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West Perth

West Perth is a descriptive term used to name the area adjacent and west of Perth City. City thoroughfares such as Hay, Murray and Wellington Streets extend west from the city through the area. The late-1960's construction of the Mitchell Freeway served to split West Perth off from the city. West Perth contains many old manors which would have been family homes for city businessmen. Many have since been acquired and converted by boutique enterprises


West Perth - Plaistowe Lane

On a wet July day, that archway across the road leads into Plaistowe Lane. We've just come out of Scitech and standing at the shopping centre entrance, looking across Plaistowe Mews. It seems that Plaistowe Mews was once part of Havelock Street. The confectionery factory may have previously been Plaimar's factory which produced chemicals. Photos Ref: WPTH001


West Perth - Old Plaistowe Factory

It's all Plaistowe around here. Named after this fine building, the old Plaistowe confectionery factory. July 2010. Photos Ref: WPTH002


West Perth - Plaistowe Mews

To get some locale perspective, this is looking south along Plaistowe Mews. Down the end of the road is the Fremantle train line and City West station. Beyond that are West Perth apartments. July 2010. Photos Ref: WPTH003


West Perth - Scitech and Horizon Planetarium

This is a view of Scitech from Sutherland Street. Scitech opened in 1988 - the Horizon Planetarium was a later addition opening in 2004. I am pretty sure Horizon is in the part of the building with "City West" on it. This is a view you may see driving along the Mitchell Freeway. The round "City West" domed building was once Omni Max Theatre. Years ago (before City West was built) there was a large advertising hoarding on the domed building but I forget what it was. If you can remember please let me know. January 2011. Photos Ref: WPTH004


West Perth - Sutherland Street Subway

Driving along Sutherland Street south, the road passes across Railway Street and then through the Fremantle railway line subway. January 2011. Photos Ref: WPTH005


West Perth - Old Hale School

This is the original Hale School which occupied this site off Havelock (behind Dumas House) from 1914 to 1961. Sometime after that the buildings were used by the Education Department - Secondary Education Authority & Distance Education Centre. Since 1997 this complex has been used as The Constitution Centre of Western Australia. January 2011. Photos Ref: WPTH006


West Perth - Old Hale School

Another view of the original Hale School - now The Constitution Centre of Western Australia. This is the face of the building looking from the west. January 2011. Photos Ref: WPTH007


West Perth - Hale House

Part of the old Hale School is Hale House, sitting a little east of the above buildings. These may have been classrooms or residences. Hale House is currently used by the Education Department of Western Australia, Centre for Inclusive Schooling and Vision Impairment Centre. January 2011. Photos Ref: WPTH008


West Perth - Old Observatory

The Old Observatory is in the same area as the old Hale School. The buildings were constructed in 1896 and opening in 1900 and remained as Perth's meteorological (and time-keeping) station until it was re-located to Bickley in the 1960's. Today this complex serves as offices for the National Trust. January 2011. Photos Ref: WPTH009


West Perth - Dumas House

Dumas House was completed in 1965 and was then simply called Government Building although perhaps better known as the PWD Building. The name Dumas was adopted in 1978. It was built as part of a plan to centralise some Government Departments. Another four planned buildings in the vicinity never eventuated. By at least 1969 it housed the Public Works Department and Metropolitan Water Supply Board. There used to be public access to the top floor which was known as Legacy Lookout, complete with cafe. These days the building is still occupied by various Government Departments. The upper floors are used as Ministerial offices. May 2015. Photos Ref: WPTH010


West Perth - Parliament House

Parliament House of the State of Western Australia. The Harvest Terrace view which is the now "back" of the building but nevertheless faces the road. This used to be the front of the building in terms of main entrances before the rear add-on was constructed. The building was erected in 1902. March 2008. Photos Ref: WPTH011


West Perth - Central Flats on Hay Street

On Hay Street is this rather striking looking building, known simply as "Central Flats". You don't get flats any more, only apartments. Brickwork such as this always seems to photograph well. This was built in 1950. January 2011. Photos Ref: WPTH012


West Perth - Former Stately Home

A little west of Central Flats is this building. Used as offices for Rey Resources now, I'd imagine this was originally built as a rather stately home. It was constructed in 1905. January 2011. Photos Ref: WPTH013


West Perth - Hay Street looking West

Looking west along a deserted, leafy Hay Street on a very hot Sunday afternoon. It's a different story (traffic-wise) on weekdays. January 2011. Photos Ref: WPTH014


West Perth - Gangemi's Eatery on Hay Street

Gangemi's Fine Wines and Food located on Hay Street on the corner of Outram Street. Looks like a fine venue. The building looks like it might have been originally built as an hotel - it's got that certain "pub and turn-of-the (20th)-century" style. In the building also is Yamoto, Fine Japanese Food. This building dates back to 1910. June 2013. Photos Ref: WPTH015


West Perth - Paddington Coffee Lounge

The Paddington Coffee Lounge with its crisp white lines. This is near Colin Street. January 2011. Photos Ref: WPTH016


West Perth - Meerilinga

Meerilinga is on the West Perth Heritage Trail. This glorious building was built by Frederick Illingworth in 1897. This view takes in the upper storey and tower, along with some white boughs of a graceful gum tree. January 2011. Photos Ref: WPTH017


West Perth - Meerilinga

Meerilinga is a difficult building to photograph due its height and the gum tree but doesn't the gum trees look fine. June 2013. Photos Ref: WPTH018


West Perth - Kastellorizo House

Sitting rather grandly at 1298 Hay Street is Kastellorizo House, bearing the name of a Greek Island. It has been restored and is occupied by John Kannis, Architects. This was constructed in 1904 and at one time was known as Wiluna Flats. June 2013. Photos Ref: WPTH019


West Perth - Brick Building on Hay Street

Another fine looking brick building at 1320 Hay Street, a little further west along Hay Street from Kastellorizo House. It is named Yorganop, a place of Aboriginal child care. This was erected as a private house in 1900. January 2011. Photos Ref: WPTH020


West Perth - Julio's Restaurant

Julio's Italian restaurant looks very elegant on the corner of Hay Street and Ventnor Avenue. Alas, Julio's it is no more. The restaurant has closed and the building is available for lease. June 2013. Photos Ref: WPTH021


West Perth - Hay Street View

A view along the shops looking east down Hay Street on a wintery Saturday afternoon. June 2013. Photos Ref: WPTH022


West Perth - Office Suites Hay Street

This fine building dates back many decades. It is on Hay Street, on the corner of Ventnor Street. It looks like a block of rather prestigious office suites today. June 2013. Photos Ref: WPTH023


West Perth - Hay Street Row of Shops

In the central shopping area of Hay Street in West Perth is this graceful row of shops. They are on the north side of Hay Street not far from Colin Street. Tenants now include Twelve Thirty Florists, Wendy's Lingerie, St Louis Blues on Hay, Marie Claire, 1220 Boutique, and a pharmacy. June 2013. Photos Ref: WPTH024


West Perth - Desbrough House

At 1161 Hay Street on the corner of Colin Street is the polished Desbrough House. This building contains office suites and current there are one or more to lease. The building and adjoining terraced houses were built between 1900 and 1910. June 2013. Photos Ref: WPTH025


West Perth - Electricity Sub-Station Number 3

At 98 Colin Street is the old Electricity Sub-Station number 3 building which is now apartments. Some are for lease. This sub-station was erected in 1914. June 2013. Photos Ref: WPTH026


West Perth - Ross Memorial Church

The Ross Memorial Uniting Church on Colin Street, near Hay Street. The Foundation Stone was laid by Sir John Forrest on 15th July 1916. This was originally a Presbyterian Church. The church was built largely through the efforts of Reverend Ross who died very shortly after the church's completion. August 2015. Photos Ref: WPTH027


West Perth - Scouts of W.A.

The Scouting movement headquarters on Murray Street. Scouts of W.A. This is very near the Mitchell Freeway overpass. You can see a city high-rise off to the left. The building to the left of Scouts is the Electroboard premises. June 2013. Photos Ref: WPTH028


West Perth - Iceworks Apartments

Just west of the Scouts building is the Iceworks Apartments building. This is on Murray Street on the corner of Havelock Street. Going west from here all the way up to Thomas Street all of the buildings are new. I personally don't recall the previous Iceworks factory on this site but apparently it was a distinctive blue colour and featured a polar bear atop the building. June 2013. Photos Ref: WPTH029


West Perth - Outram Cafe

On Outram Street is this exquisite looking Outram Cafe. The street-side window-boxes add an European touch. The cafe is open for breakfast and lunch on weekdays and I bet it does a roaring trade. June 2013. Photos Ref: WPTH030


West Perth - Absolute Dental Care

A Swiss chalet style building painted in a typical Federation colour scheme on Outram Street. Very eye-catching. This building is the premises of Absolute Dental Care. June 2013. Photos Ref: WPTH031


West Perth - Brighton Realty

Still on Outram Street, this time on the corner of Richardson Street, is this building containing several businesses. The rear roof-line has a vertical zig-zag reminiscent of a factory. Pictured is Brighton Realty. To the left at 76 might be a private residence. Left and out of picture to that is a restaurant. June 2013. Photos Ref: WPTH032


West Perth - Harold Boas Gardens

The Harold Boas Gardens are carefully designed to make the most out of a relatively small area - a practice which many an Asian city is expert. The gardens are north of Wellington Street bounded to the north by Delhi Street. July 2013. Photos Ref: WPTH033


West Perth - Terraced Houses

A trio of old houses complete with ornate lattice work. Once residences, this Wellington Street building is now business premises. One signs advertises an occupier as being a physiotherapist. Another occupant is Worklink. July 2013. Photos Ref: WPTH034


West Perth - Illustrations

This 1903 vintage building is on the south side of Wellington Street, not far from Harold Boas Gardens. Once a fine brace of residences, these are now business premises called Illustrations House.  This place is for sale right now. July 2013. Photos Ref: WPTH035


West Perth - Harbour Town

Harbour Town located off Wellington Street is a shopper's paradise with over one hundred specialty shops and is immensely popular especially on weekends. It is spread over two floors with a parking area adjacent and Cat Bus stop out the front. This is the main entrance off Wellington Street. July 2013. Photos Ref: WPTH036


West Perth - Harbour Town

This glimpse inside Harbour Town hardly scratches the surface when it comes to showing how many shops are in here or how big it is. Harbour Town and its carpark are built on land which was formerly occupied by the Metropolitan Markets. July 2013. Photos Ref: WPTH037


West Perth - City Stay Apartment Hotel

Moving east towards the city, the City Stay Apartment Hotel is on the south side of Wellington Street. July 2013. Photos Ref: WPTH038


West Perth - Greek Church

The Greek Orthodox Parish was established in Perth in 1958. The Church of Evangelismos was constructed in the late 1950's and into the early 1960's. December 2011. Photos Ref: WPTH039


West Perth - Greek Church

The rear section of the Greek Orthodox Church of Evangelismos viewed from Charles Street. September 2015. Photos Ref: WPTH040


West Perth - Methodist Mission Chapel

Constructed in 1890, this is the Methodist Mission Chapel facing Charles Street. This was the Wesleyan Church prior to the construction of the new church next door. September 2015. Photos Ref: WPTH041


West Perth - Uniting Church

Here is the more recent of the two former Methodist churches. They sit side by side. There are three Foundation Stones all laid on October 27th, 1896. The stones were laid by Mr Walter Simpson, Mrs H. Cowell Ashton, and The Hon. Sir George Shenton MLC. September 2015. Photos Ref: WPTH042


West Perth - Purtell's Buildings

On the corner of Fitzgerald and Newcastle Streets in this fine building currently occupied by an Espresso Bar and Printwell. This was constructed as Purtell's Buildings as commercial premises in 1907. December 2011. Photos Ref: WPTH043


West Perth - Tzu Chi Centre on Fitzgerald Street

On Fitzgerald Street is the home to the Tzu Chi Foundation Buddhist Centre. Inside it has rather ornate facilities including an impressive hall used for religious and well-being sessions. December 2011. Photos Ref: WPTH044


West Perth - Hyde Park Hotel

This is the Hyde Park Hotel on Bulwer Street. It's closed at present for what looks like renovations. This was always a hang out for those following some of Perth's rock bands - a good music venue. June 2010. Photos Ref: WPTH045


West Perth - Hyde Park Hotel

The transformed Hyde Park Hotel is open for business again after the renovations. The hotel was built in 1898 and was formerly known as the Commonwealth Hotel. December 2011. Photos Ref: WPTH046


West Perth - Newcastle Street Government School

The former Newcastle Street Government School on Newcastle Street. This was constructed in 1895 and appears to have been extended in 1928. The school has also been known as West Perth School and St John's Church of England School. On the front of the building is what looks like an old sign saying Junior Technical School. This complex is now used by the Department of Training & Workforce Deployment. September 2015. Photos Ref: WPTH047


West Perth - Former Pizza Shop

Roma Pizzeria and Cafe on the corner of Newcastle and Cleaver Streets. This place now appears to be closed. In faded letters on the top of the building appears to be W. McGill. September 2015. Photos Ref: WPTH048


West Perth - Old Aberdeen Factories

Part of a row of old factories or warehouses on Old Aberdeen Place. September 2015. Photos Ref: WPTH049


West Perth - Farmer Freeway Portal

This is were the Graham Farmer Freeway descends under Northbridge on its way to East Perth. That road up above is Fitzgerald Street. June 2010. Photos Ref: WPTH050


West Perth - New Perth Stadium

From the end of Fitzgerald Street looking into the city, here is a view of a new stadium being built on the old Markets site in West Perth. June 2010. Photos Ref: WPTH051


West Perth - City View

A view of Perth City from Loftus Street as it crosses the Mitchell Freeway. September 2015. Photos Ref: WPTH052

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