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Pinjarra - Railyard

The historical railway yards which are located on the north side of Pinjarra's Murray River bridge. Pinjarra was a major rail head in days gone by. There still exists the old Railway Barracks a little south down the track. In recent years Hotham Valley Railway has been very active in the yards although their Dwellingup excursions no longer run all the way down to Pinjarra. It's still a very busy place with Alcoa freight trains and as an Australind stopping point


Pinjarra - Railway Station 2005

Pinjarra Railway Station in December 2005. On this site was the original wooden structure which burnt down in 1986. These days the Australind (Perth-Bunbury) stops here plus it's a base for Hotham Valley Railways who run historical train trips to Dwellingup amongst other places. December 2005. Photos Ref: PNJR001


Pinjarra - Railway Station 2009

Pinjarra Railway Station in March 2009. The station building has been rebuilt. It's now the Station Heritage Centre doing justice to the history of the town. March 2009. Photos Ref: PNJR002


Pinjarra - Railway Station 2011

Here is a view of the main platform taken from the small elevated section from which passengers board and alight the Australind passenger service. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJR003


Pinjarra - Australind

The Australind - a three-car set today - pauses at Pinjarra right on schedule at 10.42am on its way to Bunbury. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJR004


Pinjarra - Railway Barracks

A little to the south of the railway station are the old Railway Barracks where train crews - drivers, firemen and guards, would overnight. These crews would have worked a train here from Perth or Bunbury. They would then work one back to home base again the next day. The barracks are on the Pinjarra - Williams Road. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJR005


Pinjarra - Railway Barracks

A closer view of a section of the Barracks. These days I think the Hotham Valley volunteers occupy the premises. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJR006


Pinjarra - Hotham Valley Station

This is a view from Pinjarra Station, across the tracks to the Hotham Valley Railway Pinjarra platform and depot. The Hotham Valley excursion trains don't run all the way into Pinjarra anymore apparently because of a legal wrangle relating to the HVR use of a few kilometres of government owned track running between the here and the Dwellingup branch-line junction. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJR007


Pinjarra - Hotham Valley Platform

Standing on the Hotham Valley Railway platform. The small goods van off to the left serves as the station toilets. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJR008


Pinjarra - Hotham Valley Rail Shed

A rear (eastern) view of the Hotham Valley Railway platform and shed. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJR009


Pinjarra - Hotham Valley Signal Box

Set a little south of the Hotham Valley platform is this signal tower. Upstairs all the levers are neatly in place but the pulleys and wires out to the points are gone. The points around here (except on the main line) are all manual. This cabin was originally located at Narrogin. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJR010


Pinjarra - Hotham Valley Workshops

On the western side of the track near the Barracks is this shed where the HVR volunteers turn run-down locomotives, passenger cars and freight vans into ones that are serviceable. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJR011


Pinjarra - Hotham Valley Workshops

Here is a look into the HVR engineering compound. This is taken from just near the main Perth - Bunbury line. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJR012


Pinjarra - Hotham Valley Workshops

Work in progress in the workshop. The red locomotive is 706, badged as 'Narrogin'. Probably a 'P' class. The locomotive on the right undergoing boiler maintenance is W908. The 'W' class was the next size down from the mighty 'V' class. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJR013


Pinjarra - X-Class Diesel Locomotive

Outside the HVR workshop is this X- class diesel locomotive stripped of all easily-visible identification markings including its series number. I have since been kindly advised that this is XA 1411 "Weedookarri" which is being retained and used as spare parts for other operating X class locos. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJR014


Pinjarra - Banksiadale W945 Locomotive

W945 badged as Banksiadale (named after a former small town which was up near Dwellingup) sits in the HVR yard. Originally the W series did not have name plates. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJR015


Pinjarra - Marrinup W903 Locomotive

Behind Banksiadale is W903 badged as Marrinup which looks like it is undergoing some boiler work. Marrinup is named after a forest/locality near Dwellingup. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJR016


Pinjarra - South Fremantle Diesel Locomotive

SEC1, 'South Fremantle' in the HVR yard. This locomotive once worked at the South Fremantle power station hauling coal. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJR017


Pinjarra - Old Metro Diesel 605

Tucked right over in the corner of the yard are these two railcars. They are former metropolitan diesel railcars which were in use on the passenger runs around Perth in the 1950's and 1960's. Any identifying markings have been painted over although on the car closest to us, there is the number 605 up near the roof. These used to be white on the upper section, green below, with a horizontal red sash running in between. Some were later coloured a uniform orange. August 2011. Photos Ref: PNJR018


Pinjarra - Diesel Locomotive 1701C

1701C sits right near the South Western Highway, easily spotted by passing motorists. Next to it, lying on the ground, is an old metal girder bridge. September 2012. Photos Ref: PNJR019


Pinjarra - Diesel Locomotive 1703C

1703C in the Hotham compound at Pinjarra looks like it's enjoyed recent renovations. 1702C, also belonging to Hotham, is up at Dwellingup. September 2012. Photos Ref: PNJR020


Pinjarra - Alumina Junction

Just a handful of kilometres south of Pinjarra near Oakley Road is Alumina Junction. The track off to the right runs up to Dwellingup. Hotham trains don't come down west this far anymore. April 2019. Photos Ref: PNJR021


Pinjarra - Alumina Junction - PMR735

PMR735 used to be located in the Willis Engineering works yard in Rivervale from about 1998. It was transported down to here by Hotham Valley Rail in November 2013 with a view to relocating it to Meelon. April 2019. Photos Ref: PNJR022


Pinjarra - Alumina Junction - PMR735

Another view of PMR735 this time looking at the firebox. I wonder whether this will ever be restored? April 2019. Photos Ref: PNJR023


Pinjarra - Alumina Junction - Retired Trucks

A row of bulk vans plus at this end a steam locomotive tender sit disused just south of PMR735. April 2019. Photos Ref: PNJR024


Pinjarra - Alumina Junction - Steam Loco Tender

A close-up of the steam tender. It is not marked (at least in railways signage). April 2019. Photos Ref: PNJR025


Pinjarra - Alumina Junction - Old Flat Top

A flat top with another loaded on board are rusting away. April 2019. Photos Ref: PNJR026


Pinjarra - Alumina Junction - Old Flat Top

Another flat top suffers the effects of entropy. April 2019. Photos Ref: PNJR027

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