At some time Schweppes took over. Up until just a couple of weeks before this picture was taken, the business was known as Cadbury Schweppes but Cadbury pulled out of the business. A big new Schweppes sign now covers the sign space. Photo - August 2009. Photos Ref: OSPK004

(Demolished in September 2016)


Osborne Park - Passiona Factory

Another look at the Passiona factory. A press release this week (October 2014) says that this site has been sold and may be re-developed. The soft drink business has closed down, at least at this plant. Meantime the premises are available for lease. October 2014. Photos Ref: OSPK005

(Demolished in September 2016)


Osborne Park - Asea Browne Bovervi Factory Site

The Osborne Park site of ABB (Asea Browne Bovervi) - power transmission equipment - on Scarborough Beach Road at the end of Hutton Street. This factory has been totally demolished although at the start it seems asbestos removal was the prime objective of the temporary closure. January 2011. Photos Ref: OSPK006


Osborne Park - Asea Browne Bovervi Factory Site

After lying dormant for a couple of years, re-development of this site is well underway. The roads you can see run down towards Walters Drive. This picture (as the one above and below) taken from Scarborough Beach Road. June 2013. Photos Ref: OSPK007


Osborne Park - Asea Browne Bovervi Factory Site

Another view of re-development at the old ABB site. That new structure going up at the rear (with the cranes) is on Walters Drive, which, when finished, will be the Ventura Homes building. June 2013. Photos Ref: OSPK008


Osborne Park - Asea Browne Bovervi Factory Site

Here is how the old site has ended up. Many shops have sprung up including Freedom and other furniture product shops including bedding. The road does not go all the way through to Walters Drive. That Office Works place is brand new. In fact, on this day, they are yet to move in. They are still in their premises on Scarborough Beach Road. October 2014. Photos Ref: OSPK009


Osborne Park - Shopping Centre on Main Street

This is the Osborne Shopping Centre on Main Street. The suburb was neatly bisected when the Mitchell Freeway was built in the early 1970's. Some former east-west through roads, such as Hector Street, are now cut by the Freeway. The eastern part of Osborne Park is predominantly residential whereas the western part leans to light industrial. January 2011. Photos Ref: OSPK010


Osborne Park - Memorial RSL Hall

The Osborne Park Memorial RSL Hall dates back to 1930. The building in on Main Street, at the corner of Cape Street. August 2011. Photos Ref: OSPK011


Osborne Park - Racing Pigeon Club

This small building is on Main Street not far from the Memorial RSL Hall. It's the United Districts Racing Pigeon Club. It even has a Foundation Stone which indicates that this may have been an important building in days gone by. The building was opened on 11th August 1928 by Hon. Harold Millington, M.L.A., who was Minister for Agriculture and also Police at the time. June 2013. Photos Ref: OSPK012


Osborne Park - Former Lunch Bar

A former lunch bar, adjacent shop and rear residence on the corner of Main and McDonald Streets. This is all been redeveloped and will look good when finished. December 2017. Photos Ref: OSPK013


Osborne Park - Main Street Shops

Another Main and McDonald Street corner houses this block of shops. Tang Technology, Sanderson Engineering, Elma Lauren Hair and Beauty Studio, Aussie Royal Lunch Bar and Art Forum. December 2017. Photos Ref: OSPK014


Osborne Park - Old Restaurant Main Street

On the corner of Main (122) and Cape Streets is this former restaurant. It appears to be be gradually deteriorating, especially that verandah overhang though all-in-all the place looks fairly robust. This place has not been used in years. I would suggest this was the former home of Italian Restaurant, Tropea Ristorante. Long time ago. You can lease it now if you wish. Great location. December 2017. Photos Ref: OSPK015


Osborne Park - Uniting Church

On Federal Street is this weather-board and iron-roofed Uniting Church in Australia and out-buildings. This appears to be a former Methodist Church constructed in 1915. It became United in 1977 when Methodists, Presbyterians and others came together to become the Uniting Church. June 2013. Photos Ref: OSPK016


Osborne Park - School

The Osborne Park Primary School viewed from Albert Street. April 2019. Photos Ref: OSPK017


Osborne Park - Kindergarten

This solid and old former residence on Albert Street sits alongside the Primary School and houses the Kindergarten. April 2019. Photos Ref: OSPK018


Osborne Park - Seventh Day Adventist Church

This Seventh Day Adventist Church is on Edward Street. April 2019. Photos Ref: OSPK019


Osborne Park - Anglican Chapel - Amana Living

The Amana Living Anglican Aged Care Community on Hutton Street. This chapel perhaps pre-dates surrounding buildings by many decades? It may well once have been the All Saints Anglican Church. September 2019. Photos Ref: OSPK020


Osborne Park - Freeway Suspension Bridge

For anyone travelling up and down the Mitchell Freeway through the area, this would be a familiar landmark. It is a single span suspension bridge linking the end of King Edward Street on the south side with Telford Crescent on the north for pedestrians and cyclists. June 2013. Photos Ref: OSPK021


Osborne Park - GEC Tulk Factory

A look down King Edward Street. All factories, industrial suppliers and the occasional lunch bar around here. The factory in the foreground manufactures electric motors, some of which are massive. The factory used to be owned by F. R. Tulk. It was taken over by Transfield in the 1990's. Transfield then went into a joint-venture with GEC. Now GEC looks like being the sole owner with Transfield somehow dropping out. (March 2015 update: These premises are now available for lease, the former business is closed). June 2013. Photos Ref: OSPK022


Osborne Park - Hutton Street Factory Units

These three business's are located (with others) in what was once probably a single factory. This is on Hutton Street close to Hector Street West. October 2016. Photos Ref: OSPK023

(Being demolished in May 2018)


Osborne Park - Hutton Street Factory Units

And down come the factory units (above photo). Pity as they added a bit of colour to this end of the street. June 2018. Photos Ref: OSPK024

(May 2021: Nearly three years on and this is still a vacant sandy block full of weeds)


Osborne Park - Berti's Cafe

On the corner of Hutton Street and Guthrie Street is Berti's Cafe. In fact the cafe recently closed so probably the block will be re-developed or new tenants move into the premises as is. Too many lunch bars around here. October 2016. Photos Ref: OSPK025

(Refurbished as the Golden Bakery in April 2018)


Osborne Park - Hutton Street Kwik Fuel

Across Hutton Street and on the corner of Howe Street is this Kwik Fuel garage, one of a dwindling number of independent fuel outlets in Perth. They don't do mechanical repairs in the workshops anymore. October 2016. Photos Ref: OSPK026

(May 2021: When I drove past here the other day I noticed it is being transformed into a Vibe fuel outlet. So until that's finished it's closed)


Osborne Park - Hutton Street Paint and Coffee

On Hutton Street, I pass this place everyday. It always catches my eye with its clean lines and bright colours. Wonder if they sell coffee coloured paint ..... or paint flavoured coffee? June 2017. Photos Ref: OSPK027


Osborne Park - Drake Street

On Drake Street, just off Scarborough Beach Road, is a large recessed block of land which looks purpose-landscaped. See the steep banks on this side and also across on the left. Here is what occupies the land today. What was here before? The sliver of the Good Guys you can see is on Scarborough Beach Road. Someone told me that this might once have been a quarry. June 2017. Photos Ref: OSPK028


Osborne Park - Emeco Building

On Walters Drive is the Emeco building. One of a new breed of smart office buildings slowly moving into the area. Signage into the rear of the now demolished Schweppes (Passiona) factory up on Scarborough Beach Road can be seen in the foreground. October 2016. Photos Ref: OSPK029


Osborne Park - Walters Drive Buildings

Another smart, new, modern building on Walters Drive. An interesting design. October 2016. Photos Ref: OSPK030

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