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A colourful locality immediately to the north of the city known for its nightlife, Asian food shops and restaurants. The name Northbridge was adopted in the 1982. Prior to that the area was simply a part of Perth City. The area was renamed Northbridge to delineate the area north of the railway bridges from Perth City itself, giving the area its own identity. Northbridge is bounded by the southern railway lines, the Mitchell Freeway, William and Newcastle Streets

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Northbridge - Emmas Seafood

Emma's Seafood Yong Tau Foo shop on the corner of William and Newcastle Streets is a providor of fine Asian foods for local connoisseurs and the Asian community. September 2014. Photos Ref: NRBR001


Northbridge - Chung Wah Association

The Chung Wah Association Hall at 123 James Street. Upstairs is the home of Chung Wah Association which conducts many activities for the Chinese Community. The building was constructed specifically for Chung Wah in 1911. August 2009. Photos Ref: NRBR002


Northbridge - Valentino Cafe

Valentino Cafe specialising in Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. The blue is quite eye-catching. This is on James Street near Lake Street. August 2009. Photos Ref: NRBR003


Northbridge - Impact Bar on James Street

The Impact Bar at 147 James Street looks colourful. This is a relatively new bar in the area. Reviews of this place are positive, describing it as a friendly venue with great music. August 2009. Photos Ref: NRBR004


Northbridge - Brass Monkey Hotel

On the corner of James and William Streets is the impressive Brass Monkey Hotel. This used to be known as the Great Western Hotel. The building was erected in 1896. January 2012. Photos Ref: NRBR005


Northbridge - Old Bell Tower

On the corner of William Street and Francis Street is this old bell tower. It was built in 1937 but not here - it used to be at the Loreto Convent in Claremont. The bricks were brought here and the tower was re-built in 1991. The Bell Tower Cafe is located behind. January 2012. Photos Ref: NRBR006

(January 2021. This bell tower has disappeared. But then it never belonged here anyway?)


Northbridge - Brittania Hotel

At 245-265 William Street, on the corner of Francis Street, is this fine row of shops complete with impressive turret on this end of the building. This was built in 1897 and was originally known as Brittania Coffee Palace. It later became an hotel. The name Brittania lives on today albeit spelt as Britannia via the YHA which occupies part of the building. January 2012. Photos Ref: NRBR007


Northbridge - Chinese Gate

Chinese gates off Roe Street not far from William Street. They look very impressive but there's not much behind them. This area is ripe to be redeveloped. July 2013. Photos Ref: NRBR008


Northbridge - Chinese Gate

Chinese gates off and surrounding buildings. There are some really interesting looking authentic Chinese restaurants in here. This photo taken from high up in the P&N building at 661 Wellington Street. March 2020. Photos Ref: NRBR009


Northbridge - Chester Building

The 1898 S. Chester building at the southern end of William Street. The State Library complex can be seen in the background. The library is on James Street. July 2013. Photos Ref: NRBR010


Northbridge - Internet Cafe

On Roe Street adjacent to the railway lines. This old building is now the home to a Gaming Centre and Internet Cafe although it looks like it's up for lease. July 2013. Photos Ref: NRBR011


Northbridge - Horseshoe Bridge Lamp Post

These 1903 vintage lamp posts line the Horseshoe Bridge, which links William Streets north and south, passing over the railway lines. In the very early days, these might have been gas lights. July 2013. Photos Ref: NRBR012


Northbridge - Former Tony Barlows

On the corner of Roe and Lake Streets, this is the eastern end of what has been until recently Tony Barlow's Suit Hire store. It has been reported that the owners of the site want to demolish the building and re-develop the site. January 2014. Photos Ref: NRBR013

(January 2021 update: The building has indeed been demolished some time ago. This block now is just a patch of grass)


Northbridge - Former Tony Barlows

The western aspect of the former Tony Barlow's Suit Hire building. The structure was erected by Mr Peter Michelides as his Michelides Tobacco Factory in 1922. Later, for around 20 years, the building was the site of a Peter's Ice Cream Factory. January 2014. Photos Ref: NRBR014

(Since demolished)


Northbridge - Roe Street Building

On the corner of Roe and Milligan Streets is this fine old building for lease if you would like it. This may have been the premises of the Guardian Express community newspaper until recently. January 2014. Photos Ref: NRBR015


Northbridge - Oliver's on James Street

Oliver's on James. An European restaurant specialising in gourmet wood-fired pizzas. The restaurant is on the corner of James Street and Mountain Terrace. January 2014. Photos Ref: NRBR016


Northbridge - Rosie O'Grady's

Rosie O'Grady's pub on James Street. Until fairly recently this pub was the Victoria Tavern (Victoria Hotel). Thirty-odd years ago it was known as Broderick's Tavern. Indeed, even today, there is an upstairs function facility known as the Broderick Room. My 1987 MSD Street Directory lists the site as Milligan's Tavern. It was erected in 1885. January 2014. Photos Ref: NRBR017


Northbridge - Elephant and Wheelbarrow

A rather British looking pub with a very British name. The Elephant and Wheelbarrow on Lake Street in Northbridge. January 2012. Photos Ref: NRBR018


Northbridge - Old Fitzgerald Hotel

On Fitzgerald Street, at the corner of John Street, is the former Fitzgerald Hotel, once known as the Clarendon Hotel. It was erected in 1925. The premises are now used as offices. June 2010. Photos Ref: NRBR019


Northbridge - St Brigid's School

On Fitzgerald Street just a stone's throw from the western Farmer Freeway tunnel portal stands St Brigid's School. Construction commenced in 1889. June 2010. Photos Ref: NRBR020


Northbridge - St Brigid's Church

St Brigid's church is next to St Brigid's school on Fitzgerald Street, on the corner of Aberdeen Street. It was built in 1904. June 2010. Photos Ref: NRBR021


Northbridge - St Brigid's Presbytery

Behind St Brigid's Church stands this building. It is the old church presbytery. It now appears to be used as an office for the church and/or school. June 2010. Photos Ref: NRBR022


Northbridge - Impact on Newcastle Street

At 309 Newcastle Street is this fine old building. In 2011 it was home to Impact Minerals Limited. In 2015 Staff Link Human Resource Consultants are in residence. This was constructed as a shop and house in 1907. At one time it was known as Wallpaper World. December 2011. Photos Ref: NRBR023


Northbridge - Aberdeen Hotel & St John's Building

St John's Building is on the near side. Further up is the hotel. This precinct was built in 1886. I read somewhere recently that the Aberdeen Hotel is the longest continuously operating hotel in Perth. The hotel has also been known as the Union Hotel, the Cosmopolitan Hotel, the Red Lion Hotel, and simply the Deen, over the decades. November 2016. Photos Ref: NRBR024


Northbridge - Backpackers International

On the corner of Aberdeen and Lake Streets is what is now Backpackers International. At least the upstairs portion. At centre street level is Peters Cellars. Backpackers is listed as 110 Aberdeen Street whereas Cellars is 81 Lake Street. November 2016. Photos Ref: NRBR025


Northbridge - Greek Orthodox Cathedral

The magnificent and solid Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St Constantine and Helen on the corner of Francis and Parker Streets. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs J. Michelides and Mrs T. Kalafatas on July 24th 1924. January 2020. Photos Ref: NRBR026


Northbridge - Old Tower House

At 115 Francis Street, on the corner of Parker Street and just across from the Greek Orthodox Cathedral is the Old Tower House. This was built in 1898 as an Italianate-style boarding house. The Greek Church bought the property in 1952 and used it as their Rectory through to 1985. It is still in the hands of the Hellenic Community of W.A. Today the Tower House provides wedding venue services. January 2020. Photos Ref: NRBR027

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