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Carlisle is a mostly residential suburb located to the south of Lathlain and Rivervale. After 1893, when a rail siding opened here called Haydon's Siding (after the Foundry), people started moving in. A railway station was built at the siding and was first called Mint Street but this later changed to Victoria Park East. Carlisle could have been named after the town of the same name in Scotland, or after the manager of a company who once owned this land.


Carlisle - School

Carlisle Primary School on the corner of Orrong Road and Wright Street. Well someone took a bit of poetic licence as this is not actually in Carlisle at all. It is in Kewdale. So I'm going to grab and use a slice of that licence for this and the next two pictures! Photo - September 2017. Photos Ref: CARL001


Carlisle - Wright Street Shops

Across from the school on Wright Street is Fish N Chips, Belmont Ironing and Sewing Services, and Poinciana Massage and Spa. Photo - September 2017. Photos Ref: CARL002


Carlisle - Wright Street Shops

Dragon Express Chinese Take-Away Food, or Sam Express - take your pick - on the corner of Orrong Road and Wright Street. Photo - September 2017. Photos Ref: CARL003


Carlisle - Lunch Club on Oats

Good lunch shop on Oats Street. This is on the corner of Harris Street. Photo - September 2017. Photos Ref: CARL004


Carlisle - Archer Street

Archer Street seems to be the centre of activity in Carlisle and indeed walking through here today things seem to be quite upbeat. There are a number of new houses being built or recently completed in the area. This is looking south down towards the railway. Photo - September 2017. Photos Ref: CARL005


Carlisle - Archer Street Shops

Clear Financial Solutions, Archer Street Newsagency and Think Pink Reality in a block on the east site of Archer Street. Photo - September 2017. Photos Ref: CARL006


Carlisle - Archer Street Shops

West Star Cafe and the Post Office on the south-east corner of Archer and Star Streets. Photo - September 2017. Photos Ref: CARL007


Carlisle - Uniting Church

This Uniting Church on the north-west corner of Archer and Star Streets was built in 1995. There used to be a lovely old wooden church on this site which was demolished to make way for the new. Photo - September 2017. Photos Ref: CARL008


Carlisle - Sapporo Japanese Restaurant

On Rutland Avenue across from the railway station is this old building housing Sapporo Japanese Restaurant. Photo - September 2017. Photos Ref: CARL009


Carlisle - Railway Station

Looking down the platform of Carlisle station towards the next south which is Oats Street. Photo - September 2017. Photos Ref: CARL010


Carlisle - Hotel

On Rutland Avenue near Archer Street is the Carlisle Hotel. The hotel is more or less opposite the railway station. Construction started in 1940. Photo - January 2012. Photos Ref: CARL011


Carlisle - Oats Street Station

A small but busy station. Both the Armadale 'C' pattern and Thornlie 'T' pattern trains stop here. The level crossing gates seem to be down as much as they are up! January 2012. Photos Ref: CARL012


Carlisle - Oats Street Station

The northbound platform at Oats Street. Jump on here to go up to Perth. February 2021. Photos Ref: CARL013


Carlisle - Oats Street Station

Oats Street Level Crossing. So what's the fuss? Look at the sign on the left. Soon this crossing will go and we'll have a brand new station here. Who else is going to take these pictures before it all disappears? February 2021. Photos Ref: CARL014


Carlisle - Oats Street Station

The rear of the Armadale/Thornlie southbound trains platform and shelter. February 2021. Photos Ref: CARL015


Carlisle - Oats Street Station

It was good to get the above Oats Street series while I could. The station, overhead power and tracks have now all gone whilst works all the way from Victoria Park to Byford look to eliminating road level crossings. January 2024. Photos Ref: CARL016

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