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Dongara is located some 70 kms due south of Geraldton. European settlement first occurred in the 1850's. Erection of buildings in what is now the townsite commenced over the following twenty years. Dongara is close to the coast. Port Denison is slightly to the south. Dongara is situated on the Irwin River and the local authority is known as the Shire of Irwin. The name is derived from Aboriginal "Thungarra". For some time, the town name was spelt Dongarra


Dongara - Sculpture

On the outskirts of town is this sculpture depicting cray fishing, a lucrative industry all along the Batavia coast. September 2014. Photos Ref: DONG001


Dongara - Library

One of the many preserved buildings in town. This was the original post office constructed in 1894. Today the building is the library and tourist centre. September 2014. Photos Ref: DONG002


Dongara - Shire of Irwin

The Shire of Irwin office occupies where was once the 1881 Mechanics Institute. September 2014. Photos Ref: DONG003


Dongara - St John the Baptist Church

The Anglican St John the Baptist Church. The church was constructed in 1884. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs Eliza Moore, Mrs Jane Plester and Miss Clementine Nairn. The church is on Waldeck Street. September 2014. Photos Ref: DONG004


Dongara - Police Station

The former police station and courthouse is now the premises of the Irwin District Museum. This was built in 1870 and served as the town police station until 1983. September 2014. Photos Ref: DONG005


Dongara - Headmaster's House

The old headmaster's house, constructed in 1888, on Waldeck Street. It was built as a private house but the Education Department purchased it in 1897. The local shire is now the building owner. September 2014. Photos Ref: DONG006


Dongara - School Rear

This is the second Dongara school. The first school used to stand where the current police station is located. This was built in 1906. This side of the school faces on to Moreton Terrace. September 2014. Photos Ref: DONG007


Dongara - School Front

This is the other side of the school as viewed from Waldeck Street. A classic looking old school room, especially with the high-pitched roof. September 2014. Photos Ref: DONG008


Dongara - Mill

The Royal Steam Roller Flour Mill was built in 1894 and operated such until 1935. The mill is highly visible to traffic passing by town. This is currently a private dwelling and is not accessible to the public. September 2014. Photos Ref: DONG009


Dongara - Uniting Church

The Uniting Church Dongara, formerly the Methodist Wesleyan Church. The church was opened on 14th December, 1884. September 2014. Photos Ref: DONG010


Dongara - Uniting Church Hall

Within the grounds of the Uniting Church which appears to be of similar vintage to the church and probably serves as the church hall. September 2014. Photos Ref: DONG011


Dongara - Coffee Tree

The Coffee Tree Cafe occupies a house built in 1915 for the Plester family. A very attractive building but hard to photograph through so much varying light. This is on Moreton Terrace, named after the Moreton Bay fig trees lining the street. September 2014. Photos Ref: DONG012


Dongara - Hotel

The Dongara Hotel mostly hides behind trees and is difficult to view. This is a small section. It was constructed in in 1867 and was then known as the Irwin Arms. The structure has been significantly re-modelled in more recent times. September 2014. Photos Ref: DONG013


Dongara - Surf Shop

The town's proximity to the coast has given rise to the establishment of this business. September 2014. Photos Ref: DONG014


Dongara - Cafe

A pleasant cafe and other modern shops on Moreton Terrace. September 2014. Photos Ref: DONG015


Dongara - Toko's Restaurant

Towards the eastern end of Moreton Terrace is the fine old Toko's Restaurant. The building has seen many businesses come and go over the decades. Originally this was a shop and storehouse. The premises are currently for sale. September 2014. Photos Ref: DONG016


Dongara - Road Board

The former Road Board building on Point Leander Road. This was built in 1910 and continued to serve the Road Board until 1958. This is currently a music shop, Stomp Music. September 2014. Photos Ref: DONG017


Dongara - Russ Cottage

Russ Cottage is on Point Leander Road. It was built by Mr Titus Russ as a residence for his family in 1870. The cottage was restored in 1970 by the citizens of Dongara. September 2014. Photos Ref: DONG018


Dongara - Priory

An hotel was built here in 1881 and was known as the Dongara Hotel. The Dominican Sisters acquired the property in 1902 and had it re-modelled, including the construction of the upper storey. The Sisters operated this as a school up until 1971. The complex now operates as the Priory Lodge. September 2014. Photos Ref: DONG019


Dongara - Priory

This western building of the Priory Lodge was opened in 1926. You can see the original building beyond. The Sisters named this the Dominican Ladies College. September 2014. Photos Ref: DONG020


Dongara - Bookara SDA Church

Bookara is a tiny locality on the northern periphery of the Shire or Irwin, about 20 kilometres from Dongara. This former Seventh Day Adventist Church is in the process of being privately restored and conserved. The church served as a Seventh Day Adventist Church from 1905 to 1954. It was the first SDA church in Western Australia. September 2014. Photos Ref: DONG021

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