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A small settlement located between Wyalkatchem and Trayning, slightly closer to Trayning, and 222 kilometres east of Perth. It was established in 1912 as a result of the construction of the Dowerin to Merredin rail line which passed through the area. Yelbeni is named after the nearby watering hole, Yelbene Well. When the townsite was planned, the name was spelt Yelbene but this was changed to reflect rules regarding pronunciation of Aboriginal words


Yelbeni - Road Sign

The road sign advises that the townsite of Yelbeni is just ahead. April 2012. Photos Ref: YELB001


Yelbeni - Townsite

The townsite of Yelbeni viewed from the north side of the main road, close to where the Museum is located. April 2012. Photos Ref: YELB002


Yelbeni - General Store

Here is the Yelbeni General Store. Seller of just about anything, and including a post office. Nothing like being versatile. April 2012. Photos Ref: YELB003


Yelbeni - Freight Yard

In a bay just off the highway seems to be an off-loading point for freight. Probably easier than trucks having to go up the side road. This is the site of the 1916 Yelbeni store which burnt down in 2007. Those petrol pumps were outside the old store. April 2012. Photos Ref: YELB004


Yelbeni - Centenary Museum

Adjacent to the rail reserve is the Yelbeni Centenary Museum which seems to specialise in old farming implements. April 2012. Photos Ref: YELB005


Yelbeni - Railway Tracks

No trains in Yelbeni anymore. The line from Wyalkatchem which extends further east of here is closed but the tracks have not been lifted. You can see a ground-level signal, points changing mechanism, and the loop line branching off the mainline to the right. April 2012. Photos Ref: YELB006


Yelbeni - Railway Shed

The now unused Yelbeni rail shed remains next to the tracks. April 2012. Photos Ref: YELB007


Yelbeni - Pioneer Grave

A couple of kilometres north of town is the cemetery. Respectfully, here is the grave of pioneer Thomas Dunlop who died at such a young age only 5 years after Yelbeni was established. It is difficult for modern people to conceive the hardships these pioneers endured to open up places like this. April 2012. Photos Ref: YELB008

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