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Serpentine Falls

Serpentine Falls is a popular visitor spectacle and is located only a kilometre or so from the Falls Roadhouse on the South Western Highway and is within an easy hour or so from Perth. At the very base of the Darling Escarpment sits a rather large granite outcrop over which the Serpentine River cascades. The river rises near North Bannister and flows westwards via the Serpentine Dam and these falls before emptying into the Peel Inlet near North Yunderup


Serpentine - Falls Pay Station

It is only about a kilometre east of the Falls Roadhouse that you encounter the Darling Scarp to a rather spectacular landscape. This is the pay station entrance to the Serpentine National Park. On this day the fee is $11 per vehicle. September 2012. Photos Ref: SERF001


Serpentine Falls - The Falls

Here are the Serpentine Falls. The noise is loud, lots of water after reasonable rains, kids swimming in the pool at the bottom and around the overflow spillway. You can get an idea of the falls size by those kids who did a somewhat dangerous walk across steep rock-faces SERF002


Serpentine Falls - Pipes and Bridge

Inside the park is this bridge straddled by two pipes crossing the river. Over the other side are tracks leading up and down the hills but this is not the way to the Falls. Many people today thought it was the way and ended up having to back track. September 2012. Photos Ref: SERF003


Serpentine Falls - Upstream

If you walk across the bridge with the pipes and turn left and then follow the track you will end up high in the hills here, well above the Serpentine Falls. It is a rather a long and steep climb but worth the effort. This section of the river is being enjoyed by those who survived the hike. The pool up on the right has been artificially fortified. September 2012. Photos Ref: SERF004

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