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A major town on the South Western Highway about 85 kms south of Perth and 21 kms east of Mandurah. The town is located on the Murray River near the Darling Range foothills. Settlers first moved into the area in 1837 after the townsite area was surveyed the year before. For many years the town name was commonly known as Pinjarrah but on some early maps it was spelt Pinjarrup. The town is now the headquarters of the Shire of Murray


Pinjarra - Premier Hotel

The Premier Hotel across from the Railway Station was built by the McLarty family in 1894. The family transferred their licence from the Pinjarra Arms (at Blythewood) to here. It seems that this was a much more favourable location for an hotel due to its proximity to the railway. This is now the only operating hotel in Pinjarra. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA001


Pinjarra - Shop Near Bridge

This shop is across the highway from the Premier Hotel. Up the top I can make out "Racing and Trotting Advertising". On the overhang is the word "Butchers". The sign on the shop says "Printers" but the place is full of furniture and perhaps junk so no printing is going on in here. June 2020. Photos Ref: PNJA002


Pinjarra - Murray River Bridge

The road bridge over the Murray River entering Pinjarra from the north. The pictured bridge was constructed in 1954. Four previous bridges existed on this site, the earliest dating back to 1840. The first three bridges were washed away in floods. The penultimate bridge was erected in 1897 but became inadequate. Legend has it that the ghost of Kate, who died on the bridge in the 1860's, appeared on the bridge during the night around the anniversary of her death for a few years shortly afterwards. December 2005. Photos Ref: PNJA003


Pinjarra - Murray River

Looking down from the Murray River Bridge, this is the river - rather murky looking but plenty of water considering it's December. The river wends its way west towards its mouth in the Peel Inlet at Yunderup, via Ravenswood. December 2005. Photos Ref: PNJA004


Pinjarra - Bush Near Murray River

This is the bush and a path next to the Murray River behind the Anglican Church. You can glimpse the road bridge through the trees. December 2005. Photos Ref: PNJA005


Pinjarra - Anglican Church

St John's Anglican Church is located adjacent to the Murray River. The first church on this site, consecrated in 1848, was of whitewashed wattle and daub and had a thatched roof. The church later suffered severe flood damage rendering the building a total loss. The pictured Church was built in 1860 and consecrated in 1863 by Bishop Hale. The front porch was added in 1879. Internal woodwork was made by convicts in Fremantle. The church was again flooded in 1945 when the water level peaked at approximately one metre above the floor. Photo - December 2005. Photos Ref: PNJA006


Pinjarra - Anglican Church

An updated view of the Church this time looking back from down near the river. April 2019. Photos Ref: PNJA007


Pinjarra - Edenvale - Liveringa Homestead

Edenvale is a a complex of historical buildings located on the corner of Henry and George Streets. This is the earliest building in the complex, Liveringa Homestead, which was acquired in or about 1885 by Mr John McLarty as his residence. The homestead is named after a pastoral station in the north-west which Mr McLarty helped to establish. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA008


Pinjarra - Edenvale - Liveringa Homestead

The Liveringa Homestead. This building was constructed circa 1865, some 20 years before Mr John McLarty purchased it. His son Edward's seventh and youngest child went on to become Sir Duncan Ross McLarty, Western Australia's 17th Premier. This compound was saved from public sale in 1979 when the State Government was urged to purchase, retain and restore the buildings, and make it available for public use, which it did. The complex was opened on November 14, 1982. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA009


Pinjarra - Edenvale - Edenvale Homestead

The Edenvale Homestead was built by the McLarty family as their new homestead in 1888, superceding the former Liveringa family home as that became too small for the expanding family. Edenvale Homestead is now used as the Heritage Tearooms. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA010


Pinjarra - Edenvale - Edenvale Homestead

Another view of the Edenvale Homestead, this from an easterly aspect taking in part of the front and side. The front of the building is heavily treed. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA011


Pinjarra - Edenvale - Old Butchers Shop

This is the old butcher's shop which was constructed by the McLarty family in the 1890's. The name Edenvale is apparently derived from Mr John McLarty's birth town. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA012


Pinjarra - Edenvale - Old School

This used to be the old school. It was operated here in situ and was constructed circa 1860. Now it houses Pinjarra Patchwork and Quilters. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA013


Pinjarra - Edenvale - Old School

Here is the old school again. This time a view from the north. The sunshine brings out the excellent brickwork and architectural features. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA014


Pinjarra - Edenvale - Old Schoolmasters House

Next to the Old School is the old School House - the old schoolmaster's house. This now appears to be a private residence. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA015


Pinjarra - Edenvale - Old Schoolmasters House

A look at the old School Masters House from the south side. This building was constructed in 1896. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA016


Pinjarra - Edenvale - Arts and Crafts

Murray Arts and Crafts complete with a symmetric spider's web. This building is the original Public Works Building and was relocated to Edenvale by the Shire of Murray in 1983. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA017


Pinjarra - Edenvale - Arts and Crafts

This is a more distant view of the Arts & Crafts Building, viewed from close to 'The Old Barn' (Craft workshop). August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA018


Pinjarra - Edenvale - Roger May Museum

The Roy May Museum appears to be housed in two buildings. This one is full of wonderfully restored bits of machinery. The building next door houses restored motor vehicles and tractors. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA019


Pinjarra - Travelscene on George Street

At 6 George Street is Travelscene. This building was erected in 1932 and was known as Miss Adam's House. To the right at 8 George Street is the 1920 constructed Adam House, one time known as Taylor's Shop. Facing George Street but not in this picture, in front of Adam House, is the former Taylor's Supermarket (1906). August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA020


Pinjarra - Exchange Hotel

At 12 George Street is the Exchange Hotel. The hotel dates back to 1866 and there have been many modifications and renovations over the years. The hotel ceased trading in 2008 due to poor upkeep (according to a sign on the door at the time). The premises were purchased by the Shire of Murray in 2012. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA021 (Since closed)


Pinjarra - Exchange Hotel

Re-modelling of the Exchange Hotel goes on though stalled a bit with all the global virus goings-on we have with us right now. The new front of the hotel have been stripped away leaving what appears to be an old cottage. June 2020. Photos Ref: PNJA022


Pinjarra - Exchange Hotel

These three old buildings have been exposed. It would seem they were connected and combined into one to make up what was the Exchange as we knew it ten or so years ago. I would hazard to say that the original hotel was the brick building over on the right. June 2020. Photos Ref: PNJA023


Pinjarra - Steam Train Cafe

On the west side of George Street is the Steam Train Cafe. Decades ago this shop (with a different name) was run by the Jansen family. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA024


Pinjarra - Post Office

The Pinjarra Post Office at 20 George Street. Pictured is the main road frontage. The building was erected in 1896 and modified in 1923. The upper floor suffered structural damage in the October 1968 Meckering earthquake and therefore was rebuilt in 1972. This building ceased operating as the town's post office in 2008. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA025


Pinjarra - Post Office

This is a side/rear view of the Post Office. Off to the left is a small park which leads down to the Murray River and the swing bridge that spans the river to the eastern bank. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA026


Pinjarra - Swing Bridge

This swing bridge is located just behind the post office and provides pedestrian access for those who live on the other side to the town centre. Popular with tourists, the bridge spans the Murray River. March 2009. Photos Ref: PNJA027


Pinjarra - George Street

The main street of Pinjarra has hardly changed a bit in 40-50 years apart from some shops changing names. The Copper Kettle has gone and so has the service station with its hamburger restaurant. December 2005. Photos Ref: PNJA028


Pinjarra - Court House

The former Court House at 22 George Street. This was established in 1935. There used to be a an older court building on this site. The Courts closed in 2003. Since then, all Ministry of Justice business is conducted from their Mandurah premises. March 2009. Photos Ref: PNJA029


Pinjarra - Road Board Building

From construction year 1909 to 1935 the Murray Road Board occupied these premises. After 1935 the board met in a former school building on Henry Street. Since 1935 this building has had various uses, the most recent being the Edenvale Information and Coordination Centre. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA030


Pinjarra - Junction Shopping Centre

The Junction Shopping Centre is a new addition to the town. As you can see, it includes Coles, Target and many smaller stores. The shopping centre is on the right of George Street when heading south, just before the Mandurah turn-off. March 2009. Photos Ref: PNJA031


Pinjarra - Uniting Church

The Trinity Uniting Church on the corner of George Street and Pinjarra Road. Originally it was the Methodist Church. The Foundation Stone was laid by William James George MLA on 2nd July 1910. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA032


Pinjarra - Uniting Church

The Uniting Church has been extended over time and here is a rear view from a few metres up Pinjarra Road. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA033


Pinjarra - Masonic Hall

On Pinjarra Road is the Masonic Lodge which was constructed in 1903. The building is undergoing maintenance right now. You can see how the upper section has already been renovated. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA034


Pinjarra - Masonic Hall

The Masonic Hall on Pinjarra Road which is just across the road from the Shire of Murray offices. This view is post-renovation. The Foundation Stone was laid on behalf of the district Freemasons by The Hon. E. McLarty M. L. C., Brother John Pollard McLarty, Brother John McNabb and Brother A. E. Thomas on November 28th, 1903. April 2013. Photos Ref: PNJA035


Pinjarra - Shire War Memorial

On Pinjarra Road, this is the Shire of Murray war memorial which is located in front of the Shire offices. That white building across the road is the Pinjarra Doctor's building. The Memorial was established in 1922 near the road bridge. It was relocated to its present site in 1964. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA036


Pinjarra - Shire of Murray

The front of the administration offices of the Shire of Murray. This centre was built in 1964. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA037


Pinjarra - Civic Centre

Next to the Shire of Murray Offices is the Civic Centre. Us high-school students used to go here decades ago for Pinjarra High School 'socials'. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA038


Pinjarra - George Street Shops

Colourful Settler's shop and florists next door. The shop further up the street used to be a bric-a-brac shop and restaurant but the food side of things has gone. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA039


Pinjarra - St Augustine's Catholic Church

On George Street getting on towards the high school is St Augustine's Catholic Church. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA040


Pinjarra - St Joseph's School

In a part of the St Augustine's Church complex is St Joseph's Catholic primary school. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA041


Pinjarra - Murray Leisure Centre

Close to the High School and on Camp Road is the Murray Leisure Centre. This section takes in the main entrance. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA042


Pinjarra - Murray River

There is a cement track which runs down behind the Murray Leisure Centre to the river, and when you get to this wooden bridge you can cross the river. Very peaceful down here this morning and the trees were full of singing birds. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA043


Pinjarra - Murray River

A view across the Murray to a steep embankment. Up on top of the embankment is approximately the rear of the Roads Board Building on George Street. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA044


Pinjarra - High School

The front of Pinjarra High School. The school was established in 1921. This used to be the main entrance to the school however the school has been extended and modified considerably over the decades and now the new administration section is elsewhere. January 2014. Photos Ref: PNJA045


Pinjarra - High School

Looking down the side of what was (is) the manual training rooms at the High School. The nearer room was used for Domestic Science. The next rooms were used for woodwork and metal work. The old Technical Drawing room (Mr Norm Dix's workplace) has disappeared probably because the building was only a temporary structure anyway. 2005. Photos Ref: PNJA046


Pinjarra - High School

Here is a view down a wing of the school which runs parallel to the main street. These used to be senior school classrooms. January 2014. Photos Ref: PNJA047


Pinjarra - High School

Here is the school quadrangle, hardly recognisable from what is was 50 years ago which is not surprising. The landscaping and central shadehouse are comparatively new. January 2014. Photos Ref: PNJA048


Pinjarra - High School Cottage

Adjacent to the school and facing the main road is this 1922 cottage. This would have been built as the school headmaster's house. It is now owned by the Shire of Murray and since 2009 leased to the Murray Districts Historical Society. January 2014. Photos Ref: PNJA049


Pinjarra - Shops

Across the road from the high school are these shops. Back in 1965 there was a tuck shop here called Mann's which sold many a Peter's Pie to many a hungry lunch-time student. December 2005. Photos Ref: PNJA050


Pinjarra - Traders

George Street turns into McLarty Road south of the Pinjarra Road intersection. This is Pinjarra Traders on the south side of town. This place used to be Lane's Garage which perhaps also sold motor vehicles. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA051


Pinjarra - Thai Restaurant

On McLarty Street is this very attractive looking Ken and Angie's Thai and Chinese Restaurant. Next door is an Oriental grocery store. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA052


Pinjarra - Murray Districts Hospital

On southern outskirts of town is the Murray Districts Hospital. This entrance is at the end of McKay Street. The hospital dates back to 1952. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA053


Pinjarra - Paceway

At the south end of town is Pinjarra Paceway, a race track used for horse trotting meetings. This is the main entrance and rear of the main grandstand. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA054


Pinjarra - Paceway

Today people were busy preparing the track for a trot meet the next day. After all the rain, there is a decent sized lake in the paddock in the centre of the track. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA055


Pinjarra - Kingsley Fairbridge

Set in the pathway that runs from the rear of the Murray Leisure Centre down to the river are a number of plaques commemorating significant people and events in the history of Pinjarra. This one serves as a memory to Kingsley and Ruby Fairbridge and the original Fairbridge Farm School at South Pinjarra. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJA056

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